Manila Resort Attack

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for all those in the Philippines. It really does look like the multi level, back to back, attacks are starting to unfold.

There are other predictions that might have ties to this horrific act, but without the clear details we will keep them out. Does this have ties to the pool prediction? The castle? As the news comes in we will update you.  — Predictions 5-24-17  Predictions 5-27-17

Predictions 10-18-16  “Hotel.. 160.. each individual brutally murdered.. there (their?) falling apart.. yet another terror attack.” — Spirits voice

38 thoughts on “Manila Resort Attack

  1. More bombshells regarding the Trump-Russia scandal have been revealed. Jeff Sessions and Nigel Farage are under investigation and so is Trump.

  2. I just read the story in the Guardian and they give a cumulative total for the number who have died related to attacks: It’s pretty close to the total 160.

    “The clashes started after security forces tried to capture Isnilon Hapilon, an Islamist militant leader who is the subject of a $5m (£3.88m) reward offered by the FBI and endorsed by Isis.

    Hapilon is believed to be a senior leader in a coalition of insurgent groups in the Philippines, although their operational links with Islamic State in the Middle East remain unclear.

    The clashes there have left at least 171 people dead and Duterte said last week he may need to declare martial law across the rest of the country if the threat spread.”

  3. You sure this is your hotel prediction Eric? Everything in me is telling me it’s not the one I was picking up on. I think there’s another one coming still.

      1. Perhaps our hotel incidents we are picking up on are different. Last night I had another strong image of the one I’m picking up on, so I definitely don’t think what I’m getting has happened.

  4. news said someone put a bottle on the table amd lot it.
    has anyone heard what kind of bottle? a wayer bottle?
    also manila was once a british colony so british flag
    would apply in some sense.

  5. and also thete was a large spanish culture influence
    in philippines .. many
    last names are spanish origin and spanish
    words incorporated into the lamguage and
    i remember an old
    Post referencing 2nd floor, gun, man speaking

      1. So are the acts being perpetrated as means as recruitment techniques besides the normal crazy extremists believes?

      2. Eric, do you mean that these terror attacks are planned to serve as catalyst for an authoritarian regime? If so, that is pure evil.

      3. Eric,
        What did you mean when you said there’s a new prediction coming out about these attacks being coordinated?

        Also, any countdowns we should be aware of?

    1. I can’t figure out now whether it was a robbery or terrorism.

      I would have thought a terrorist wouldn’t pass up the chance to shoot people, but the victims died of smoke-inhalation and the guy shot at the poker stuff.

      And if it was a robber, why did he set himself on fire to kill himself? The whole thing seems weird.

  6. There is no fatality except for 1 who was the perpetrator who burned himself

  7. Now they’re saying it wasn’t a terrorist attack after all–I thought it was at first too, but it turned out to be an armed robber. And with terrorism so much on people’s minds, they panicked and conflicting stories got out of hand.

      1. The last article I read this afternoon (Guardian I think) said the death total is 36 people and Isis took credit. If I run across the same article, I will post it. The one I read today was sort of a “what we now know” article. I think the govt still disputes. The guy who did this also set himself on fire. ugh. 🙁

  8. This is misleading. No way the resort attack was close to prediction. Please delete this post its grossly misleading

  9. The lady singer is back in Manchester.She will be doing a televised concert benefit.Hope everything is safe.

  10. I really don’t think this is the attack predicted. This may be an attack that is signalling the start of the predicted attacks. This wasn’t about hurting people it was about a robbery. All of the 36 victims died of small inhalation after the casino tables were set on fire. The prediction states they are killed one by one. Tragic none the less.

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  12. Something is happening on London Bridge. Not clear what. Twitter is starting to pour in about it though.

  13. There appear to be 3 locations with attacks in London, London Bridge, Borough Market and Vauxhall (sp?). Maybe this is the back to back attack, as it appears to be multiple locations at nearly the same time. From MSNBC and CNN reports.

    1. 3 incidents in London? All around the same time? Sounds like it could be terrorism.
      If it is, there could be copy-cat attacks. So everyone, be extra careful and alert, okay? Tell authorities if you see or hear anything suspicious or hear a threat.

  14. Eric! You and Spirit are right again! There was just an attack Ion London abridge!
    Just as you have predicted…. another terrorist attack.
    And as you also have been saying the attacks are coming swiftly together one after the other….
    God bless You Eric and Spirit of course. I am immensely Grateful and blessed to be with you here!
    Sending prayers to those injured and maimed in London.

    1. And yes as the above poster stated..the attacks were in 3 locations..London bridge, borough market and Vauxhall

  15. i am so sad and dissapointed in
    myself because i was on this and
    i second guessed myself. the other
    night i posted that an old
    prediction was nagging at me. i think it was
    from last may. the marlboro maron barrow mark.
    i knew that mark was not a person but
    a mark/ a target. Maybe marlborough uk.
    my second and third thoughts were that the mark
    was barrow market or borough market. my brother said
    to post it but i didnt because i lacked the confidence.
    is it true that there was an attack today near boorough market.
    the pieces are always there but i cant seem to get them right

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