Notes on 12-6-14

“Lebanon, Lebanon.. An epic massive battle is coming. The US arrives late. In Lebanon.. In Syria.. Wednesday”

“Breaking news.. Bill is arrested… 15″

I heard sirens running. A red light was lighting up a cement hallway.
” Nuclear power plant.. emergency!.. poorly run, it falls in great danger.”

Spirit, does this mean you are back, making world predictions?
“No Eric, soon, soon, give us more time.. we do have plans to share the core of 2015”

Eric’s Comments: In other news, we are discussing using astrology as a form for predicting timeframes. Its just an idea right now. We will also  be rolling out a summary of what to expect for 2015. We never posted the 2014 summary which read:

“2014 its bad, bad bad, terrorism rises and horrible natural disasters, pouring, drenched. Not a good year.”

Because it was such a massive downer, and not something you would like to read as you recover from your hang over on new years day, we left it out. But now we have decided as a group that whatever they say about 2015 it will be posted. Lets hope its a better message.

*New*  At your request you can now ask single question readings. Before if you wanted to set up an email reading your only option was a full 3 question reading, there was no option for a mini version. Now you can email just one question for a smaller price. Please look over the page “Personal Readings” or email me for the details at It would be an interesting New Year’s gift to ask “What does 2015 have in store for me?” even if its just going to be short and sweet.

Nix to those who might ask the 1 question with part A,B, and C. It’s just the one question please.

93 thoughts on “Notes on 12-6-14”

  1. Hmm, for Bill I am thinking maybe Bill Cosby? Could be wrong. So sad about Lebanon, I have Lebanese heritage.

  2. Hi Eric. That’s funny I was just thinking, as in a quick thought, that you/we should use astrology also. More like that is the science side of this that we could put to good use and incorporate into certain predictions at times. So anyway I think that sounds like a great idea! Also do you think the “Bill” is Bill Clinton? I hope not. Oh just saw Star48s…Bill Cosby? Karma has a way of taking care of things I believe. I’m just thinking in terms of the USA though. And perhaps the nucleur plant is in Japan? Fukishima? I feel that giving the 2015 overall summary no matter what the Spirits have to tell us is a good thing. Better to be informed than not in my opinion. Lastly you are doing a great service to humanity Eric and Your Spirits and I just wanted to say Thank You and Blessings to You All!

    1. Hi Jules104! I was thinking Japan too! Read an article, at least a month or so back, about their nuclear power plants damaged in that tsunami, that may never recover and may create another disaster for Japan. Wherever this is I hope the danger is somehow diminished.

  3. Eric, this has nothing to do with this post. However, I wonder if the Spirits had anything to say about the Eric Garner shooting and the nationwide outrage over it?

    1. Oddly Annie I presented the entire ferguson / garner situation before the outrage, they seemed to know about it but recommended not to discuss it. I have learned to just roll with there advice, there must have been a reason.

  4. hey eric the power plant in japan, is a major world event, japan covered so much up, and another storm is coming, that will expose the truth even more, a lot of the fishes, are already showing sign of dna changes, as well as the radation, already in fishes….as you know, 2015, very major event for weather, pray for the president, he is not safe… will the spirits, use astrology? will they give the sun sign to describe people, or will it be used for timing? a big thank you, for EVERYONE, for coming together, and sharing information, and for each one of us, are learning from each other. thank you eric, the spirits, are also, changing you……you will be able to excess higher energy, from the spirits, than what you are use to, can you share with us, the changes you are experiencing? thank you so much for all you do!

    1. I think they plan to show say a ram (aries) putting it sometime in say March. More important is they can mix two signs and then that will be the cross over. The idea is to somehow present the message of say waves of an earthquake while showing the ram and a map of a location in the background all at the same time. Hope that made sense.

  5. There may be some validity to Bill Cosby being arrested….there were two girls both 15 and one got away but witnessed the rape and had called a male friend who came to get her. She also told his “people” I believe and was told that people wouldn’t believe her over Bill Cosby!”. The statute of limitations may have run out but just like the Sandusky trial since there were witnesses and people notified that looked the other way there could be special circumstances. Who knows it’s just a guess.

