Hurricane Ophelia

This tragic prediction has happened, it’s unclear how heavy the flooding is so far. I am hoping we are wrong with the size of flooding. For everyone in Ireland and the United Kingdom stay safe.

With Ophelia striking Europe, the extensive damage in the US gulf, and another Typhoon hitting Hong Kong, all three locations they warned us of in the prediction below has passed. Unfortunately we are expecting more this month. The predictions:

Though we failed to predict this tragic hurricane in Texas, Spirit again warns me that out of all the threats out there, storms and earthquakes top the list. In the past they have pointed to Asia, Europe and the US gulf, as locations that will be hit extensively by flooding and storms.

I had a visual of a wooden cross
I had a visual of a hurricane, it lashed against a land mass, then the visual switched to show massive rain and wind.
I had a visual of a rock star screaming in a mic, his face was painted with the British flag Posted October 3rd

Around the 13th.. I had a visual of an ocean begin to swirl, it will be massive. The start of a hurricane.

Oh October how ruthless you are.. spiders, hurricanes, and earthquakes circling all of you. Brace yourself for a bad month.

Spirit again brought up the flooding coming in Europe “The water has nowhere to ago.”

“An Epidemic unfolds in Europe.. one of the worst in decades..”   I had a visual of murky water of a flooded areas.  Europe gets hit hard with both Flooding and an epidemic around the same




36 thoughts on “Hurricane Ophelia

  1. it was bad – the island of ireland is basically on lockdown – no buses, trains, flights, schools and universities closed, shops closed.Power cuts. people advised to stay home and check on neighbours. Boats put in garages to save them

    Schools are closed tomorrow. We’ll see about the rest of public services, shops etc as per Government advisories
    Having said all that, 3 dead (may they rest in peace,sincere condolences to families and friends) is a big improvement on 400 dead and property devastated as happened in the Big Wind of 1839 in Ireland

  2. Eric, SWC,

    Unprecedented power outages

    Over 360 000 homes and businesses are currently without power in Ireland as Ex-Hurricane “Ophelia” tracks over the country with hurricane-force winds. The number of outages is only going to increase and could easily reach 500 000 within the next couple of hours, officials say. At least three people have lost their lives. A RED severe weather warning, the highest, is still in effect for the entire Ireland.

  3. Well thankfully I live in an area where the winds were only like a ‘normal’ Autumn storm which is bad enough, but Ireland’s had its worst storm ever (?). This happened to be the thirtieth anniversary of the ‘Hurricane’ that hit us without warning (apart from a now legendary weather forecast by Michael Fish telling everyone not to worry!) I was in the worst hit area of that storm in ’87, so my memories from that anniversary serve as empathy for those further west who had to sit out the last 24 hours. The deaths are awful, but thank goodness people had time to prepare and the message got out to expect the worst.

    I was a rather peripheral victim of this storm. As I mentioned elsewhere, we had a bizarre precursor to the storm, as Ophelia whipped up debris and dust from North Africa and the wildfires in Portugal, creating a sickly yellow smog that turned the sky Martian and made me ill! (Better now.) I think it’s the same effect they have in the Mediterranean countries, where certain south winds are charged with particles and reputed to drive people sick and mad. It’s rather unusual to get that up our way. Most unpleasant. But nothing like Ireland’s been waking up to –
    and Sean Hughes has died too. 😦

  4. I have posted the latest Dutchsinse forecast under the previous blog post that mentioned earthquakes Predictions 10-14-17.It is in truth a day or two late and some of it will already have occurred. Apologies.

  5. Eric, SWC

    Significant Windstorm heading for Ireland and UK.

    A new tropical depression may strengthen into a strong storm to hurricane force cyclone as it crosses the Atlantic and approaches Ireland and the United Kingdom over the next couple of days.

  6. Eric, SWC. This guy is very informative. He shows what is called the Madden Julian Oscillation. Supposedly rare weather phenomenon. Typhoon Lan will hit Japan then get pulled into the jet stream possibly ending up at top of US West Coast, travel down the West Coast causing unusually warm weather then moving into the Caribbean counter clockwise. Bringing bad weather for Cuba, FL and East Coast. Also bringing snow and cold temps for North East US. This reminded me of the old prediction for a Florida hurricane around Halloween.
    He also shows how Ireland and U.K. may be getting another round or two of bad storms. Here’s that link.

    1. I’ve seen that and we have yet to know if that Frankenstorm will be the category 6 as predicted. I’m still have yet to know if Florida will get hit by a cat 6 or not.

