Waiting for Confirmation

I am waiting for Spirit to confirm the terror attack but their countdown is about to pass. They have not confirmed yet. However they have consistently said its coming around the corner.  I will continue to make these specific predictions a major focus. I will do everything I can to get this prediction down to a time frame that allows us the opportunity to stop it from happening. I am going to try and get more details on the airplane hijacking as well. If we can get the location and the timeframe that should be enough information for you to make every effort in foiling this hijacking from happening.

In other news the Spirits have decided to move forward with what we are calling the ‘Next’ prediction. We will be solely focused on predictions that are immediately around the corner, putting all other type of predictions on the back burner. The Spirits have asked me to focus all my attention on just these type of predictions.  At first these predictions will be expected within a months time but the eventual goal will be to predict events within a 10 day time frame. — ELP


21 thoughts on “Waiting for Confirmation

  1. SWC if and when you have the time please look through the old predictions to gather older messages that might be related to the hijacking or ship attack, I will do the same. Please forward your research here on the comment section. I am asking for your help because part of me believes this triple 7 might be related to an older prediction.

  2. Eric, I tried to post regarding and old prediction with the 4/1/16 post and link to the bombing in Pakistan. I saw the hospital and it was in the shape of a cross on a map in an article in the New York Times…I need to go back and check my sources.. Both my posts were waiting for moderation and seem to have been deleted

  3. God Bless you, Eric. May the Spirits say whatever relevant info for all of us followers try to avoid any tragic event and save lives. All my best energy to you, and all of us waiting for instructions!
    Lili from Venezuela.

  4. Is it possible, some of your predictions are not being confirmed because the warning has been effective?

  5. so sorry. seems a full time job. hope you can still enjoy yourself. xoxo sending love to you. be brave.



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