  6. Eric,
    As a gift to myself I want to set up a reading by you! I have been reading your site for a while now and know you and the Spirits are the real deal!!!! Plus I have never been afraid to get one from you because of “doom and gloom”. I completely understand that what you do in readings and what you do to help humanity are two seperate things. You have an amazing gift and you have expanded what you do and that’s quite admirable. It just seems that right before our eyes we are watching you get stronger at perfecting your help to humanity. Keep up the amazing work!

  7. Hi Eric,
    Syria has just accused Israel of bombing and area near its southern boarder. Israel has yet to confirm but witness reports point to two Israeli planes in the region. Speculation is the reason for the attacks are related to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Syria not only provides them funding but also weapons, which were supposedly stored in the area which was just bombed. I’d say this may be the Lebanon prediction – tensions are only going to escalate from this.

  8. Hi Eric. For some reason I am not getting a lot of these posts and comments by others on the site any more. Every once in a while they come through. I’ve checked my spam and that’s not it. Can you please check for me if something is wrong on your end? Thanks and any help is much appreciated.

        1. Hi Eric. Yes same as Lia. I use to get your New Posts, and everyone’s comments/replies. Now I hardly ever get any of the replies and comments, but still am getting your New Posts. I have started trying to just go to the actual site, but it’s hard sometimes and would hate it if others think I’m just ignoring their replies/comments to me specifically. Thanks for any help on your end.

            1. No I received it. Thanks for asking. It seems somewhat better now. For a while I didn’t get anything in the way of replies or comments except your new posts. I finally just looked at the site since it seemed so odd. I was seriously wondering if I’d emailed the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security one to many times. LOL. Like they were hijacking my thread. Well it would be nice if someone were paying attention when it comes to those Spiders! I think just wishful thinking but you never know….😉

      1. I use to get posts and comments, nothing has changed on my end, I don’t get comment updates anymore. Thanks Eric

    1. Jules104, do you think it was caused by a drone?
      Or something else is behind it? Are you feeling that sense of unease at this time,I am too….

      1. Hi Star48. Let me just say firstly that for some odd reason I am not getting a lot of the posts and comments for the predictions. So if it seems like I don’t respond at times or respond after the fact, that would be it. Sheesh maybe one to many emails to the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security?? LOL It’s not my spam so I am clueless. I need to have my phone upgraded to the next apple maybe? Anyway for now I just try and check in on the actual site when I can.
        About that uneasy feeling. I know exactly what you are talking about when that happens you just can’t explain what it is, but it’s there all the same. Like your body picking up on vibrations. But I haven’t felt it yet, (but that doesn’t mean anything really), though I do feel like the Spiders are getting desperate and, I have a bad feeling that they will manage to get on board planes somehow soon or set off a dirty bomb. I was picking up earthquakes for some reason a few days ago. When I was searching back through the posts. Like a big one somewhere that may do damage. I hope I’m wrong on all of the above. I definitely would listen to your gut instinct though. So if you are feeling that, I will be paying attention also. I think we each have our purposes here no matter how big or small. Blessings

          1. Didn’t you also have something about using falcons to attack the small drones also recently? Like there is such a problem with them anymore. Or did I just read that somewhere else? I have had that happen before though. Like someone’s trying to tell you something and you start seeing signs everywhere.

    1. Thanks Dave, I thought it was very vague, which Wednesday, and are they talking in symbols. as if to say the third? We are trying hard to create a better set plan when it comes to timeframes. To many variables.

      1. Eric, would it be easier since you want astrological leanings. For the weekday?
        Monday – Diana or Moon
        Tuesday – Mars
        Wednesday – Mercury
        Thursday – Jupiter
        Friday – Venus
        Saturday – Saturn
        Sunday – Sun

        1. Eric, you could add a number if it is in the Moon 3
          Monday 3 rd week..
          There are only no more than 5 weeks in a month.

  9. I have been feeling very off and uneasy also. Last night right as I was falling asleep I had a vision of army tanks and people running in the opposite direction as the tanks, my body had a tingling thru out like my limbs were falling asleep and all night long I heard a rumbling noise like an earthquake.My dogs and all the neighbors dogs kept barking all night long. I was a very long night to say the least. I live near Chicago and have no clue what to make of this.

