Predictions 4-9-18

“They will strike”

I had a visual of a demon dressed in a suit sitting in a room, you could hear bombs drawing closer and closer.

That has to be the US striking Syria. They implied this is happening now

” Bombing.. on a bus”

“Accident” I had a visual of flashing red lights an emergency was unfolding.

Spirit first showed a nuclear power plant but then the visual shifted to an oil rig. Something was about to explode.

61 thoughts on “Predictions 4-9-18

    1. Yes, the timing is unclear, the initial implications was a few decades from now but in another message they implied half a decade. In the coming days I will be posting a message that briefly talks about this future war, it’s lead by the most evil man in all of history.

  1. Eric,
    Was the demon in a suit a representation of Assad? Maybe it means he’ll finally be taken out of power.

    If he does, I hope the Syrian people get a much better, safer, more peaceful life than they’ve had the last few years. Especially for the children’s sake.

    1. Yes they have shown Al Assad as a demon before. My assumption was that unlike the previous bombing from the US this one hits closer to his residence. However another way to look at it is a symbolic message that his end draws closer and closer. I am hoping that it is the latter of the two assumptions.

  2. The tweet Trump sent out today which appears to be critical of Putin didn’t feel sincere…maybe an attempt to be appropriate.

    Eric, if you don’t want new subjects raised until you bring up the topic, please let me know. I don’t want to hyjack a thread, I just want to let those who are as obsessed as I am with Trump & justice know that Micheal Cohens office was raided this morning by the FBI. It feels as if Mueller is closing in on Trump and his associates.

  3. Tammy Duckworth Becomes First Sitting U.S. Senator to Give Birth.

    Not sure if this has to do with the baby prediction, though if I remember it had to do with someone inside the White House.

    And was the Trump Tower fire in NYC one of the predictions? I think the building fire prediction had to do with Chicago.

    1. The fire was a prediction but for the life of me I can’t find the message. It’s a bit embarrassing that the author can’t find his own work. As I recall it talked about a New York building. If anyone remembers please remind me.

      1. Eric I have been searching also but can’t find it either.🤯😆 It must be under some other topic maybe? 🤔 Will keep at it though.🤞🏻

        1. I am just going to let it go, right now it seems all about Syria, I was not expecting Syria to become a major prediction. That evil man has been doing so much horror recently

      2. Same here. I do recall that Eric even mentioned of fire in NYC and Chicago. It’s odd that it’s not found in older post…perhaps it’s in comments somewhere. It took me awhile to find Brian Ladd ‘s prediction as he mentioned of fire in Trump Tower. But I don’t remember if Eric mentioned of Trump Tower on fire but did mentioned fire in NYC and Chicago. I hope someone will find it sooner than later. It will comes up. 😉

      1. Yes, Eric I even remember you mentioned of baby in white House like right after Trump’s first day in WH.

  4. Eric,

    Is the concert massacre a phone bomb or a shooting.I saw someone holding a phone and then chaos.

  5. Eric, wondering when it may be the time we need to prepared ourselves financial such as food price may go skyrocket and the house hold with electricity? I won’t be surprised if electricity and food wiped out due to heavy ashes far away from supervolcano. Not sure which will erupt. But just in case we save up $$ and dry food when haverst wiped out from ashes and polluted land water. I’d rather die quickly then suffer with long slow dying from starve and with nothing to live on.

    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Hi jules, I saw this as well, so tragic,. Found that the plane was a Russian built IL -76 transport plane and had 30 passengers who were getting treatment in Algerian hospitals due to the conflict, The Polisario Front, the movement fighting for Western Saharan independence from Morocco,
      This resonates with the 4/1/16 Predictions which mentions the number 76 and hospital, the 12/4/15 Predictions which mentions a Russian plane crash and also the the 9/22/17 Predictions which references “Visual of the letters ‘il’
      I found that the US Terror Attack Predictions has the reference to NY NJ building and Bellview and wonder if that is the prediction we are trying to reference to the Trump building fire. Not sure though. But found a story yesterday that in NJ, 15 students and teachers escaped a 2nd floor inferno with the help of good samaritans
      I hope this is food for thought.

      1. Luna tic Wow! Great researching there. It seems to fit. It could be references to the Trump Tower. The fire in NJ. I’m really glad others were proactive and paying attention and all those girls and adults got out.
        I also wondered about the “Wednesday…chasing France…insult to injury.” On the Vehicle Attack Prediction. Only because if you read the link I added it talks about how the people of Algeria reverred their Military and with the heavy loss of soldiers it will shake Algeria to its core. How The National Liberation Army grew out of the forces which freed Algeria from French Colonial rule. And this crash happened on their Wednesday.
        Thanks for all the info and food for thought Luna tic.

