Turkey Coup

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for  everyone’s safety in Turkey. The Spirits also predicted an assassination, which has not happened. The last part of the prediction is symbolic to the coup that took place.

Notes on 2-17-14 Turkey   I had a vision of the flag of Turkey, than blood sprayed on it.
“Turkey.. upheaval.. volatile.. assassination.. such foul stench of corruption.. such discord, unbelievable.. such a horrible moment for the nation.”
I had a vision of a man sneaking up to a sleeping leader in the dark.



106 thoughts on “Turkey Coup

  1. Now that’s real scary! Praying it stops immediately and get back to normal. Omg…that’s so scary. Praying for hurting people and stay strong.

  2. Eric/SWC, the news just reported that most of the victims were “Police Officers” killed by helicopter gunfire near Parliament building. (This brings to mind recent prediction of France- police killed/attacked?). Praying for Turkey and all those who have lost loved ones in Ankara and elsewhere. I hope there will be peace and healing there on this new day for them.

  3. I believe that Erdogan will now make an example of the soldiers and will have them all executed in public as a show of his power. This man is not good for Turkey he wants to turn it form a secular state to an Islamic caliphate, and now after this he will do it. This will only add to the problems in Syria, he is still dealing with ISIS and buying oil from them, only bad things will happen if he is kept in power.

    1. “Executed “? Seriously? Not stay behind the bars for life and choose to execute the coup soldiers?

  4. The military staff involved to the coup is beheaded in the streets of turkey reports CNN Greece and right now a black hwak elicopter just landed in Greece with 8 people of the turkish airforce seekind asylum

    Bad day for all😢

    1. Popi, they are beheading young soldiers and hacking them to pieces, while the police look on, they are NO different to ISIS. It is disgusting what they are being allowed and encouraged to do. I will never visit that country again, they are barbaric and I do not support such behaviour.

      1. Yes Pat unfortunately all the gov of the world are looking to the other way or declare their support to the “elected turkish gov” They make me sick😢

        These soldiers right or wrong obey to their officers because in Greece as well in Turkey and other countries our sons have the obligation to join the army for a year at least and nobody can avoid this because its the law! So these boys obey to orders otherwise they will pass to the military court and be sentensed!
        Its so unfair this thing is happening now to these poor guys😢

      2. Omg…is this for real? Beheading the coup soldiers? No way…..that’s depressing and awful way to kill them as if they are treated like animals. I don’t like how ISIS done such as beheading. It’s terrifying. Please tell.me none of this is true in Turkey by beading the coup soldiers. We all are humans. Lord have mercy on them. God doesn’t even like this at all cuz it’s not an act of mercy doing in His eyes. That makes me sick and my sensitive soul is crying for their mercies.

      3. Are these true or just heard through rumor? cuz I find nothing on Internet saying anything about the soldiers behead on street. I’ve not seen a picture to proof it.

        The soldiers will be put in prisons for life. So sad as the young soldiers had their whole life ahead of them and chose to hurt the country of Turkey. Praying for everyone.

      4. I am afraid it is true, my friends in Turkey (we lived there for 3 years) have confirmed that at least one young soldier 18 years old was beheaded on the street, others were stripped and beaten to a pulp by men who are Erdogan supporters, about 3,000 of the soldiers are now being held in a basement, we do not know where (I have seen the horrible pictures my friend sent me), he is distraught at the brutality and injustice of it all. Young boys doing national service and following orders. There are some rumours that they were told it was just an exercise but we will probably never know for sure.

        Tomorrow the government is going to have discussions to change the constitution and bring back the death penalty. 3,500 judges have been also arrested along with some of the military captains that are supposed to be involved. People are now saying that no one can criticise the president otherwise they will be beaten and maybe end up in prison. The president can now do as he likes and no doubt soon the regime will be completely Islamic rather than the secular nation that Ataturk founded.

        I still have a house there but I don’t think I can ever go back, what has happened has terrified me to my core.