  7. Eric, SWC,

    🇮🇪 Ireland..
    Ophelia created the largest waves ever recorded off Irish coast.

    The M5 buoy off the southeast coast of Ireland recorded one individual wave reached a startling height of 17.81 m (58.4 feet) on Monday, October 16, 2017, the Irish Weather Buoy Network (IWBN) confirms. This is now the biggest individual wave ever recorded off the Irish coast. The same buoy also measured a record significant wave height (Hs) of 12.97 m (42.55 feet).

  8. Eric, SWC,

    STORM BRIAN. Heading Ireland 🇮🇪 and 🇬🇧 UK.
    An intense low-pressure system that is forecast to affect Ireland and southern Britain on Saturday, October 21 has been named as Storm Brian by Met Éireann, the Irish National Meteorological Service. Before it makes landfall, the system is undergoing explosive cyclogenesis far out in the Atlantic. However, by the time it reaches Britain and Ireland this phase is expected to be complete and it will be a mature, deep low, bringing strong winds with the potential to affect travel over the weekend.

  9. Eric, SWC,
    Update on Brian.
    For us, this was worse than Ophelia. The tide that day was 6.7 metres. This morning it rose to 7.2 metres,” he said. “At ten past 8 this morning it just kept coming towards the house and it didn’t start turning back out again until 9am.” “It came lapping at the door. I had a sigh of relief that it didn’t come into the house.” People in the south-east of the country have also been hit with the worst of Storm Brian. A woman described how she got an “an awful fright” when she opened her blinds this morning to see “a river outside her door.

  10. Eric,
    Ref::: this post..
    Though we failed to predict this tragic hurricane in Texas, Spirit again warns me that out of all the threats out there, storms and earthquakes top the list. In the past they have pointed to Asia, Europe and the US gulf, as locations that will be hit extensively by flooding and storms.

    ASIA reference..

    Typhoon Saola, Japan..
    Excerpt from article..
    Typhoon “Saola,” the 22nd named storm of the 2017 Pacific typhoon season, dumped record-breaking rain on the island of Kyushu, Japan over the weekend. At least 3 people have been injured.

    Within 24 hours to Sunday morning, October 29, 2017, the cities of Miyazaki and Nichinan in Kyushu’s Miyazaki Prefecture recorded more than 400 mm (15.74 inches), a record for the region. Cruise port of Aburatsu recorded 424 mm (16.69 inches).

  11. Eric, SWC,

    Another storm headed. …toward Ireland 🇮🇪

    Tropical Storm “Rina” formed at 03:00 UTC on November 7, 2017 (23:00 AST, November 6) as the 17th named storm of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. Its remnants are expected to reach Ireland and the United Kingdom on Friday, November 10, bringing rain and gale force winds. Only 7 other hurricane seasons on record had 17+ named storms by November 6: 1933, 1969, 1995, 2005, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

    At 15:00 UTC, the center of Tropical Storm “Rina” was located 1 455 km (905 miles) E of Bermuda and 2 110 km (1 315 miles) W of the Azores. The system had maximum sustained winds of 65 km/h (40 mph) and was moving north at 24 km/h (15 mph). At the time, Rina’s minimum estimated central pressure was 1 008 hPa.

    This general motion, accompanied by an increase in forward speed is expected through the rest of the day, followed by even faster motion toward the NNE by Wednesday night, November 8.

    Tropical Storm Rina forecast track by NHC on November 7, 2017

    “Thunderstorms continue to increase near and on the northeastern side of Rina. However, the center remains partially exposed due to southwesterly shear,” NHC forecaster Blake noted.

    “The environment around Rina is expected to be only slightly supportive of intensification for the next day or so with moderate shear and cool upper-level temperatures offsetting marginal sea surface temperatures,” he added. “In about 48 hours, Rina should interact with a frontal boundary and become post-tropical. Model guidance is in fairly good agreement on this scenario and little change was made to the previous intensity forecast, which is near or slightly above the consensus.”

    Rina should move rather rapidly to the northeast later this week over the far northern Atlantic ahead of a shortwave over the Canadian Maritimes and dissipate by November 10, well west of Ireland.

    Its remnants, however, are expected to reach Ireland and the United Kingdom on Friday or Saturday, bringing rain and gale force winds.

    2017 Atlantic hurricane season through November 6

    Image courtesy of Dr. Philip Klotzbach

    While the hyperactive 2017 Atlantic hurricane season officially ends on November 30, this doesn’t mean Atlantic tropical cyclones can’t form after it ends, or before it officially starts (June 1), as observed in recent years.

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