Predictions on 10-20-15


Perhaps a message that a prediction is going to happen today.

Earthquake in Chile.. very soon.

The airplane prediction is imminent.

I had a visual of an airplane and someone was trying to get people off the plane.

I asked again for a location for this airplane bombing and they said ‘Atlanta’ but I believe they might be talking about the Atlantic ocean.

I had a visual of a building in rubble. The entire section of the building was blown out as if a large explosion happened inside of it.

I had a visual of a massive landslide. An entire chunk of the hill was gone.  The landslide took place right next to houses, and in the vision you could see cars consumed by the mud.

We are trying to get more details, locations, especially for the airplane prediction. But for some reason I keep hitting a wall on locations.


About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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48 Responses to Predictions on 10-20-15

  1. afistfullofsand says:

    Hurricane olaf is coming to California for much needed rain to give relief to drought stricken areas. a lot of rain coming to California to end drought plus a lot of snow in the mountains.

  2. Harvey says:

    I monitored the earthquakes these last 2 days. The earthquakes activities are picking up more active around Japan, Chile, Hawaii and San Francisco areas as well as Iran. I’m looking at Japan, Chile and Iran. It have the largest increased activities. Maybe SF but not sure. It also increased actives.

  3. Mudslides could happen in California if there is too much rain, too fast, but they could also be in line with the recent typhoon in the Philippines and Asia.

  4. anthony says:

    Check air france ny to paris. Flight attendant s who are muslim. Or former staff looking to fly with uniform.

    • anthony says:

      Arch angel Gabriel, point out the terrorists to higher authorities and prevent airline disaster. Do so in france and usa. So it shall be

    • anthony says:

      Arch angel Gabriel, point out the terrorists to higher authorities and prevent airline disaster. Do so in france and usa. So it shall be.

      • Harvey says:

        Anthony, how can you say “So it shall be.”? It doesn’t make sense. Make it sound like archangel Gabrielle cursed it. I don’t buy that.

        We all pray and make the difference to prevent and reduce the disasters.

      • anthony says:

        How about in the name of god and so it is

  5. Cee says:

    Spirit – what can we do to help? You have given us predictions – how can we help avert, mitigate? Praying for peace… Let there be peace…

    • Its important to understand that we are still in a very long running practice phase, I have been doing this for just a few years now, but over time the details of ‘event, location, timeframe’ will come together and when it does, then our focus shifts to informing everyone that we need to change the event. Warn people what is coming. For instance when Typhoon Haiyan happened Spirit was massively focused on predicting it and wanted to at least show a level of details that made it clear change could be a possible outcome. In that case change could come with preparedness. So we aren’t there yet, but we will be.

  6. Harvey says:

    Guess what? ! Just 4 hours ago, 2 big earthquakes in Vanuatu island which is 7.1 and 7.5.

    • Harvey says:

      That’s NE of Australia. That’s huge earthquakes. Also the several big ones little over 5 scales in east of Japan today.

  7. jules104 says:

    Eric I know they have said imminent but…do you think the 10-3-15 Post with the number 23 could be the seat number and 359 (350) the flight number? We need someone who knows how the flight numbers work for airlines. There is more to it than what we would think. See link. Also is the “Atlanta” word, for the Atlantic Ocean and not Atlanta, GA? There is a Delta flight #2350 out of Atlanta on Nov 6th to JFK…(using the 67, 77 which implies around the 6th or 7th) Though it seems that since they said “International” earlier it would be an International flight, but maybe not. Also, how would you get people off the airplane if it had landed in the Atlantic Ocean? Into a life raft?

    • In the vision it seemed like they considered options on how to get people off the plane, I question if all of that is symbolic. I don’t think its a seat number. I know its hard to explain but the Spirits are viewing things from a distance, its that distance that affects their prediction, so seeing a massive hurricane ravage the Philippines and China are easy to see because of its scope, but to see a number on one seat on one plane would be more difficult, but not impossible.

  8. jules104 says:

    Here is a US Military jet that has crashed today, but I don’t think this is it.

  9. afistfullofsand says:

    would not be surprised about plane. Assad in surprise visit to Moscow

  10. Marjie says:

    There has been a 5.5 magnitude earthquake in Japan around the Fukushima area.

  11. twiceblessed says:

    67 and 77 could refer to Boeing 767’s and 777’s. They are longer haul aircraft. Did you happen to notice if there were any islands near by Eric?

  12. jules104 says:

    Eric could these older predictions be related somehow to the, “Earthquake in Chili…very soon”? Though I’d hate to imagine they would get something larger than the 8.3 they recently experienced on 17 Sep 2015.

  13. jules104 says:

    Eric could this be the “massive landslide” area predicted? Hurricane Patricia, Cat 5, potentially catastrophic as it heads to Mexico. They say they are expecting up to 20″ of rain and possible landslides.

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  15. rhona says:

    Star48 didnt c your comment on plane and i commented on different thread sorry…still happy though some injured it could have been fatal…blessings keep well…

  16. mystery man says:

    looks like the plane crash prediction just happened…Al-Ahram

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