Edmonton Canada Attack

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for the victims in Canada.

We need to refocus on our locations.


I had a visual of a sinister man holding a large knife. He was planning a horrible act

‘Attack on a stadium’






7 thoughts on “Edmonton Canada Attack

  1. This guy knew exactly what he was doing. It was “support the troupes” night–plenty of military at the game.

    1. In the past 8-9 months, more than 32,000 refugees (mostly from Haiti, but other places too) have illegally crossed our borders and are now being in whatever space the gov can find available. Only about 20-30% will qualify to stay–and most say they’re running away from the US in fear of Trump. This influx has caused a lot of division here–knowing that this guy was a refugee is going to make things get a whole lot uglier.

      1. Joy Parks,
        We must work to make sure that the innocent are not grouped together with the evil minded…
        Evil tries to cloak themselves…
        Somali refugee …is from active war zone area..,Haiti is not.,

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