Another Chemical Attack in Syria

This horrible prediction has happened. What a horrible leader Al Assad is, I agree with Spirit, so utterly evil. Children! Who attacks children?    –(7dl)

Predictions 4-1-18  “Nerve agent.. 150.. so evil.. poisoning”   Perhaps Al Assad and Syria again?


21 thoughts on “Another Chemical Attack in Syria

      1. ASSAD needs to be removed. His country cannot be suffering anymore. I’m waiting for UN to act and stop the killing their own people and change the leaderships.

  1. What is the matter with people and their evil doings, never should happen. My thoughts are with the syrian innocent people of that country who are pawns in that war.

  2. I can’t even understand what’s happening in Syria. All I know is Assad’s murdered innocent people, and that so many rival factions are killing anyone who disagrees. And of course, ISIS coming to power was like throwing gasoline on an inferno.

    Sometimes I think other countries are just making things more complicated–but I can’t push for us to withdraw either, not when Assad’s using gas, and not since experts fear that if we pull out too soon, ISIS will regain strength.

  3. In the past, have you ever received any predictions about what comes next for the Syrian people once Assad is removed? For example, are the people who take power affiliated in any way with ISIS or Al Qaeda like some of these rival factions are who are fighting Assad?

  4. eric when is father coming……………. to stop the bad stuff that human people do. that all good people cant stop them?

  5. Why Al Assad let it happened to destroy the innocent lives especially young children? I don’t understand his purpose?

    1. Wondering if this is on purpose to keep US soldiers stay longer, not withdraw sooner as Trump says?

      1. Praying for God mercies especially the suffering ones that were murdered in the hands of the higher authorit(ies). The evil ones and the dark ones must be destroyed.

  6. SWC
    so barbaric ….prayers love and light to Duma
    and its children and families ..all of Syria in my prayers and thoughts .

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