US Attacks Syria

The bombs are falling! These predictions continue to unfold.

Though I am a pacifist, the idea that nothing was being done about Al Assad was just morally wrong. For minute here I step away from representing the Spirits and say ‘my hats off to you president Trump.’ The predictions:

Notes on 5-18-13   The Butcher Al Assad.. kills on an unprecedented scale.. poison plagues Syria.. death to anything in its path.. A coalition forms no longer asking for permission.. bombs begin to fall.. soon afterwards the Al Assad regime falls.

Predictions 3-28-16   (3-28-17) I had a visual of a large tree, hanging from the tree was a make shift bomb, on the bomb it said bleach.  I believe the implication here is a homemade bomb of some type, perhaps a dirty bomb that requires bleach. I am unclear of the tree reference.

Perhaps this prediction will follow?

Predictions 3-14-17   “He is dead.. the butcher will pass.. they killed him.. assassinated.”   Every implication pointed to Kim Jong Un. However Bashir Al Assad and Omar Al Bashir are also referred to as the Butcher.

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  1. Karen Avatar

    And so it begins. The next will be the bombings of the ships in ports.

  2. Sonndra May Avatar

    My hat’s off to the President, too. I was very moved by his passion for the lives of God’s babies.

  3. anita Avatar

    Hopefully after Assad’s removed Syria won’t turn into another Libyan after Gaddafi’s removal, or like another Iraq after Saddam’s removal.

    1. Tot Avatar

      It probably will

      1. anita Avatar

        Agreed. U.S. has become everything that Eisenhower warned us of — i.e., military industrial complex:

    2. Lori Avatar

      Good point, likely inevitable. Will pray for them.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes that is a big concern.

  4. Randy Avatar

    I would be really grateful if Assad is dead
    That would be a really great news

  5. Mar Avatar

    I’m moved by the touch of Trump’s heart for a change. He cares for God’s people. Fired the missiles are appropriate and just. The message was loud and clear as we meant it. Do not harm the innocent children, women and men anywhere on this planet. Syria needs to have a good leader to take care of his country.

    Thank you, Mother Mary for hearing my prayers before it was launched. I didn’t know at that time it was going to happen in an hour later. Prayers are powerful and real.

  6. Lisa Avatar

    I’m scared Eric what it could lead to do the sprits see this turning into ww3, one very frightened English lady here X

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We are expecting WW3 in a decade or two unrelated to this.

      1. Lisa Avatar

        Cheers Eric at least I know I’ve got at least a couple of decades now ..x

  7. rhona Avatar

    Eric SWC Im the same I to am a pacifist by nature ..but my hats off to Trump this time ..
    and I never thought I would say that ..
    but this is something that required action .
    enough is enough ..

    1. Elaine Avatar

      I don’t think Trump cares that much about the children. This is just a political move to distract us from the White House problems.

      1. dopeanddiamond Avatar

        I don’t think it is a fair statement to say Trump doesn’t care all that much about the children. I am not a fan of his but I have no doubt he loves his family and would protect children from awful things such as this. Even the worst people have redeeming qualities and his love for his family is his in my eyes.

        Is he using this as distraction, he may be, but I do not think he is unaffected by innocent people, especially children, being slaughtered. Seeing the atrocities in Syria was his call to action whether it is wrong or right. I don’t know anyone that has not been heartbroken over what happened and I believe, as awful as he may be, Trump was affected by it as well.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Very well put.

      2. Karen Avatar

        I too question his sincerity. Simply put he or anyone in his administration could have turned on the news at any given time in the last, what, six years and seen the atrocities that have continued to occur there. Still he spoke of how “stupid” it would be for the US to get involved and even earlier this week/last week he spoke of the Syrian leader staying in his position.
        I’m at a loss for who is actually calling the shots in this administration.

  8. Karen Avatar

    I find it odd that this administration had talks with Russia before the bombing and then it’s reported that the Syrian government appeared to know what was coming and had time to move equipment.
    Make no mistake about it, someone else wrote that speech that was given this evening. The real question is why would this latest attack on the Syrian people change this administration’s collective minds? There’s more to this story . At any point in the last six years or longer anyone in this administration could have turned on the TV and viewed what was happening there, but it still did not change their narrative that this killer needed to be taken out.
    I do hope and pray there is a plan in place to help the people of Syria now and after (IF) their leader is taken out, otherwise this could be another never ending war for those people who have suffered long enough.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      I agree Karen. A lot of things are not adding up here for me either.

  9. Tot Avatar

    Isis are the winners in this situation, unfortunately.

    1. Pat Fletcher Avatar
      Pat Fletcher

      Tot, I agree with you here, I think yet again the world has fell for a trick . Does no one think it odd that it was Turkey who supplied this evidence? Turkey who has supported ISIS, and done its utmost to get rid of Assad and the Syrian army? Turkey who did the autopsies and said it was sarin. The doctor that treated these people was the same doctor that kidnapped western journalists in 2012 for IS. Unfortunately, his trial collapsed due to lack of technical evidence, but MI6 knew he was guilty. You better all start praying because only God can help us now. Trump is out of his depth, no matter that he used rousing and eloquent words for killing the Syrian navy, which incidentally was in its own waters and land. I will ask you all one question, how would you feel if Russia fired missiles on the US navy and America, for an incident that had not been proven? Proof that you are all under the control of your governments and their media, you need to try thinking for yourselves and research what is put in front of you, instead of accepting it verbatim. Otherwise, you are no different than AI just doing what you masters have programmed you to do. Have we learned nothing? Violence and killing is not the answer.