  6. Still think Assad ,Trump or Putin could be the next Antichrist and this will bring about end of the world if Trump strikes with missiles.

  7. Eric this just happened today. A 4.9 EQ off Coast of Louisiana/ Gulf of Mexico. It’s in the same area as the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig spill. I’m sure they capped it off but the area is getting incoming pressure from the West obviously. I’m not sure if this is possible but am a bit worried any earthquake activity/pressure could blow the capright off. Here is a Dutch update on it. Could this be part of the oil rig prediction?

  8. Eric,

    Ref:::“Accident” I had a visual of flashing red lights an emergency was unfolding.

    Spirit first showed a nuclear power plant but then the visual shifted to an oil rig. Something was about to explode.

    Taiwan 🇹🇼

    Nuclear Event in Taiwan on July 04 2018 10:37 AM (UTC).

    The first reactor at the No.2 nuclear power plant in New Taipei’s Wanli District developed a mechanical failure Tuesday, with the alarm on its process radiation monitor (PRM)-19 sounding for 13 minutes, according to the Atomic Energy Council (AEC). An initial investigation indicates the incident was caused by an internal leak at the safety relief valve linking the plant’s backwash receiving tank when the water purification system was transferring resin to the tank, the AEC said. The plant’s management immediately switched off the filtered containment vent system and has launched an investigation into the malfunction, the AEC said. An analysis of air samples collected at five locations around the plant shows that the level of radioactive release remains normal in the compound and the hourly ambient gamma radiation dose at 10 monitoring stations within the plant was also normal, indicating those environments were not affected, it explained. The AEC said it has asked the state-run Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower) to determine the cause of the incident and conduct a thorough examination of the plant’s operating process. This was the latest incident at the No. 2 nuclear power plant since its No. 2 reactor resumed operations on June 13 after being taken offline for a safety inspection. Prior to that, the No. 2 reactor automatically shut down on March 28, one day after it was restarted following the completion of an overhaul that started in May 2016.

  9. Eric,SWC,

    Ref::“Accident” I had a visual of flashing red lights an emergency was unfolding.

    Spirit first showed a nuclear power plant but then the visual shifted to an oil rig. Something was about to explode.

    Radioactive uranium has leaked through the floor at the Westinghouse fuel factory on Bluff Road, contaminating the soil in an area of Richland County with a nearly 35-year history of groundwater pollution from the plant. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the uranium seeped through a 3-inch hole in a concrete floor. The hole extends 6 feet into the ground. The NRC learned of the leak July 12, but officials say they have no reason to believe the uranium has trickled off the site or that public water supplies are threatened. Well, we will have to wait on the results of recent groundwater tests on the Westinghouse property to be sure of that!

    South Carolina

  10. Eric,
    Ref:::“Accident” I had a visual of flashing red lights an emergency was unfolding.

    Spirit first showed a nuclear power plant but then the visual shifted to an oil rig. Something was about to explode.

    South Carolina

    A Columbia nuclear fuel factory with a history of leaks, spills and other mishaps has again run into trouble, this time after three workers went to the hospital and an inspection found the plant didn’t have proper safety equipment.

    The Westinghouse nuclear plant discovered last week that it had a device in place that was not adequate to prevent uranium from leaking into chemical supply drums at the site, federal records show.

    That’s potentially significant because the drums were in a “non-favorable’’ position, which under certain circumstances could increase chances of a radiation burst inside the 1,000-employee plant.

  11. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::“Accident” I had a visual of flashing red lights an emergency was unfolding.

    Spirit first showed a nuclear power plant but then the visual shifted to an
    oil rig. Something was about to explode.

    Nuclear incident
    Canada 🇨🇦 Ontario

    Developing ✔️
    Nuclear warning alert issued in Ontario over incident at power station as people who live in 10km radius are told to tune into local media for updates

    🔺Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is home to eight nuclear reactors – two of which have been shut down
    🔺Ontario province sent out alert to local residents saying that there was ‘no abnormal release of radioactivity from the station’
    🔺Pickering, one of the largest nuclear generating stations in the world, produces 14 per cent of electricity for Ontario’s 14.57 million residents

    1. Eric,SWC,
      Update ✔️🚨🚨🚨
      False alarm! Nuclear warning alert issued in Ontario over ‘incident’ at power station was ‘sent in error’

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