        Mary I am afraid you will not find anything in the western media on the beatings and beheadings, our press and news are hailing the civilians as heroes can you believe? I of course, was informed by my Turkish friend, a lot happens in the middle east and Asia that the western public never get to find out, it is what happens when our media is controlled and news censored and sifted by the powers that control all our lives. I have spent a lot of time praying for the people killed and injured in Turkey during this coup, I dread to think what will be their fate in the coming days and weeks. Violence it seems is at its zenith at the present time, including all that is going on around the world, my heart and soul feel like they are being torn in two, when will this senseless violence end?

  5. I do not think most tragic events can be stop.El world is in chaos, madness and a lot of evil people who play their interests they will not change think..Violence ends up creating more violence,and is very easy.Maybe in décades can have peace world. Regards.

    Enviado desde mi iPad

    1. Leaders who don’t want peace in the middle east and who speak with forked speech are to be removed. And so it is. And so it shall be.

    1. Oh my GOOD LORD….my heart sank. America will burn if this is to be true. Russia knows where they are to burn US. Lord, have mercy on America. Are we to be destroy because of sins in large cities? Lord please have mercy on sinners. I’m lost in words. We just need to pray not just for US but all around the world.

      1. Mary, please read the comment I made at the bottom. It’s important, and I hope you understand.

      2. Mary, in my opinion, I wouldn’t put any stock into what is being said in that link. I think it’s total nonsense and doesn’t resonate one bit with me. Just my two cents 😉

      3. Mary, do not fret. That crazy man died in 1997. He ‘prophesied” he was supposed to live during this time. The world has really flipped because evil is being destroyed after centuries of white people oppressing people of colour from all nations through slavery and greed. The sins of the father as the saying goes…(I am a white man, btw…). I am truly sad that it has come to this point. Many of my friends are wonderful humans who have dedicated their lives and given their lives in public service as fire fighters, cops, EMTs, nurses, doctors (including doctors without borders which I volunteered for). Yet, when there is hatred and anger, there will be violence. Letting go of one’s hate and coming to a point of accepting someone as they are and helping them along the way is how we must make the world better. I am most grateful for what I have learned. Don’t let the doom and gloom these false prophets and strange people are demanding you listen to. Listen to your own peace inside you. There you will find the true love to spread to those around you. That is what being Love is about. As you appear (through your writing) to be Christian. Be Christ-like. Just love. Everything is forgiven. Now just live your best life. Whether you are gay, straight, black, white, christian or muslim or anything in between, you are loved and cared for. This is the ONE thing I took from my near death experience and I wasn’t even religious at all. I’m still not religious. It was the most powerful and beautiful thing that ever happened to me. Even my immediate brain cancer cure after taught me that I was loved and made it to heaven the first time just fine. I will make it again. 🙂 Don’t listen to people trying to sell you a ticket to heaven. You will be welcome there because you were made in the image of the Universe as a special human to share Love and Joy. It’s pretty awesome living in that light and not having to be bogged down by religion or these zealots that have been trying to scare people into believing. Just be the best you possible and for that, as the Angel holding me said “you will be greatly rewarded”. I meditate daily and honestly skip through life and have a dream job of helping others because I got to live in the gift of this body now. Don’t buy the fear, it’s not worth your health or the health of your family and friends. Live for right now in mindfulness even when the world is shaky. Also, God is not a him or a her. Find your inner light and shine my friend! That will do your ancestors, who struggled to bring you into this world, proud! Saints are made not by taking to any type of violence but by being pure love. Those that were tortured and later revered went to their deaths with peace and love in their hearts. Prayer is only to meditate to remind ourselves that action is to go out and hugs those that are having a tough time like some of the people on here that live in a state of fear. That is a mental disorder that causes Dis-ease. They just need to open their eyes and see what Love really is. Enjoy being a human. Being a soul and having a body. Love is Love is Love is Love is Love is LOVE! Listen to your feminine instincts not what a centuries old mysogynist world has spewed to gain power. 🙂

