US Attacks Syria

The bombs are falling! These predictions continue to unfold.

Though I am a pacifist, the idea that nothing was being done about Al Assad was just morally wrong. For minute here I step away from representing the Spirits and say ‘my hats off to you president Trump.’ The predictions:

Notes on 5-18-13   The Butcher Al Assad.. kills on an unprecedented scale.. poison plagues Syria.. death to anything in its path.. A coalition forms no longer asking for permission.. bombs begin to fall.. soon afterwards the Al Assad regime falls.

Predictions 3-28-16   (3-28-17) I had a visual of a large tree, hanging from the tree was a make shift bomb, on the bomb it said bleach.  I believe the implication here is a homemade bomb of some type, perhaps a dirty bomb that requires bleach. I am unclear of the tree reference.

Perhaps this prediction will follow?

Predictions 3-14-17   “He is dead.. the butcher will pass.. they killed him.. assassinated.”   Every implication pointed to Kim Jong Un. However Bashir Al Assad and Omar Al Bashir are also referred to as the Butcher.