Predictions 8-11-17 – Philippines Earthquake

Last night: Spirit tell me where and when is the earthquake?

“Too late.. its done.”

“On another note you are underestimating this epidemic hitting Europe.. massive flooding hits Europe, sewage backs up.. sickness follows.. then an epidemic”

“The foolish leader.. Prussia.. eastern Europe.. has no idea what he is doing.. the people begin to turn on him.. chaos.”

Please pray for all those affected in the Philippines with this earthquake.

Yesterday I posted an earthquake prediction and assumed, incorrectly, that it was about San Jose. We failed to complete the work before it happened. They had given multiple warnings about the Philippines but I assumed it had happened. Too many mistakes on my part here.

Yesterday we posted: Prediction: Earthquake

I had a visual I was staring at an elevator door that had a gold / brass glimmer. I could see my reflection, then I saw cracks from one spot, it begin to work its way in all different directions across the door.

I had a visual I was sitting at my dining room table. On the opposite side a Spirit slammed a cup on the table and said “Earthquake!”

Predictions 8-2-17   I had a visual of a set of small islands all grouped together. One of the islands showed an earthquake symbol.  (It sounds like either the Philippines or Indonesia)   When will the earthquake happen? First they showed the 2nd, then they shifted to say in about 5 minutes. Are they talking about two different events?

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  1. lossie2020 Avatar

    It constantly shaking around the world but I am not sure if this is the one. Thanks heaven as no one hurt in Philippines. The big one is expecting anyday and we cotinue to have 5 to 6 magnitude all over the place just about every 6 to 12 to 18 hours everday.

    So, I keep monitoring the Yellowstone. This one is not to mess around with constant quakes and the magma increased underneath the crust. The behaviors of gyser increased and ufo came to monitor as well. It’s crazy lately.

    Right now, I’m not to happy with Trump and Kim messing around with the fire of their words and actions. It’s stupid and pointless. Irresponsible on their parts as being president or leader. Keep praying for their change of hearts to keep the world at peace. That’s important.

    If they want to argue…let them do it in persons and keep the people out of this. It has nothing to do with our countries. That’s btw Kim and Trump to deal with their egos.

    1. Pokemaster Brian / yumeyumeprincessmana Avatar

      That’s right; still, Korea is currently my top emotional concern. If I ever see one piece of news of a nuclear attack, then I know that my mind will go coward, saying it will be the “end of the world”, but still, Eric, is the recent North Korea prediction going to result to nuclear war, or not? Should I even have to get on with my life as usual?

    2. petemedium Avatar

      Lossie, I too have been watching Yellowstone, Mammoth Lakes and California generally on the earthquake monitor. Though they have had around the 2 to 3 magnitude shakes, and plenty of them compared to the average 4.5 down around our area in South East Asia, the ones down here are far deeper than the Californian ones. One for California yesterday was less than a kilometre deep. I don’t know how but we need to warn people in California generally between now and the 21st when the big eclipse passes directly over the US….and up to two weeks following that.
      For those that don’t have the link to the site:

      1. lossie2020 Avatar

        Agreed petemedium, it’s my concerned especially the solar eclipse on Aug 21st across over Yellowstone along in USA and 2 weeks afterwards. I’m hoping if the spirits will say anything about that. Kind of silent.

  2. Karen Avatar

    Eric I often wonder if all our questions leads you to read more in to what Spirit tells you. I know I have constant questions when a prediction is made and I hope that we haven’t (speaking for myself for sure) made you feel that you have to come up with answers or understand the predictions more than what is just told to you. That is my constant worry with all of my questions.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is a bit of tug a war, I was asking questions about North Korea but I believe if I hadn’t they would have talked about this earthquake, they mentioned it at the last minute and recently asked if they could hold the autonomy on questions

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      In fairness we knew this was coming there was just to much information coming in.

  3. dopeanddiamond Avatar

    Eric you May not have made a mistake. I took the “too late… It is done” comment to mean it is past the point we could stop it not that it has happened. No one, that i heard of at least, was injured so I do not think that quake was the big one they are referring to. In earthquake terms, a 6.2 that deep down is strong but not destructive.