    1. It is, flamingo. Just remember what my grandpa said in my three dreams that made me run as fast as I can from Chicago. A city that I never thought I would ever leave. It was like an earthquake but yet I am now realizing it is possibly meaning revolution. The civil unrest he said later in the last dream. I remember flying over the city of Chicago (my home for 14 beautiful years) and seeing signs that say “Martial Law is in Effect at dusk” then had the typical Chicago seal. A few days later I asked someone I know in government there as they were a former client that I used to work for. He told me that there are signs currently printed that say those very words and are housed at the National Guard in case of riots. That freaked me out. With the news showing protests that seem peaceful, I sense that anger will erupt when the stock market crashes in the next two years. Women and some men are given intuition by the Creator for many reasons. Follow your instinct and it should keep you and your family safe. At first, I was so scared of those three dreams with my grandpa but when I confirmed things he told me about my mom, her childhood, that I would have never ever known, I knew it was definitely him without a doubt that visited me in my dreams. I really believe the Earthquake in Chicago was a metaphor for something very big coming. It is said, or so I have read, that many people before 9/11 felt an unease much like now. All I can say is that after Christmas, I think things could get nasty come spring when people are restless from winter. Lets keep praying peace and that the evil in the world will somehow have change of heart. I wish you peace and love but above all the wisdom to know what to do. Namaste.

      1. Thank you Jon, yes I have for a while been getting word on what to do. I have been “told” to prepare my lake house which is away from Chicago, for my family, which I have been doing. I am taking these “gut feelings” and using them to prepare. Peace and Love to you also, stay safe in these times.

      2. Thats definitely a great plan. Better safe than sorry. I was just looking at an article on NBC of aerial photos of Detroit and you can see the blight from the air, the have and have nots. Once upon a time that was a major metropolis of wealth, power, business, etc. If that can fall, so can other big cities (maybe not as hard, but in a similar manner). With the gangs in Chicago on the rise quickly and imagine another economic crash just on the heels of the last one just as the climate change is beginning to rise quicker, these are very interesting times. Rich neighborhoods become poor ones when the rich short sell or abandon homes to get out of violence as gangs creep in. I just wish somehow Spirit would speak to Eric on this. Why so many of us from Chicago feel this ‘on edge feeling’ that has never been there for me or many of my friends. They started feeling it too and we all moved over the last two years. Maybe its just coincidence. My dreams made it seem so immediate. Definitely listen to your 88 year old mom. She remembers the last parts of the Great Depression. That uneasy feeling may be what she remembers her parents feeling.

        1. Hi Lia. I think he said “earth” not like man made. Perhaps an earthquake in Japan. They are still working on it I think. I will be paying attention since my son lives over there nearer to Tokyo.

            1. Well I think you are right Eric. Just last night I was searching for the “where the bird sits” post! I was looking for things that match, found Tokyo Disneyland. Not sure about that area, but it does stick out.

        2. Oh my no. sorry for that implication. Just that it would be bigger then the usual. They have a special message for something like the tsunami that hit japan, or Haiyan, they show a clay plate (earth) shattering into dust. Its symbolic to unspeakable damage. If you see that message,.. we should start worrying.

      1. Oh, I just saw what you said further down in this thread – you are working on it, but see a big, powerful earthquake.

  10. I forgot to mention, I was with my mom today and we really don’t talk to much about what’s going on in the world, she’s 88 yrs. so I don’t like to burden her with it. But as she was getting out of my car she turned to me and said “Do you have a feeling something big is going to happen.” I said yes I just can’t figure it out. She looked and me and said “Big I mean not good big” it has left me very down this afternoon.

      1. I did see that Jules. It has totally put me in a really bumbed out mood at my favorite time of the year. :0(

      2. Glad Im not the only one thinking this too. Unfortunately I’ve been saying the same thing for weeks but more so past week or so. Like you guys, I can’t put my finger on it. Something is off kilter…tension building of some kind whether the earth or by humankind.

  11. For my fellow posters who have been sensing something terrible on the horizon, I just saw this article and thought I would pass it on:

    I am hopeful that the authorities will be able to find this and be able to stop it. We must all keep praying…. Poor St. Michael The ArchAngel… I’ve been bugging him like crazy this past months. Somehow though, I don’t think he minds it.

