Trumps Business Council Disbands

With the news of today in Charlottesville / Neo Nazi marching  and the business council disbanding some of these old predictions resonate, even the failed prediction involving the elections.

The Fall of Trump  I had a visual of people sitting around a business like table, several of the people left. “We are done.”

Predictions on 12-9-15 I had a visual of a silver coin drop to the ground, as it fell I looked down to see a swastika on the coin. “Its coming back”

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  1. Linda Blair Avatar

    This has got to be the fall of TRUMP….poll numbers are rapidly skidding downwards. Everyday that he is on office, the country is also on a downward spiral. I want this to end so we can start rebuilding again….too bad greed, ego and politics keep getting in the way.

  2. Susan Steffen Avatar

    ZERO HEDGE reports that they were recruiting people for 25$ an hour to protest at Charlottesville for the riot, and I see that as being associated with the dropped silver coin coin that revealed a nazi insignia. Truly there are not that many nazi sympathizers in the United States, and the media is trying to portray nazis as if they were a much larger power than they are. They are trying to justify the communists tearing down all of the history of the USA.

    1. Rose India Avatar

      I agree

    2. Brittany Avatar

      The Craigslist ad posted on Aug 7, published by Crowds on Demand, said “Charlotte, NC” not ‘Charlottesville’. Also, ‘ZERO HEDGE’ is known for being a clearing house for conspiracy theories.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I was a bit confused with that article too

    3. petemedium Avatar

      “Craigslist ads for legitimate canvassing jobs were mistaken by some conspiracists as seeking to recruit paid protesters to swarm Donald Trump rallies.”

    4. Tom Avatar

      Zero Hedge noted the coincidence in time of the Charlotte Craigs list advertisement for paid political protesters and the Charlottesvlle fracas. At first, I interpreted it as a suggestion that some agent provocateur might be hiring to add to the alt-left crowd for combustion. Later, it came to mind that such an agent might add to the size of both protesting sides. The tenor of the news coverage did have a similarity of the London Times coverage of civil discord in Germany after the Weimar Hyper inflation. And that German despair and strife created the vacuum whereby para-military groups clashed and begged fir a strong man. What evil came of that! What is missing? The financial chaos of post Weimar Germany. And we are closer to that situation than most believe. I interpret Spirit’s admonition that “It’s coming back.” refers to social pandemonium in America and the Developed world.

  3. Luisa Gol Guasch Avatar

    habia una prediccion sobre un coche atropellando personas? ayer los dos en cataluña, españa.

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Can anyone translate this please? Thanks.

      1. Kristy Avatar

        “Was there a prediction about a car running over people? Yesterday the two in catalonia, spain”

      2. lossie2020 Avatar

        Thank you, Kristy!

  4. petemedium Avatar

    Donald Trump’s White House in chaos as Steve Bannon becomes latest to be fired.

  5. Anita Avatar

    Everything seems to be coming full circle pretty quickly. The reaction from Republicans concerning Trump’s rhetoric on the Charlottesville attack makes the prediction about Republicans turning against him seem even more obvious (especially with him now attacking Republicans on Twitter more frequently) — however this will probably happen several more times before that prediction fully commences.

  6. LLG26 Avatar

    My view is that the dropped coin with the Nazi emblem on it is a metaphor. Money is basically a form of energy that we have stored in a physical coin or paper money. Many of us have used our energy in the form of work to translate into physical money. The energy represented by the Nazi coin is falling downward. Downward motion can symbolize evil, hateful emotions which lower mankind’s energy to the lowest state of being. We find fear in this symbol and we feel disturbed by it. It represents a form of hatred that we know can destroy mankind. Think about its opposite: love of all mankind and the realization that all of us have the potential to be our best and highest self…if we become our true selves we can only see love for the other and we don’t feel the need to feel hate which only pulls our energy downward to fall flat on the ground.

  7. petemedium Avatar

    Fiji had a 6.4 mag quake at 12 noon AEST. I waited two hours to post it in view of how previous quakes changed over a couple of hours time frame.

  8. Luna tic Avatar

    Eric I think you are spot on. Maybe the coin is a metaphor for the alt-right dropping support for Trump. I guess we will have to see now that Bannon is “fired” and back with Briebart. He seems like someone who would seek revenge but that is just my 2 cents.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe the fall is symbolic is just humanity falling prey to this dumb ideology

  9. lossie2020 Avatar

    USA is in a huge mess…..time to clean up and get the better leadership now.

  10. Kristy Avatar

    I have no idea if it is relevant as spirit would probably use it in its most well known context? but the swastika symbol originates from long before Hitler, I don’t know what it’s original meaning was but I am sure it was something positive – maybe someone else knows more about this than I do?

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      It was a sacred symbol from India and other parts of Asia, used in Hindu and Buddhist art to represent abundance and wellbeing. The Nazis turned the arms the other way around, along with the effect of the original meaning. A bit like Satanists turning the Christian cross upside down.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It was an Asian symbol of luck and prosperity but the nazi’s inverted it

  11. Karen Avatar

    Unfortunately even if trump falls or walks away, he has unleashed and normalized hate speech and groups. This is something that will no go away even if he does. We are at the beginning of the Civil Rights movement all over again.
    I was perplexed by this prediction and for once I didn’t think it was meant for the US. I didn’t see how this country could go backwards by decades.
    Prayers for peace.

    1. Karen Avatar

      *not go away.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I never thought it was possible either

    3. Kristy Avatar

      It has been eye opening to see how much hatred still needs to be addressed. When you & the majority of the people in your world space do not have, or certainly do not express that kind of attitude, you can start to believe that things are better than they actually are.

    4. iamtot Avatar

      Yes, the damage has been done.

  12. BeachHut Avatar

    I want to just mention here to anyone who is freaking out about the state of the world and especially the USA, the turmoil is like an emptying out of the dross and corruption, much of which has been hidden, which is culminating so that a new page can be turned and a fresh start begun. It’s like a gigantic spring clean of the old system. It always gets messier before it gets better. The eclipse is going to send things crazy-mad – or rather even crazier-madder. But it’s necessary, and will lead to a better way if enough people intend it so. It will be necessary to drop attachment to the old paradigms and ‘sides’ and conceive things with a fresh eye. Stay connected to your inner core and observe, rather than get sucked into the rage and acrimony and chaos. Good luck America!

    1. Sara Avatar

      “Stay connected to your inner core and observe, rather than get sucked into the rage and acrimony and chaos.”

      That’s the most sensible thing I’ve heard all week. Definitely good advice to live by, even in less chaotic times.

  13. Nathan Fleischman Avatar

    Eric, what do you predict will happen to Trump?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      He won’t finish his term

      1. Joy Parks Avatar

        Did anyone see the interview on CNN with the ghostwriter from “Art of the Deal”? This guy seems to know him pretty well and is saying he doubts Trump will last past this fall, that he’ll resign before any of the dirt on Russia comes out…but Trump being Trump, he will find a way to position record low approval ratings and less than a year in office as some sort of victory.

      2. Nathan Fleischman Avatar

        How does that happen?

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