      1. Tot Avatar

        Yes, there is no proof that the evil Assad did this. He is winning the war and has nothing to gain with the sarin attack, but other groups do such as ISIS, and rebels, to provoke Trump to start smashing Assad. These are very scary times and now we have to wait and see what Putin will do now.

    2. myseventh Avatar

      Any time Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham agree with your position you must take a second look to make sure you’re not being led astray. I am hoping we do not find out later that this was just ISIS trying to frame the Syrian government by using chemical weapons they got from Libya through Benghazi just to get the US to attack their enemy.

  10. anita Avatar

    Wouldn’t it be something if the next big threat/Hitler that you’ve talked about actually arises from yet another regime change by the U.S.? For instance, al-baghdadi — leader of ISIS — arose from the U.S. regime change Saddam in Iraq.

    1. Francine Avatar

      These people exist with or without the US and always have. They do what they do..kill and perpetrate atrocities on their own people, with or without the US and whether or not they are left alone. eg: Stalin, Hitler, Ghaddafi, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Un.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Agreed. Evil leaders pop up no matter what–the whole world has had to deal with this since day one.

        More people to add to your list: the Interahamwe (the extremist militia that murdered a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus in Rwanda.) Kony, in Uganda. The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The leader of prison-camp/religious cult Colonia la Dignidad in Colombia.

        Sadly, it seems like every single part of the earth has had to contend with people who go out of their way to kill innocent people. But, there are plenty of people who resisted each one, so that’s a silver lining.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      When that monster arrives he will be adored by the many, making our work here very hard. Convincing all of you that this beloved leader is actually the devil incarnate. They have not said where he pops up yet.

      1. Karen Avatar

        I do think the work here will be harder at that time. I also think people such as yourself will be looked upon much like the “witches” were. The saving grace, at least for me, appears to be that many people are now questioning everything they hear and see. Your group, those who comment at least, seem to be well aware of wolves in sheep clothing. I rather enjoy the comments because this group, whether they agree or not, bring valid points to the table with enough information that allows a person to do their own research. Your group may be one of the few who actually see this person for the monster he is, or at least question everything.

      2. Lisa Avatar

        Do the spirits have any idea who he is this third anti Christ ? Where’s he from or how old he is now ?

      3. Lisa Avatar

        So in this prediction it tells you alittle about him so he must be in his 20s by now and this is the 3rd antichrist that is going to start ww3 and destroy us all or enslave us. Sounds like the character from the omen an evil so bad. I fear for us all. Thank you Eric you are a constant help for me always reply back to anything I ask.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          They never said anti Christ, they called him the ‘ruler of terror’ and said he was the absolute worse human being, no one in the past or the future would compare to him.

  11. cmt Avatar

    A TRUCK has reportedly smashed into crowds, injuring people in Sweden’s capital, local police have reported.
    The Sun reports that an unknown number of people have been injured in the incident in Stockholm.
    A witness, Anna told local Aftonbladet news that she saw “hundreds” of people running for their lives.

    1. Randy Avatar

      Prime Minister of Sweden has called the incident as a terrorist attack
      Prayers for Sweden

  12. Ethan Avatar

    Assad needs to be taken out no doubt, but Trump is doing this in hopes to boost his low approval rating. Gullible ones want to believe badly he cares for people but sadly he doesn’t. He only cares for himself.

    1. Lia Avatar

      Ethan, this was a total win for Trump – as you say, he only cares for himself. I’d like to think his attack was for true purposes, but look at the pundits now praising him, and blaming OBama about doing nothing years ago re Assad. Plus, Trump gets the Russian controversy out of the media. Those same “babies” targeted in Syria are those whom he banned from gaining entry to the US. I can’t buy it right yet… I don’t think this is the end of it, either. Wait until the drafts begin.

    2. Karben Avatar

      True Ethan, a boost to his low approval ratings and Russian collusion distraction. I read he warned Russia before the attack. Would not surprise me.

    3. Elaine Avatar

      This is what I said, and I got put down. How could I say that he has no real feelings. How could I not. If he cared, he wouldn’t want to cut benefits for poor people.

  13. Sara Avatar

    I’m not a Trump fan, but I’m glad he ordered this strike. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disregarding whatever political motives he had to do it. But after that horrible gas attack…if the world continues to do nothing, it emboldens people like Assad. This has been the case for years.

    The strike sounded surgical–like they just did enough to get the point across, to take out some of those chemical weapons before anyone else could get hurt. They didn’t go overboard, they were aiming for the weapons, not people. Lots of Syrians in rebel-held areas were celebrating because they felt like something was finally being done to help.