      1. Eric, and craftycorner2014,
        Leo XIII in 1884 had a vision of Micharl fighting. And wrote this prayer.
        .Saint Michael the Archangel,
        defend us in battle.
        Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
        May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
        and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
        by the Divine Power of God,
        cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
        who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

  12. Where the “bird sits”. Miyajima, Japan by Hiroshima. The floating torri red gate!! Ironically the gateway between spiritual world and earth life. Beautiful I might add. Sits on the shoreline and when tides recede you can walk out to it. Google it. Japan earthquake referenced?

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  14. Eric, Nuclear….Pump malfunction. …very serious..
    ..4 of more hid and obfuscated truth..
    4 staff punished for breaching guidelines at Guangdong, China, nuclear power plant, officials say – South China Morning Post

    1. That doesn’t sound good at all for anybody living in that region. I keep hearing “Lebanon” and its not a good feeling. I wish people/nations wouldn’t wait for things to get so out of control before acting. But really what to do when you have so many different countries, view points and religious beliefs. I wish they could all see that no matter what we are all one big human Family on one big planet Earth. But alas that may be a while, I know.

  15. Eric, SWC,

    Ref..I heard sirens running. A red light was lighting up a cement hallway.
    ” Nuclear power plant.. emergency!.. poorly run, it falls in great danger.”

    🇯🇵 Japan..
    Ikata nuclear plant..shut down over fears of Fukushima style meltdown

  16. Eric,
    Ref.. heard sirens running. A red light was lighting up a cement hallway.
    ” Nuclear power plant.. emergency!.. poorly run, it falls in great danger.”

    Event details

    Nuclear Event in USA on February 17 2018 06:09 AM (UTC).

    One of Indian Point’s two nuclear reactors automatically shut down early Friday when a generator failed, prompting an inquiry by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This is the second time in four months that Indian Point’s Unit 3 shut down after an issue with a generator on the non-nuclear side of the pressurized water reactor. A spokesman for Indian Point’s owner, Entergy, said no radiation was released during the shutdown. “Engineers are investigating to more fully understand the cause of the shutdown before the unit is returned to service,” spokesman Jerry Nappi said. n both shutdowns, a component in the electrical generator system failed. Indian Point’s second reactor, Unit 2, was functioning at 100 percent of its capacity. NRC’s resident inspector for Indian Point visited the plant shortly after being notified of the shutdown, NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan said. “He traveled to the control room, where he observed shutdown activities and independently verified plant safety conditions,” Sheehan said. “No immediate safety concerns were identified.” The NRC will continue monitoring repairs and plans to restart the unit. It took six days to restore power following the November shutdown. Nappi said officials will try to determine whether there are any common issues between the two shutdowns. During a test of Indian Point’s emergency warning system Wednesday, two of 172 sirens – one in Putnam County, the other in Rockland County — failed to sound. Both sirens have since been repaired. Entergy has plans to shut down Indian Point by 2021.

  17. Eric,
    Ref:::I heard sirens running. A red light was lighting up a cement hallway.
    ” Nuclear power plant.. emergency!.. poorly run, it falls in great danger.”

    Japan 🇯🇵
    Radiation leak reported…at Tokai facility..

  18. Eric,
    Ref:::I heard sirens running. A red light was lighting up a cement hallway.
    ” Nuclear power plant.. emergency!.. poorly run, it falls in great danger.”

    Canada 🇨🇦
    Nuclear incident…Developing ✔️🚨

    Nuclear warning alert issued in Ontario over incident at power station as people who live in 10km radius are told to tune into local media for updates

    🔺Pickering, a town on the bank of Lake Ontario, is a suburb which lies 25 miles northeast of Toronto
    🔺Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is home to eight nuclear reactors – two of which have been shut down
    🔺Ontario province sent out alert to local residents saying that there was ‘no abnormal release of radioactivity from the station’
    🔺Pickering, one of the largest nuclear generating stations in the world, produces 14 per cent of electricity for Ontario’s 14.57 million residents

    1. Eric,SWC,
      Update ✔️🚨🚨🚨

      False alarm! Nuclear warning alert issued in Ontario over ‘incident’ at power station was ‘sent in error’

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