Predictions 3-10-16

The Russian airplane is coming in the next few days.

Predictions 1-5-16   466 in bold.
“Russia.. Moscow.. Check the airplanes for bombs.”
I had a visual that a bomb was moving through an airport terminal, or baggage area. Keep in mind that 466 could be seen as just the number 466 or a message ‘for 66’.

Predictions on 12-4-15     “Oh Russia.. Again!” I had a visual of an airplane in flames crashing to the ground.

This implies 466 means for 66 days which puts it around the 11th or 12th or March. The Spirits did not confirm those dates, they simply said its coming in the next few days.

North Korea takes it to a whole new level. Asia on the brink of war, Seoul begins to prepare for the worse.

Small piece of meteor lands in a populated area of southern south America, send shockwaves. Around the month of May.

The stone temple in the middle east. A planned attack. Perhaps foiled.


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  1. Laurence Avatar

    Hi eric

    I’m guessing by the sound of it that this will be a bomb that will destroy the plane ? And it’s to late for things to change this will now happen?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That was the implication. It is never to late for change.

  2. cmt Avatar

    North Korea Fires More Missiles
    Move is continuation of provocative behavior by the Pyongyang regime.
    March 10, 2016, at 9:56 a.m.
    North Korea fired short-range ballistic missiles off its coast Thursday, the latest in a string of provocations in response to international action against its continued defiance of U.N. Security Council Resolutions. The launches come as the U.S. and South Korea conduct annual military exercises in the region, actions North Korea sees as preparation for invasion. . .

    After it launched the missiles on Thursday, the North also announced it would “liquidate” remaining South Korean assets left in a joint industrial zone on the border between the two countries. . .

  3. afistfullofsand Avatar

    china has to step up

  4. rhona Avatar

    Yeah and in our dreams north korea steps down…Praying for a miracle here ….Love Light and the energy of peace and humane responsibility to the areas of mounting tensions ……There is no sarcasm in my comment only hope ..

  5. jules104 Avatar

    They do have the annual Joint Military Exercises with South Korea and the US going on right now. Kim Jong UN has ordered his nuclear weapons to be ready for a preemptive strike. There usually is a lot of bluster and threats which go on from North Korea before and during the exercises. But lets all hope nothing goes wrong. In my opinion Kim Jong Un is extremely off balance.

    1. caseyatthebat Avatar

      I agree with you, Jules104. Kim Jong Un is very unstable. Although I generally wish no one ill, you won’t find me complaining if someone decides to overthrow this sick despot.

  6. jules104 Avatar

    Has anyone seen this latest news? North Korea is searching for its missing submarine which may be adrift due to mechanical issues. I can see where it could become an issue if you have the North Korean Navy looking all over for their sub while the US and South Koreans are having their joint exercises at the same time. Hope they get those people up to the surface safe and sound even though they are North Koreans.

  7. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 Swc i found this older predictiin from 2014…it says China will step in…and by 24…that is 24 months perhaps..
    as you can see this was posted in 9-4-14 so maybe by April 2016 we will see some movement pertaining to this prediction
    what are your thoughts

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I remember that one Rhona. Great research, that makes sense to me. I am wondering if Kim Jong Un behaves so erratically and triggers the whole “on the brink of war” situation that even the Chinese will say he’s gone to far and that it undermines their countries security and economy etc. I am wondering if the Chinese have been involved with shuffling people around already to create this facade of change or who is doing this? 24 months would be around September 2016 then? I hope nothing happens during these joint military exercises between the US and South Korea that are happening now. But that would perhaps fit the timeline? And they have just started with the new sanctions against North Korea. I feel for the people who have to live there and be under Kim Jong Un’s leadership. I think that if the rest of the world would ever be able to see what’s going on in the labor camps and daily lives of North Koreans we will all be in for a shock. It can’t be soon enough I imagine. Praying for Peace. Blessings Always.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, its a good point.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Oh my gosh! Well just glad they found them. Thank God for “man’s best friend” right? Sheesh

  8. rhona Avatar

    Jules 104 thanks for picking upon the dates. I dont usually make the mistake of reversing them..In Australia we write day month year eg 14-3-16 and you would write 3-14-16…Thats why i said April im usually onto it…
    I agree China wont like it ,they are not going to let North Korea rock the boat ..yes and the people of North Korea have laboured under extreme conditions that are sure to shock us your so right Jules..

