Predictions 5-20-18

“Right now” written in big bold print.

The impression was this is about the earthquake again. We failed to accurately predict the timeframe because the last message showed the 19th. But they are unwilling to let it go. However as you read below Spirit again shifted back to the Tsunami prediction making it very confusing. Both the San Francisco earthquake and a Tsunami in Asia continue to be a focal point for Spirit.

There was a small earthquake that hit Riverside on the 19th, Spirit predicted 3 to 4 earthquakes hitting California and Mexico back to back, one of which is expected to be large and damaging. Mexico was hit with an earthquake earlier in the week. 

I had a visual of a large wave raging toward a shoreline.

I had a visual of the shoreline which had large tall buildings.

I had a visual of a large storm with heavy wind. Then spirit showed the mid west United States. The impression was a very large storm was coming for several locations in the mid west and a possible Tornado.

“Moore attacks”

Its unclear if this is just a misspelling on their part or does the extra O mean something cryptic. There is a new focus on gathering the details of these coming attacks.

I had a visual of hurricane/Typhoon forming.

We need to gather the details to this new prediction as well.

The 24th is marked.






151 thoughts on “Predictions 5-20-18

  1. Eric, “Moore attacks”….what does this mean? Is this the name of city? There was a repeating history of tornadoes in Moore , Oklahoma. That’s where my relatives and friends live. Just south of Oklahoma city.

  2. Could the extra O refer to that prediction with the four lined-up O’s, the ones symbolizing different predictions?

    Or Moore could be someone’s last name, or a town or a targeted building.

  3. Was “Moore” written with an “e” on the end? Didn’t they use to call Muslims a long time ago, the “Moors”?
    I also, like Lossie2020, thought of the horrible tornado that happened in Moore Oklahoma on May 20, 2013 and another on May 3, 1999. Both were EF-5s and horrific. Wondering are they giving two clues there.

  4. Eric is there any chance when Spirit showed the tsunami in Asia that it was meant as symbolic to what’s occurred in the past…a large EQ in the ocean that causes a tsunami? So both are the same event and not two separate events, and that’s why it’s so confusing?

      1. Eric, with the tsunami; an older post said ‘Brisbane hit hard’, but I was just wondering when you talk about seeing tall buildings on the coast, could this be the City of Gold Coast just 70km (about 50miles) south of Bris? if you google pics of Gold Coast skyline, you might see something familiar?

        We all tend to be centric to our own locales, but you mentioned an earlier post regarding an earthquake in conjunction with the word ‘alpine’. There is a major fault in New Zealand called the Alpine Fault. If it were to go off it would unzip down the spine of the South Island & would be felt as far away as the east coast of AU.

        Could this be a cause of the tsunami & earthquakes “everywhere” as the spirits previously voiced? The prediction of a tsunami effecting 39 locations could well be the ring-of-fire incurring multiple earthquakes & volcanic activity. (ties in with California/Mexico dialog)

        The goings-on in Hawaii at present are particularly scary.


        1. They seem to go back and forth from an earthquake in CA and a Tsunami. There are two Tsunami predictions Japan and AU both have their own predictions. The AU one is expected to be really bad.

  5. Hi Eric. There is a small Island nation off the east coast of southern Africa called Mayotte in the Southern Indian Ocean. Directly east of it is the coastline of Western Australia.
    According to Wikipedia it is pronounced Ma’ore, which in their dialect could sound similar to Moore.
    For the past two weeks they have been having high mag and rare earthquakes, with the latest today of a 5.5 as I type. They are not on any marked fault line and they are still under the management of France, from colonial days.

      1. Thank you Rhona. I was basing my comment on the USGS fault line map, so obviously it’s not up to scratch.
        Actually I find the European Seismic Centre far more accurate, but they don’t have fault lines shown in their map.

      2. Petemedium
        Your most welcome .
        Its little known around that region .
        Let’s see what happens love and light to the area ..

    1. Petemedium SWC
      Hi pete your probably following Mayotte quakes closely .
      But I thought I would add this article .
      Schools closing amid fears of earthquakes .
      DUTCHSINSE me toned the mayotte volcanic possible reactivation for area in his last update .
      Will post below in a moment it’s about 9 minute mark ..interesting g comments .

