Bill Cosby Guilty

Has this prediction come to pass? Though his fate is unclear, Bill has been found guilty. This has been posted before, the prediction was made when the scandal first broke, the news of that time claimed he would never see jail because to much time had passed for any type of conviction others failed to support the victims claims. The Spirits quickly contradicted that back in 2014, implying the end result would speak to truth.


Notes on 12-6-14  “Breaking news.. Bill is arrested… 15″



20 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Guilty

  1. It will be interesting to see if the “15” refers to the number of years he actually gets sentenced.

  2. When he was found guilty, the prosecutor asked the Judge to revoke his bail while he was waiting sentencing because he was a flight risk and owned a plane. Cosby popped off his mouth in the court room towards the prosecutor and said ‘He doesn’t own a plane you asshole!’

    Cosby was speaking of himself in the third person What does that mean? Does it mean he is so narcissistic that he creates a difference between the fictional Cosby and himself or was he so vain that he does not think that the rules apply to him and he isn’t concerned about the verdict?

    Or did he do it because the prosecutor was one of the few that publicly challenged him and he felt threatened?

    Anyhow, I thought that was an interesting observation they made about him.

    Thanks for your blog Eric

    • Thanks, what I thought was so interesting was how when this first came out people doubted these wonderful women who stand with such courage, meanwhile the news kept saying he wasn’t going to be prosecuted over the time restraints, but the Spirits jumped on it, showed the end result, their way of saying ‘he is guilty’

  3. question eric. is he really bad. is he really guilty or was he setup or framed.
    or did he really do bad things. or maybe not to the extend of whats protrayed but karma made his badness 10 times the outcome.
    just wondered. did he have an evil side

    • Yes James, I’m born “deaf” and expert with body languages. He is acting out alot to fool people. He did evil things to others. He knows from right and wrong. He chose to do wrong thing thinking he could get away with it. I’m glad the juries found him guilty. I don’t rely on words out of mouth only on face and body language thinking they can fool them by using the words out of mouth. It’s sad but he is not the only rich and famous person out there done evil things…and even govt done their criminals too. Not just USA even world wide that have their power and money to control things even the police and FBI cannot do anything about it. Sad to say its very frightening if any innocence lives are inside their powers that are either threatened or to be killed to stay “silence”. . Don’t ever get involved with any powerful people in the world.

      And yes they gave their generosity charities to help for a cause and helped our world economy. Not all are bad. Very few are good ones. Mostly…just don’t go there.

  4. Eric, on a different topic. Question for Prince Harry and Meghan. I’m feeling that the wedding will be called off on last minute and it’d be Harry’s decision. I’m sensing something ain’t right at this moment as I feel Harry is wrestling on marrying her. She is a beautiful and talented lady but I don’t think she is the one. There is someone out there that would be perfect for him that he never feels so completely happy in his life before. Or feels complete with the woman he loves. Meghan has the passions to help people but something is off as I cant put my fingers in there. Just not yet. Harry is feeling alot of pressure just 3 weeks away from tieing the knots. I wish them well. Both are good people but not compatible. They’d make great team to help people but not in marriage life. Harry won’t be happy as he thought he would. Hope I am wrong but my guts don’t lie.

  5. Eric,SWC,

    Board recommends that he be designated a
    Sexually Violent Predator..

    July 24 (UPI) — A Pennsylvania board on Tuesday recommended Bill Cosby be classified as a “sexually violent predator,” which would require him to register as a sex offender and undergo treatment.


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