Germany, Vehicle Plows into Crowd

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the victims of Germany. Please pray for the safe recovery of those hurt.

The location is completely wrong, they said France it happened in Germany. “In 5 minutes.. In 3 minutes” The message from spirit was created on the 31st at 1am, I should have caught the fact that it could be the sum of both numbers, 8 days later leading to the 7th. Could that be our 315? I have not heard from the news over whether or not it was a truck that committed this horrible attack, however the night time visual resonates.

Predictions 4-1-18  I had a visual I was walking behind a mad man. “I am going to run them down.. I will run them down.” he thought

Yesterday Spirit said  “5 minutes.. in 3 minutes”. That points to a timeframe around the 4th and 2nd. It could fall on today and the 3rd depending on which days you are counting, unfortunately the message was given to me at 1am yesterday.  They are counting down to a prediction, that they call a ‘major event’.

Prediction: Vehicle Attack in France  I had a visual of a truck sitting in the dark of night.

Predictions 7-14-17


I had a visual of man with a scowl on his face. “The mad man.. Running people down.. not breaking but accelerating.”


Could this prediction also be related?

I tried to ask for a more detailed location, unfortunately they showed a visual of a hamburger. A symbolic jester of some kind. It could be a street with a similar name, or a play on words.

Which one Spirit? I had a visual of a ‘ram’ vehicle bellowing towards me, ready to strike. I had a visual of a large truck jumping up and down through mud to strike its target.  “In an area that is mostly gay. Warn them Eric, get up and warn them now! It’s coming very soon.”



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  1. Dosha Avatar

    It is a white pickup truck

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  2. jules104 Avatar

    Very sad.😔 Praying for all who are injured and for those who have lost loved their ones.🙏🏻🌟

  3. Cory Avatar

    “unfortunately they showed a visual of a hamburger.” — I know it happened in Muenster, but hamburger could’ve still meant Germany in terms of Hamburg – which is about 2 hrs away from Muenster via train.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe your right.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      I thought the same about hamburger and it’s also in the old part of the city with cobblestones. Pennsylvania has a large population of Germans descendants too. That’s where the “Pennsylvania Dutch” phrase came from. It’s actually referring to the Germans who immigrated there.

  4. star48 Avatar

    Ref 315 (could it be overlapping predictions)

    Canada..update on crash accident — just announced now 15 dead..

    The identities of some of those killed in the crash of a bus carrying a Canadian junior hockey team headed to a playoff game were revealed Saturday, as relatives learned the team’s coach and team captain were among the 15 dead.

    1. jules104 Avatar

      That’s really so sad. So many young lives cut short. Praying for all those who lost friends and loved ones. Praying for the parents and siblings.🙏🏻

  5. R2D2 Avatar

    Hmmm…prediction…”.7…7…7″..Three separate major tragic events on the 7th day of the month:
    1. Syria attack- 150 dead. (Sickening)
    2. Trump Tower fire
    3. Germany- Van plowing pedestrians
    Casualties in all events.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It does seem more of a cluster than one event.

      1. R2D2 Avatar

        Yes it does Eric. The “7…7…7” was put before airplane attacks. For now I guess it fits with recent various attacks or situations on April 7th. Maybe later it will tie better in with your airplane attack predictions. Now here’s something interesting, the original BBC News story reported 150 dead from chemical bomb. Last I looked it was modified to 70 dead, that could be updated to less or more since first report. Anyway, my point is you said 150 in the prediction!!! Amazing!!! I feel sick how these people are constantly attacked. Sarin gas is horrific. White light and love to those suffering.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thank you that’s very interesting, I imagine its very difficult to get an accurate number.

  6. Elvire33 Avatar

    Gosh you were right it happened ! fire in trump tower

  7. Nick Avatar

    Didn’t you have a prediction of another chemical attack?

    1. Amy Avatar

      It’s mentioned in Eric’s April 1rst post – “Nerve agent.. 150.. so evil.. poisoning”

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        So horrible!

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes unfortunately we did. Very horrible situation.

  8. Sara Avatar

    German police announced they foiled a plan to stab people at a half-marathon run. They arrested several suspects, and the attack had been planned for today.

    Thank goodness they prevented that! I vaguely remember Eric making a prediction about some kind of marathon attack, but I think it involved a bomb, not knives. Still, it’s similar.

    1. R2D2 Avatar

      Sara- How terrible!! Glad the attacks were foiled. I’ll look to see where, If any, predictions were made for this half marathon. My Lord there is so many of ’em (terrorists acts) sometimes predictions blend together. Very sad!!

  9. star48 Avatar

    Germany 🇩🇪
    AGAIN ✔️

    Feb. 24 (UPI) — A man drove a car into a crowd of people during a carnival celebration in central Germany Monday, injuring at least 30 people, local authorities said.

    Eyewitnesses told police the man deliberately drove into a crowd of parade-goers.

    At least seven of victims sustained serious injuries, authorities said. Children were among the victims.
    (Terror has not been ruled out)🚨

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Was he a racist? Terrorist?

      1. star48 Avatar

        According to authorities
        As of this article

        The motive remained unclear and investigators were looking into all possibilities, they added.

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