        1. Well said Thank You Jon Blue. And Mary I know is of pure heart, mind and energy. She shines through all the time with words of wisdom, kindness , light and love for us all. Blessings to You Both. ❤️

  6. Greetings Popi and i say greetings as i hope it brings all the energy the word contains to you and yours …
    What can any of us say to such barbarism .. I have an article that notes that true barbarism has no bounds
    hope a least you and your family stay safe prayers to you…

    1. Thank you Rhona! Last night in Greece it was a very upsetting night because every time Turkey has a coup (this was the fith) they turn against Greece! I was worried that my sons and the sons of everyone would been called to the arms😒 Hopefully this stupidity will stop and nothing will happen but everyone from the Greek army who was on vacation (officers) they were called to go back to their bases..
      For the moment it is quiet but we will have to deal with the asylum seekers (8 turkish from the airforce) and Turkey will push Greece hard to take them back and kill them

      1. Oh my..Popi. praying none will join army to stay safe and peace. I don’t like wars and killing. It’s all too extreme at the same time around the world. Something put the curse onto this planet. Praying the power of love overcome the evils. I think this is the Satan doing to put the curse onto the human beings on this planet. Rebuke the Satan doing in Jesus name. Please keep praying and be the Warriors of Christ. We can overcome the Satan doing through the action of love and light.

    2. Poor children….they are kids being used against their wills. Either kill or die. Attempting to escape are being executed. Pray for mercies.

  7. Popi a mothers heart no matter how old their sons or daughters are is forever motuvated to protect blessed is the live for a mother and child …I pray for your son and those of your friends and the bloody politics of this world that drags innocent citizens in to their screwed up ideoligies and ego motivated regimes..just know our thoughts are with you all..

  8. They gave two riddles the first was 4 in one box and 24 in another box. Predictions on 11-16-15 “The lou is in danger.. protect it.. and the area around it.. Manipulative.. they will draw your attention elsewhere and then try to destroy (or damage it).. Fire.. 24.. 25” — Spirits Voice

    Number 24.

    1. Conanbob, thanks for focus on following up prediction. We lose focus on deadly disaster news.

      It seems this month is the worst for this year. Too many disasters within days apart.

  9. Eric, can your predictions on Notes on 9-16-15 Military Base Bombing be related to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey?

    1. Good question Llo. I’m pretty worried about the US soldiers and civilians over there right now. I heard on the news lastnight there were some religious leaders saying the US was behind the coup.

  10. Well what’s worse is the weapons that are in Turkey. So now we have a bigger problem. It also exposes the president and this army which is divided and has worked with isis. So add the refuggee problem which is about to get worse. My prediction coming true about the preachers. Turkey wants the islam preacher in the usa. It was written everything will be blamed on the teachers. From the first I am to the last I am. Sandelphon and metatron.

    1. End of the day the leaders in charge have to make a decision. Your dealing with nuclear weapons and there is no winners. The ones who started this mess will finish this mess. Uk, france, China, usa, Russia. You are responsible for what you create. Making sense now isn’t it. Stop selling weapons and stay away from ignorance. If you want to protect yourself. Fine. That’s were the line is drawn.

  11. Hi, Mary. I normally wouldn’t make a response like this, but felt convicted to, as you are a frequent user on this site. I simply want to point out that what you are saying is condemning and not Christian-like. We are all sinners, and flawed human beings. You saying God will punish the sinners is quite an ignorant statement, as you as a human are an inherent sinner yourself. Remember, God frowns upon ignorance and false righteousness. In fact, Jesus rebuked it outright during his time on Earth. Please humble and check yourself before you make these statements.
    I’m not attacking you, just trying to point out that what your are saying is uncalled for and simply not right.

    1. Hi Em, I believe Mary is only referring and replying to the link that Conanbab posted. I agree with what you are saying but I believe it’s that link and what it’s saying that is questionable. It appears to me that Mary is only repeating what that link is saying and seems to be questioning it as well and hoping it not to be true. In my opinion, what is being said in that link is what is uncalled for and is pure nonsense.