    Don’t feel poorly that you may have “missed” this prediction. To me, there is not even a point for spirits to mention a quake that does not harm people or property. I googled images from the last quake and do not see pictures of damaged property unless I am missing something. I truly feel this prediction has not happened yet and we still need to get the word out about it. I may be wrong and they may have confirmed it more specifically to you and you did not add that to your post but the comment from them you included makes me think it is still on it’s way and we only missed the window to change it or stop it from happening. Though I have no idea how one can stop an earthquake but we can certainly get the word out so people are prepared for it.

    Do not at all mean to offend you with this comment. I am only stating my belief in regard to everything going on in the world, the spirits would not alert you to an earthquake that does not cause significant damage to infrastructure or harm people. You are doing great work and it is easy to get a signal wrong or simply miss a connection. Keep doing your amazing work Eric.

    1. petemedium Avatar

      “Eric you May not have made a mistake. I took the “too late… It is done” comment to mean it is past the point we could stop it not that it has happened.”
      I agree. Over the past week we have had 4.5 to 5.2 shakes here in South East Asia. The 6.2 and then 6.1 in the Philippines is relatively minor to what is happening in the region. I think we could get a shake of a larger kind in and around the area Eric predicted.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thank you for the feedback and viewpoint. It has crossed my mind that the elevator door is symbolic to a group of earthquakes coming.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Oh yes Eric. I have a feeling we’ll see multiples, particularly up in the northern side of the Pacific Rim. Alaska have had quite a few and I don’t think they’ve finished. But it’s the West Coast US that I see a couple of more serious ones either at once or closely following over a few days….and boy I hope I’m wrong.

      2. lossie2020 Avatar

        Petemedium, did you see that on the live map earthquake? That is way freaky in south America. It’s lined up in 5 to 6 quakes along thr west coast of South America then hit California which is 4.0 magnitude a couple of hours ago…keep monitoring….

        Another thing my Great Pryenee looked dead stare to my eyes at the time of calif quake in 4.0 magnitude 2 hours ago. It comes and goes…so keep eyes on USA. I feel for other countries and this will be huge for USA when it hits 7 to 9 magnitudes.

        Keep praying for peace, especially Trump and Kim thing. Don’t like their “tough” talk. It’s ridiculous.

      3. petemedium Avatar

        It’s Sunday here in our region. Around 1.15pm Aussie time: 6.4 magnitude earthquake Indonesia. Just happened.

    3. petemedium Avatar

      Lossie, not living in the US and not knowing the terrain, it just seemed to me that the US is building for something bigger than the usual two’s and three’s….magnitudes that is. I was surprised to see during the week some serious minor quakes further in from the West Coast than usual, but I don’t know it that is unusual.
      My psychic gift is more Oracle on deeper spiritual matters, hence why I trust what Eric gets….and he sure has been getting it bit time.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Sorry….”but I don’t know it that is unusual.” = but I don’t know if that is unusual.
        “and he sure has been getting it bit time.” = and he sure has been getting it big time.

      2. lossie2020 Avatar

        Not unusual as I monitored since 2013. It increased more small quakes from edge of west coast to the line of yellowstone. It increased to the east as new Madrid along the mississppi river. What struck me is the focal point in central of Oklahoma that support btw the Yellowstone and new Madrid ancient fault lines. With the man made drilling in Oklahoma made it possible to increase the speed by cracking the fault lines.

        A couple of years ago, I noticed the quakes was less and slowly over time it increased spreading from the edge of Calif coast toward the next state to Utah and upward to Washington and Canada. It is like it kept grinding unto the wood slowly overtime til it released big crack. It may not be a good example. It’s boiling underneath us that slowly cook then it gets boiling point. The volcanoes are caused by the quakes. It’s extremely powerful hot inside the core of this planet. The tempature is rising inside the core along the planetary alignments, poles swift, solar flares from the sun, ice melting rapidly that shaping the face of the earth.

        Keep praying for the best.

      3. petemedium Avatar

        Thanks Lossie. Yellowstone certainly worries me….If it goes it will be huge….

  4. BeachHut Avatar

    “The foolish leader.. Prussia.. eastern Europe.. has no idea what he is doing.. the people begin to turn on him.. chaos.”