  6. Eric
    I’m compelled to add this .though 24 hours ago I dismissed it until I read your predictiin morning today 21st May.
    I had a vision just before sleep on Sunday night of a Tornado ..I asked spirit . Where ?
    They showed a map of the state’s and west of Oklahoma and said more the nth Carolina .
    There is a MOORE in Kentucky
    And a MOORE County in North Carolina .
    I hope this helps .

    1. Eric
      I’m sorry I said west of Oklahoma
      I had my state of west aust as I typed on my mind Spirit said
      EAST of Oklahoma .they showed a map more East of Oklahoma is what they said.
      Apoligies .

  7. Moore attacks..might be similar attacks in reference to Paul Moore in UK who ran over Muslims for revenge. Just wondering…

  8. Michael Moore seems to resurface with media attacks during political turmoil and he is not a Trump fan…

  9. Eric,
    Any ideas yet about what kind of attacks we should be on the lookout for? Are they shootings, bombings, or car-ramming?

    Also, do you know the time-frame?

  10. Eric, SWC, is thr ” Moore attack” related to tornado or bombing, shooting, violence attack?

    If it’s related to tornado then it’s highly likely will occur again in Moore probably for the 3rd time since 1999 of May 3rd. Unfortunately, It’s right along in tornado alley. People in Moore won’t be very happy if it’s re-occurring event within short period of time frame. :/ (I will warn my relatives and friends to be prepared.)

    1. I haved a weird feeling in my gut like something bad is gonna happen, and i mean really bad.

  11. For your Tsunami prediction Eric, for AU – Australia, history shows that the biggest impact from Earthquakes causing Tsunami’s came from Chile. Each time a Tsunami reached Australia’s east coast and in every case, Queensland and NSW were impacted plus sometimes Vic and Tas too. Qld was never impacted on it’s own.
    1868 : Source North Chile, 1868 : Central Chile, 1877 : North Chile, 1880 : Chile, 1922 : North Chile, 1960 : Central Chile Mag 9.5, 2010 Bio-Bio Chile 8.8 mag.
    There were 3 other big Tsunami’s not from Chile : 1964 Impacting NSW & Tas from Alaska – 9.2 mag, 2004 impacting NSW & Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA from Sumatra-Indian Ocean – 9.1 mag, and the 3rd was 2011 impacting NSW & Tas from Sendai Japan – 8.9 mag.
    Eric, if Brisbane Qld is the hot spot for your Tsunami prediction, then it’s highly likely that NSW will be impacted equally.

      1. Luna tic,
        Let’s keep our fingers crossed…Be careful in Florida..
        Have you had talks with your neighbors regarding emergencies that may come to your homes?
        I hope so…thinking of you and your challenges..

      1. Petemedium
        You may have to click twice on site for article to load or wait till it brings it up proper .dangit. .

    1. Hi Rhona. No I had no trouble finding that site at all. And yes, I’ve been watching that country at EMSC now since early May when they first started happening, which is why I posted the original. It is out of the ordinary for so many quakes in such a short time.

    1. Yes Rhona, certainly disturbing for the people in that region. Could easily be the cause of the Indian Ocean tsunami Eric predicted happening.

  12. This is Brian Ladd’s latest prediction which I felt relevant to Eric’s prediction in terms of the scale of the Tsunami and location.
    “Mariana Trench event causes Guam to shack “shake” before new undersea volcano forms a new island overnight (Guam is destroyed, a new island is formed and the Tsunamis from these event effects 1/4 of the coastlines around the world”.

    1. Interesting. Guam just had a 5.6 and a 4.9 quake this week. Guam has had 5 total this month, and the quakes’ depth went from 100+km depth early this month to the last few at 10km. Which could indicate magma moving below, which would coincide with Ladd’s prediction that you mentioned.

  13. There is a Moore AU 80 miles from Brisbane and many notable Australians with the last name Moore.

    1. Yes, and now today and yesterday there have been quakes in Namibia, directly west of Mayotte on the other side of the continent. Botswana is right next to/just east of Namibia, which happens to be the exact antipode to Kilauea. It’s all connected.

  14. There’s also been an IED explosion at a restaurant in Toronto, Canada. No one knows the motive yet, but they’re still hunting for the suspects.

    Fortunately, no one died. There were some serious injuries, but news reports say they’re stable now.