      1. Thank you, Amy to clarify the misunderstanding of my words. Em, I’m sorry for misunderstanding of my words as not what I meant. It’s not my place to judge anyone but pray for mercies. I don’t believe in killing for whatsoever reason. I have to trust God and pray for people out of harm ways to the very best. I was shocked when I read the links and ” can it be true?”…maybe I need to step back and just ignore other links related from different prophesies cuz I don’t know if it’s true or not. It’s so confusing. However, whatever the stories we read or hear…..it’s important that we focus on Christmas and keep praying in this crazy mess going on right now. I choose not to believe if the coup soldiers beheaded in Turks. It’s unacceptable. It’s not an act of mercies. They are God’s children too. We all are. Let God take care of the bad people. I think I said it enough. It’s too extreme.

        Please keep praying for our world sake. ♡

    2. Em, thanks for bringing my attention. I really appreciate that. I be careful how to the words.

      I prayed with all my ♡ and soul concerning with all the sadness events around the world. My soul weeps and shared compassion with God. He is very sad and there’s need to be done to grasp our attentions toward God as many not paying attention towards Him as He gave us the lands of honey and milk. Many forgotten Him and little to appreciate Him. We can turn it around to peace if we all give our attentions to God. Saint Michael has worked very hard nonstop and will continue til the end. He has armies ready in heaven when need to. The Saints are working around clocks non stop. Listen to Pope Frances for wisdom of words and pray for peace. The wars can be prevented if we all around the world look up to God. He warned us many times and no one listen or take Him seriously. He still loves us all as we are His children. Amen.

  12. Regarding upcoming terrorist act prediction on U.S. soil. Comic Con is coming to San Diego Convention Center..think July 21st-July 24th this year. Expected attendance: 130,000!! Just a thought when Eric mentioned San Diego. I realize it doesn’t fit “base” prediction. Special prayers out to innocent civilians exposed to the madness in Turkey, Syria and France.

  13. Good vs evil. It has been written many times this earth is full of evil spirits produced by men. Until this is recognized, were always at war.the universe is seperated. above is good and below is evil.I talk to god all the time. Your not playing with sticks and stones anymore which has caused me great stress. So the earth is run by evil men and when the light comes they take a good look at themselves all because of ego. Can the solution be that simple by putting woman in charge. Now christianity vs islam is really about man vs woman. god vs the devil. above and below.its complicated by the fact who created woman. The angel of death.same angel that israel struggled with. only in balance can you go to heaven. so the message is stay in the middle. So if this earth is full of evil spirits and this is your dwelling then the stars must be heaven were the good spirits go.
    God sends a messenger who hammers these evil men because the divine will has always been to produce good spirits not bad.The evil men in charge want to force the light to become evil. the simple statement becomes true. you live by the sword you will die by the sword. But now were dealing with bombs, nuclear weapons not sticks,stones and swords.

    1. Oh I hadn’t thought of that. Though I’ve noticed there has been many police shootings, even the ones in Tirkey at the Parliament building. So I’d say there may still be the Louvre. Perhaps a double meaning? Guess we will see what Eric says. Blessings.

    1. I would not doubt that it was staged by Erdogan. The more I read about things the more I don’t trust him. Maybe it’s just me, but I got a bad feeling about this. I hope the US doesn’t extradite Gulen at this point in time. Not sure how they’d deal with that though seeing as we have an Airbase there. I hope someone’s not going to become the sacrificial lamb. Praying for all in Turkey.

  14. “I had a vision of a man sneaking up to a sleeping leader in the dark.” This may well still happen. He’s made many enemies.

  15. SWC,
    “shouts of “Allahu Akbar” and sermons blaring from speakers echoed throughout the cosmopolitan districts of Istanbul in the wake of Friday’s failed military coup, creating a “surreal” scene and stoking fears a nation that remained proudly secular for the last century could be hurtling down the path to full-blown Islamic rule.”