    This is surely Poland. I had to go and look up the old Prussian boundaries because I associate it with Germany, but its spread was extensive, and the historical interface of Poland/Germany is sensitive to say the least. In fact, it’s sensitive now if you consider the pressures coming from the EU which is obviously dominated by Germany. There are very high tensions over the reaction to the migrant crisis. Germany unilaterally invited millions in (most of whom are not refugees in any sense of the word), actually encouraging them to trespass across several other countries to get there. Then when they were overwhelmed, Merkel dictated to the other EU members that they must take their ‘fair share’. No-one in Europe had any say in this demographic catastrophe so Germany/EU has a nerve to speak about ‘fairness’. The Eastern European countries don’t want to flood their communities with a hostile and violent ideology which they see have caused endless problems in the other countries – not to mention one which they had already spent centuries trying to keep at bay or were even invaded by. They have taken a much more proactive stance in defending their borders and I think many people would be largely sympathetic to the Polish caution on that issue.

    However, the Polish government has brought in reforms which are threatening the democratic bedrock of an independent press and an independent judiciary. I don’t know much about the fine details, but it’s definitely alarming. There have already been protests and uproar, but it will surely get worse. This is where to keep your eye on regarding this prediction, Eric.

    I don’t know if you saw where in Europe these floods and disease epidemics were occurring? Is it an entirely different issue or would it have the effect of stirring up the same pot of woes? European relations, politics and economics are so febrile right now it wouldn’t take much for civil society to break down. People are now even lashing out at their own tourist industries. Things are unravelling.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      Reading back I notice that I used ‘flood’ in two different contexts. I didn’t mean to imply that the migrant crisis was connected to the flood prediction. I should have re-read my post before submitting. Sorry.

  5. petemedium Avatar

    Australians are not happy that on late Thur night Australian time, the US Vice President phoned our PM and then yesterday morning our PM completely changed Australia’s neutral stance on NK as announced a day or two before by our Foreign Minister. Many believe the US put pressure on our PM to over ride our neutral standing as was the case mentioned by our Foreign Minister.

    This story follows in the light of the fact that we are now declared as supporters of the US and enemies of NK:
    “If North Korea wanted to make an example of a US ally, says RMIT University’s Professor of Human Security and International Diplomacy Joseph Siracusa, Australia would be a perfect and easy target.

    All it would need, he told The New Daily, is a shipping container, a cargo ship and a plan to place them in an Australian port. With only a small percentage of containers subjected to security X-rays, the chances of getting such a weapon to an Australian dock would be high.

    Using (a major Australian port) as a model, Professor Siracuse calculated the immense destruction a smuggled warhead would inflict if detonated (in or nor near that port’s major city.)

    “Those in the direct line of sight of the blast would be exposed to the thermal pulse and killed instantly, while those shielded from some of the blast and thermal effects would be killed as buildings collapse,” he explains.

    1. lossie2020 Avatar

      Oh gosh….Trump administration need to stop put pressure from doing this. I would say “no” to Trump and he nreds to use his common sense. All are against wars..period.

      1. petemedium Avatar

        I do believe this is another Bay of Pigs, but I could be wrong…..why did the US vote in such a dangerous idiot…..NK had no choice but the US did…..Maybe it should be compulsory voting for all Americans when it comes to the Presidential election imho.
        We have compulsory voting in Australia for our Local, State and Federal Government. The elections are called on a Saturday so that everyone can get to vote.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        He likes to push the war out there

  6. Newcomer Avatar

    May be it was about earth quake happened in China.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe the China earthquake is this prediction, but we failed to locate it yet again, to many mistakes recently:

  7. iamtot Avatar

    Eric, have spirit mentioned a war between US and Venezuela?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They made it sound like a civil war but did predict a war.

  8. petemedium Avatar

    Eric, did you get a train crash, though not necessarily in Egypt? I thought I saw something in one of your predictions last year.

  9. swampy11 Avatar

    Note the 6.5 in the Philippines could be a foreshock? If there were no aftershocks within 12 hours after the 6.5, couldn’t it be a foreshock for them or maybe Indonesia? That seems to be the rule to follow most times.