    1. Shannon,
      Eric posted a new on the 23rd, that’s only two days ago. And he’s made comments on the 24th.

      The problem might be this: the site has this post above the newer one.
      I’m not sure why the newest prediction is under the older one. Maybe it’s the site or just our computers, but Eric did post on the 23rd.
      So just scroll down on the main page and find the post below this one, labeled: Predictions 5-23-18 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

      1. Eric glad to here your mom was being discharged. Hoping you are both at home now taking it easy. Praying for healing light and love to surround you both.🙏🏻🌟❤️

  15. Eric
    Thinking of you and Bea prayers for Bea
    Love and light to you all .
    Please take care ..

      1. Eric I’m so happy .
        Fantastic …now praying for sustained
        Health and healthy renew kidney function ..
        Well done Bea your a real example of
        Determination and faith .
        Hugs xx😇😆

  16. SEC, Eric. Here’s a Dutch update from the 25th. Lots of good info on West Coast slow slip starting around min 26:00 on. Scientists now admitting we are in a slow slip event.
    Also Dutch has been warning for a big EQ in West Pacific since these deep EQ events and Hawaii event occurred….as Spirits have also warned for big EQ coming for Japan SW. I think they may be related. Around minute 50:45 he talks about it. Going by 2011 megaquake Dutch thinks the signs will be Hawaii starts to putter out though there are signs of a larger eruption coming possibly if another crater collapses. (Spirits epic eruption?) Here’s the link for anyone interested.

  17. SWC, here’s an am 26 May update on Hawaii new blast eruption. Great video of crater blast at beginning and end. Not sure if this is what he was looking for lastnight or not. Here’s the link.

  18. Eric,
    Ref:::had a visual of a large storm with heavy wind. Then spirit showed the mid west United States. The impression was a very large storm was coming for several locations in the mid west and a possible Tornado.

    Heavy floods destructive rains..
    Hit Michigan,Wisconsin,and Minnesota.

  19. Eric,
    Ref::possible Tornado.

    North Dakota…F2 tornado–Deadly..
    Watford,, North Dakota.

    The tornado impacted the Watford City area around 00:45 CDT on July 10, injuring 28 people, including a seven-day-old baby who later died from his injuries. The boy was critically hurt after a trailer he was in flipped during the storm. Nine others are still in critical condition, as of late July 10 (local time).

    The storm was accompanied by strong winds and up to golf ball-sized hail. 122 structures in the park were completely destroyed, 79 sustained moderate damage and 12 minor to no damage. An estimated 200 people have been displaced.

  20. Eric, SWC,
    Pella…several tornados also damaging winds,hail,heavy rain..

    DES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) —
    At least several tornadoes tore through central Iowa on Thursday afternoon, hitting key landmarks in some cities, such as the Marshall County Courthouse in Marshalltown and Vermeer Manufacturing in Pella.

    Heavy rain, damaging winds and hail were also part of the system.

  21. Eric,
    China 🇨🇳
    Ref::I had a visual of a large wave raging toward a shoreline.

    I had a visual of the shoreline which had large tall buildings.

    Typhoon Ampil,
    Thousands evacuated..

      1. Eric,
        Maybe that is why they ( spirit ) mentioned it three times..
        “Japan,Japan,Japan” ?

  22. Eric,SWC,

    Typhoons 2.
    “Soulik” and” Cimaron”..

    Soulik .. Landfall.Korea..

    Cimaron .
    Another typhoon – Cimaron – is expected to approach Japan on August 22 and make landfall near Kyoto with maximum sustained winds of 150 km/h (92 mph).

  23. Eric,SWC,
    2 typhoons…Category 2’s
    1 hurricane Category 4

    had a visual of hurricane/Typhoon forming.


    Active tropical storms
    Name of storm system Location Formed Last update Category Speed Wind Gust Course Wave Wave Source Details

    Cimaron (23W) Pacific Ocean August 18 2018 12:00 AM August 22 2018 02:37 AM Typhoon 2 31 km/h 167 km/h 204 km/h 305 ° 10 meters N/A JTWC

    Lane (EP14) Pacific Ocean – East August 15 2018 12:00 AM August 22 2018 02:39 AM Hurricane 4 17 km/h 250 km/h 306 km/h 285 ° 12 meters N/A JTWC

    Soulik (22W) Pacific Ocean August 15 2018 12:00 AM August 22 2018 02:38 AM Typhoon 2 20 km/h 176 km/h 213 km/h 305 ° 11 meters N/A JTWC

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