    I still have concerns about who would replace Assad if he goes, and that’s something I hope the Syrians are thinking about. I am worried terrorists could fill the void, and there needs to be something done to prevent that from happening. No idea what, though. This whole situation is confusing and tangled up.

    At this stage though, with things so far gone, I doubt there’s any way to solve this that’ll please everyone. And of course, we have to focus on defeating ISIS as well.

  14. freestonew Avatar

    Interesting that you say we iii will happen in one or two decades! I have the feeling too, that this total war is enevitible. I wonder if all of today’s, young people incarnated with this war in their life plans?
    Such a war will send many many to heaven instantly, I read a medium given book about the chaos of the entry heavens around the time of WWII the London bombings. So many soldiers dying, swamped heaven!
    So a ww iii will maybe send half the world up, immediately, then 80 percent of the remainder within only a few more years, as local wars break out over shortages of resources, and the many horsemen of the apocalypse do their thing. The need will be very great, up there, to care for and to help heal all of these unprepared souls who arrive in a flash with no prep for heaven!
    Thus everyone, get your spiritual growth done now while you have a chance! Ten or fifteen years away is not very long.

  15. freestonew Avatar

    Oh lovely.
    Another terror attack, this one in liberal to refugees Sweden. I now wonder if that guy who shot up the children’s camp, there, in order to make his warning point, might even be right. His maybe…maybe…twisted idea was that the attack of his on the kids to make the point, would save far far far far more lives, then his children killed, if Sweden and Europe would only come around to the dangers of refugees with hidden terrorist amoungst them! So nothing was really done, by now the death toll is higher than the number of children killed!


    One of the very hardest things for anyone to accept is for some bastard to tell you that you are wrong, shows you that you are wrong, he has no social skills, no mediating grace of heart, but that you have to admit that he is right and that you are wrong and that you might even have to join him in his crusade!


  16. IrishEyes Avatar

    I don’t think Trump deserves any applause for this ill conceived use of military resources. We know that the investigators are getting closer to the evidence tying Trump campaign staff directly to Russian operatives – some sources say that they already have it. The Trump administration is not working for the US – and using dead children as an excuse for more bad behavior is pure evil. Rex Tillerson said last week that Assad was not a concern for the US, that the people of Syria had to deal with him – and 5 days later, Assad bombed and gassed his own people to suppress rebellion. The airstrikes last night were heralded by the US military contacting the Russian military that missiles would be coming – so no surprise. Nicki Haley, the inexperienced UN ambassador, gave a ridiculous speech, also stating that the US would act unilaterally against Assad hours before the attack, also using photos of dead children as an excuse. What is really going on is that Putin sees the erosion of Trump’s ability to cling to power – and he is using the US for his own ends before Trump is impeached/indicted/imprisoned. Putin wants the oil sanctions lifted now, today, so get the oil deal done and the money in the offshore banks – Tillerson is in place to get the Exxon interests taken care of – the only thing in the way is Trump’s poor polling numbers, so that lifting the sanctions now will be political suicide. To get past that, Putin invented this script, from the dropping of sarin gas on civilians to the photos of dead children to US missiles attacking an empty airbase. Putin designed this distraction – and Trump is happy to be commanded because he wants his $$ cut of the oil deal, and he’s happy to take commands because he is miserable, he hates his job as much as Tillerson does. The US is totally in the hands of Putin right now, which puts much of the world in his hands too. Prayers are very needed to remove Trump, stop Putin and stop the spread of lies that are weakening and destroying the West. Case in point – in the 48 hours prior to the airstrikes, Russian bots flooded US social media with lies that Assad was innocent of killing his own people – and that Putin had no role in it. Why promote that lie?.Wake up, people, and pray for the removal of Trump.

    1. Karben Avatar

      IrishEyes – This is exactly what is going on, the evil and greed runs so deep. It’s always been about oil with the Republicans, but the big question is how to impeach Trump. The man doesn’t appear to have a care in the world, just do whatever with no consequences. I’m awake and praying.

      1. Cee Avatar

        Half of me believes this…… but the other half of me thinks that Trump was sincerely upset about the carnage he saw after the chemical attack and truly had a change of heart about standing up to Assad. And is now being influenced by his more mature, legit National Security Team (without Flynn and Bannon). But maybe Putin played him, as well on this one….. Don’t know….I try to take things at face value. But then you look at who benefits from an action and have to ask questions….

    2. MTN Girl Avatar
      MTN Girl

      Irish Eyes, Thank you for filling in the blanks, that feeling of being manipulated was driving me crazy. I will continue to pray for our world everyday, it’s time for good to overcome bad.

  17. Popi Avatar

    I am glad to see so many people here think deeper and behind the fake news! Really people this is a huge progress because actually nobody believes that Trump cares for the lives of children as he doesn’t care for the refugees that he will also create and then he will close the door to them! And anyway there was no proof but he used the deaths of children for political reasons! this is ever bigger crime😢

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    2. Francine Avatar

      Understand that Obama wanted to attack Syria also, but did not get the votes to do it. This was not an arbitrary decision by Trump alone.

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