Barcelona Attack

This prediction has happened. Please pray for the safety and security of all those in Spain. I am unfamiliar whether or not there is a subway/train in the area and how close it is to the water, however last night they reminded me of this prediction only to wake up to it. They also reminded me of a building that exploded, implying another prediction that is about to happen.

Predictions 7-26-17

I also had a visual of young people playing around water, some jumping into the water like they were diving. Then the visual shifted to show a train track, the background looked like New York but it could be symbolic to a large city. Then the visual shifted again to see a very mad man accelerating his vehicle with the intent of hurting others. Predictions it might be related to: Predictions 7-14-17 Predictions 5-24-17

Whether connected or not the 17th/18th is marked.

I had a visual of the barrel of a large gun going off, a small smoke stack came out of it.

39 thoughts on “Barcelona Attack

      1. Eric,
        I have reviewed many articles in follow up to your question..
        There are many references to a loud noise, or explosion…but no definitive report..of what caused it..
        The only ref is the bomb squad was sent out to the area of 2nd van…apparently more time and investigation is needed to find out what caused it…
        I will monitor and let you know asap….

  1. Looking of images of Barcelona can understand Connection of New York . Why so much evil , ?? Will keep them in my prayers xx

    1. It’s the 18th here in Australia, we’re one day ahead of you, and there’s talk on our media that some Aussies may have been killed….that makes Eric predictions super amazing *S*.

  2. Horrible…I hope they catch the attackers.
    Just in case there are more attacks planned elsewhere, some reminders for everyone:

    1) Alert authorities if you see an unattended bag/suitcase in a crowded area.
    2) Alert police if someone unauthorized is in sensitive areas–for instance, someone on a subway track, or a non-employee poking around an airport’s employee-only areas.
    3) Keep your eyes open when out in public–especially on cars and vehicles.
    4) Know self-defense techniques.
    5) Study what to do in mass-shooting or bombings. If you’re not a trained fighter, your best chance is to get out of the area fast, and hide only if you can’t get out safely. Fighting back is a last-resort if you’re trapped. In that case, fighting back will increase your chances of survival.
    6) Study official tips on surviving hostage situations–please note, jihadist hostage situations must be handled in a different way than most others, because unlike bank-robbers, jihadists are not expecting to get out alive and chances of survival are less than other hostage incidents.

  3. The images coming out of Barcelona are horrific. Spanish tv is not filtering any of the terror. Once again the idiots, the misinformed and the misguided serve to make the rest of our lives a living hell. Praying for all of our neighbours,friends and visitors in Barcelona. The name of one those involved has been released to the public. Send white light, prayers and strength for us to face this darkness.

  4. You are so detailed and accurate in your predictions Eric, much love for the people in Barcelona 💜

  5. How incredibly sad. It isn’t just this day that these people will be affected by this, but some for every day for the rest of their lives.
    Prayers for Spain and for world peace.

  6. Eric, a famous fountain called Font de Canaletes is located on the street where the attack occurred.

  7. Eric
    Do you think that this attack is the “first wave” of the terror attacks that are yet to come? Citing from your past predictions..

    Prayers for those affected by this tragedy.. Such a vile and vicious attack

    1. Star48 S.W.C.
      very saddened to hear of Julian Cadman
      prayers for his mother father and family ..
      and for all affected by Barcelona attack ..
      being a mother of 4 and grandparent of 7 who often travel overseas im feeling it acutely for their loss ..
      one day this world’s inhabitants will be at peace with each other ..may that day come sooner rather than later .


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