    1. LM Avatar

      I had commented about this in Eric’s previous post. Since I posted that I discovered there have been some EQs since that big one. None are showing up on USGS or similar sites, but they do show up on a Filipino EQ monitoring site:
      I don’t know if these quakes after the 6.2 are in the same geographical area or not, but regardless, if we assume they are aftershocks, it seems like a small number of them considering the size of the original quake, and there should be some bigger ones in the 4 range. All have been 2’s and 3’s so far.

      1. mhb Avatar

        Hi LM, I’ve noticed over the last two weeks especially, the USGS site isn’t reporting earthquakes in the same way as competitive agencies in other countries.
        I’ve been trying to find a comprehensive alternative site that I like (I’ve found several but none are as simply set up as the USGS site..

        This past week, I repeatedly saw earthquakes reported on alternative sites that didn’t show on the USGS latest earthquake map but did show on European sites. It was weird, because if you searched on USGS for a particular earthquake, you could find it but it was totally MIA on the latest maps.

        Perhaps this is the result of changes in US agencies under the new administration, I’m not sure. But I no longer assume the USGS site is accurate without first searching alternative websites.

      2. swampy11 Avatar

        Thanks, I didn’t catch that. Also, thanks for the monitoring site. Hadn’t watched closely enough lately to notice USGS hadn’t been on top of it, lately.

    2. LM Avatar

      MHB I agree, it seems like the # of quakes that go unreported by USGS has increased. I often check multiple sites like you.
      On another note, Philippines just had a 4.6 aftershock, which I had been looking for. It was a deep one though.

  10. mariakaos Avatar

    I live in London and it’s been getting worse every year regarding the drains. If it rains the smell of sewage is never far away. During a down pour recently the drains over flowed and a river of sewage flowed down the streets. Vermin is rife. Over crowding, austerity and next to no immigration controls.
    The mass movement of migrants into Europe has brought with it many diseases and no system for dealing with it.
    We are also having extremes of rain and heat with migrants living in open air camps with no facilities at all using the streets as a toilet.Our own homeless population has exploded. Bring these factors together and I definitely believe this is a disaster waiting to happen.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  11. Carolyn Avatar

    Eric, what do the Spirits say about the rally being held in Virginia today by the White Supremacists. I find this to be quite disturbing, especially since a state of emergency has been declared. Man’s hatred towards his fellow man seems to be escalating.

  12. Raymond Avatar

    I wonder if the nation to the East is Belarus, even though I don’t think it was ever a part of Prussia. Belarus is sandwiched between Poland and Russia. The president of Belarus, Lukashenko; is regarded as Europe’s last dictator. He has a firm grip on the country and he is not very popular with the people.

    Eric, have you ever considered starting a chat forum where people can exchange ideas about your posts? Just an idea………..

    Thanks for your blog.

    1. BeachHut Avatar

      I think several of the former Eastern block countries would generally fit for a leader going out of control, but for ‘Prussia’ I think only Poland fits. If it were so though, I find it odd that spirit would say ‘Prussia’, unless it’s a re-emergence of issues from that previous era, like old war wounds playing up, geographically speaking. So many old tensions are rising up again that we hoped were gone for good.

      1. BeachHut Avatar

        Bloc not block…

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Sounds like one of the ‘stan’ nations to me

      3. BeachHut Avatar

        If it’s one of the Stan countries, why does it say Prussia? The old Prussian area is a long way from any Stan.

  13. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Regarding this post…Flooding starting….Scotland..

  14. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Another earthquake…

    6.4 mag…254km SE of Lambasa,FIJI.
    538.6 km deep…

  15. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    6.4 mag….107km NE of Lorengau, Papua New Guinea…8.1 km deep..

  16. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Part of the multiple?
    6.3 mag earthquake in Indonesia..

  17. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,

    Earthquake..6.1 mag. Japan..,in water..near Bonin

  18. star48 Avatar


    The beginning?

    Ref:T:he foolish leader.. Prussia.. eastern Europe.. has no idea what he is doing.. the people begin to turn on him.. chaos.”

    Poland had repelled third hacking attack from Russia..directed to 🇺🇦 Ukraine thru Poland's-repelled-a-3rd-Russian-hacking-attack

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