  16. SWC,
    600 schools to be closed permanently.., more chaos..also courts will be inoperable..
    “Turkey (AP) — Cracking down on alleged subversives in education, Turkey said Wednesday that it will close more than 600 private schools and dormitories following an attempted coup, spurring fears that the state’s move against perceived enemies is throwing key institutions in the NATO ally into disarray.”


    1. Oh my. I’ve seen on our news some of the people of Turkey saying we don’t understand, that this group of people this coupe they were attacking their Democracy. I’m not really understanding it all except that I feel there is another agenda different intent by Erdogan. I don’t agree with all the purging that’s going on either. Seems a downward spiral into something more ominous to me.

    1. Hi Star48, glad you’re back (see what happens when you’re gone? Political hohumdidydumdum! lol, just kidding 😉) Well that can’t be good shutting down the media. I really wonder how this is all going to play out with Turkey. I hope you got everything straightened out with the data/satellite dish. Blessings

      1. jules104,
        glad to be back…still trying to catch up will slowly start..
        So much to follow…
        As far as data..sheesh..my sitting down with visual aids and than to get feedback and driving time was a total 3 Hr adventure…I basically laid out the facts ..I hope that they do not put anyone else in that insane situation,,
        So…I missed our interaction,,will look forward to tomorrow..
        Lots of EQ movements I see…also a report I saw that Mary Greeley put out on YouTube about
        Coal deposits near and around Yellowstone..that maybe the reason for SO2 plumes report on Null

        And I am watching West coast..too quiet..

        1. Star48- did you notice Arkansas had a 2.8 near Russelville (Dover), yesterday I think. I immediately thought of the nucleur power plant there on Lake Dardanelle in Russelville. It’s a catagory 4, one step away from a 5, when you get shut down. I think that’s pretty rare EQ wise. Well it use to be anyway, right? Here’s a link on power plant.

  17. Star48 I’m so glad you got that all figured out and made it back home safe. Hopefully…end of story…fingers crossed! So the coal deposits in Yellowstone is a “good thing” then? Hope so. I agree West Coast is way to quiet. Ugh. Have you been keeping up with dutchsinse forecasts…watching for a 5 plus EQ, or fingers crossed again, a swarm, from Northwest CA up to Gorda Escarpment and Juan de Fuca Ridge. Let me know if you hear anything new from the Dutch man. I’ll be keeping watch also. Praying, praying! Glad you are back. Blessings. 🙏🏻

  18. Jules104,
    your right, it used to be unusual..
    the whole Texas,Okla, Ark..were rare areas for EQ’s
    Not anymore..fracking has changed the equation..more activity…in areas VA,TN,WVA,MO,
    Let’s keep monitoring.. Nuclear plant gives me pause….very worrying. What were they thinking?
    New Madrid faults…I am shaking my head..no one thinks of the future..

    1. My exact thoughts Star48. What are they thinking? Well mine may have been more as in….are they ____ _____? Blankity blank blank blank! LOL 😁🙄😳

  19. Eric, SWC,
    Erdogan maneuver with Russia?

    Photo: Turkish-Russian solidarity will help solve issues in region, Turkish President Erdogan says during meeting with Russian President Putin in Russia – @anadoluagency


      1. Jules104,
        I would have hoped that the US had more common sense..
        And had already moved them to a safer location.
        Alas, what does say about planning?

        1. Me also Star48! Sorry my response was late. Family departed today so now I will be more attentive. Thanks for all of the updates.

          1. Jules104,
            no worries, I have been struggling…back on a 75 % level..
            So we will both comeback to where we were…
            Hope you had a fantastic visit…

  20. Eric, SWC,
    Amnesty International on arrest of 11 pro-Kurdish MPs in Turkey: ‘Arbitrary detentions under trumped-up terrorism charges followed by political show trials must not be allowed’


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