  9. Flores Avatar

    There was a plane crash today in Russia..Your prediction?? From CNN..
    A Boeing 738 passenger jet crashed as it was landing at the Rostov-on-Don airport in southern Russia, the country’s Southern Regional Emergency Center said Saturday.

    The plane, which had traveled from Dubai, had 55 people aboard, the Emergency Center said.

  10. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Dubai to Russia, plane crash.

  11. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC , report bomb may be involved regarding plane..

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  13. star48 Avatar

    EQ 6.4 mag,in Russia,, they cannot seem to get a break..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hope everyone is safe

  14. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC..
    North Korea has fired 15 projectiles in two weeks.

  15. star48 Avatar

    Eric, regarding “The stone temple in the middle east. A planned attack. Perhaps foiled.”
    Russian Rambo …. Excerpt
    “A brave Russian special forces soldier who was on a Rambo-style one man mission to hunt for ISIS militants died a “hero” after calling in an airstrike on HIMSELF.

    The fearless officer was directing Russian airstrikes at Islamic State targets near the ancient city of *Palmyra in Syria when he was surrounded by terrorists.
    *(Stone temple. Ruins)
    Not prepared to go down without a fight, he ordered military officials to drop bombs on his location “and died in the blast.

  16. star48 Avatar

    regarding this line from this post

    “North Korea takes it to a whole new level. Asia on the brink of war, Seoul begins to prepare for the worse”

    North Korea broadcasts mystery in preparation of action or spies..

  17. star48 Avatar

    Regarding.this line from post..
    “..North Korea takes it to a whole new level. Asia on the brink of war, Seoul begins to prepare for the worse.”

    North Korea fires ballistic missile from its western region into sea off its east coast, South Korea’s military says – Reuters

  18. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Japan readies military to shoot down N. Korea Missiles..

  19. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Bomb test?
    More: Preliminary magnitude 5.3 seismic event in North Korea detected in country’s northeast, about 18km ENE of Sungjibaegam – USGS

  20. star48 Avatar

    near nuclear site.

    USGS detects 5.3 magnitude seismic event near North Korea nuclear site; no confirmation of test

  21. star48 Avatar

    China’s environment ministry has begun emergency radiation monitoring after suspected nuclear test in North Korea, state media reports – Reuters

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Eric, Star48… Do you think this could be the beginning of the prediction where China goes into N Korea under the guise of humanitarian efforts to make regime changes?

  22. star48 Avatar

    US National Security Council: ‘We are aware of seismic activity on the Korean Peninsula in the vicinity of a known North Korean nuclear test site. We are monitoring and continuing to assess the situation in close coordination with our regional partners.’ – @Price44

  23. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    South Korea’s meteorological agency says man-made earthquake in North Korea emitted energy double that of its nuclear test in January – Reuters

  24. star48 Avatar

    5 th nuclear test.for Northern Korea
    5 range EQ range.
    Atlas V rocket took off to asteroid today…7 year to return.

  25. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Meteor in Australia
    A ‘meteor’ crashed into earth causing tremors and a huge “flash of light” in the sky, it has been reported. The fireball was spotted at Turkey Beach and Emerald in Queensland, Australia, as hundreds of locals took the social media to report their houses shaking and a “burning light” in the sky. Police received a number of calls from concerned residents in the Gladstone area, reporting tremors in what was initially believed to be an earthquake. Geoscience Australia has since officially ruled out an earthquake and Higgins Storm Chasing crew said a “meteorite impacted somewhere offshore”. In a Facebook post , the group said: “The light was seen as far south as Hervey Bay and as far north as Yepoon with a tremor being felt upon impact over the general Gladstone area and Boyne Island. Witnesses took to social media to describe a “ball of flame falling from the sky” and a “brilliant meteor flash overhead and disappear over the sea”. One man said he saw a blinding light and felt an explosion before his house shook. Another added that he was sitting in his car when he saw the object in the sky. “It looked like a shooting star and lit up the beach, then about a minute later there was a big band and a shock wave came over the water and shook my car a little bit,” he said. “It was a pretty awesome experience.”

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Thank goodness there was just tremors and shock wave. Could this be related to the older prediction about an earthquake happening after a meteor hits?

  26. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC.
    North Korea and —Russia. Firing on ships..
    Russian border patrol opened fire at ‘aggressive’ fishing vessel with North Korean crew on board Friday, Russian Federal Security Service says – RT

  27. star48 Avatar

    Russian airline crash..,

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