Notes on 10-16-15

“Massive protest, massive rage, unleashed, leads to horrific violence.

From violence the horror becomes anarchy, a total upheaval, a total unraveling.” — Spirit’s Voice

Where? They implied Turkey. However they also implied this was a wave of events that could affect multiple locations.

Assuming it is Turkey, it sounds like the ‘Booth’ prediction might be about Turkey. That’s just my guess however. Here are the two predictions:

Notes on 2-17-14 Turkey   I had a vision of the flag of Turkey, than blood sprayed on it.
“Turkey.. upheaval.. volatile.. assassination.. such foul stench of corruption.. such discord, unbelievable.. such a horrible moment for the nation.”
I had a vision of a man sneaking up to a sleeping leader in the dark.

Predictions on 9-23-15    “Like John Wilkes Booth.. go out there and catch him, he is on the run.” — Spirits Voice

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  1. Radeatsveggies Avatar

    Hi Eric, could this also be in relation to the civil disorder predicted earlier by Spirit (re the refugees in Europe)?

    One thing which stuck out for me was that Spirit said Europe would have a better understanding of the situation in the Middle East as a result….is this because there will start being similar violence in Europe as there is in Middle East?

    There was a prediction on another site which saw civil war in Europe as a result of tensions relating to migrants and refugees, with an eventual prediction of a horrible world war in 2018 resulting in a massive loss of lives…. (See comment by Zed in the attached link)….

    Have you seen anything similar? It’s eerie that the possibility of civil war seems much more likely now.


    1. Anne Amato Avatar

      Well…I read the link….but have to say that there is an endless and significant amount of controversy regarding both the “list of Popes” (historically accurate up until publication sometime in the 1500’s) and either innaccurate or the smallest similarity used as “proof” of the prophecy for those Popes listed following the year of publication. Also…the “last Pope” is supposed to be “Peter the Roman”….I see no believeable link (even tenuous) with the present Pope.

      1. afistfullofsand Avatar
    2. Chaos Avatar

      there will be no nuclear war, it is impossible for nuclear weapons to be let off because those watching and helping have and do simply turn them off. negative predictions walk away from. the future for this world is far more amazing than people realise. humans need to realise that they are the creators on this world, you are creating what you want every day, if you live in a negative vibration and expect negative to happen your energy is trying to create that and fighting with all the higher vibrations that are being put here to shift this world in the positive. Many have come to your world to help shift it, because that is what the planet asked for, you can’t stop that no matter how much some try. stop looking for lower vibration events, the karma people have is just being paid off now while the vibrations allow it. enjoy the ride and forget the lower vibrations

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I have not seen anything that dark for this situation. But we also avoid looking years from now.

      1. Radeatsveggies Avatar

        Thanks Eric and all.

  2. jules104 Avatar

    Eric I think you may be right on this being Turkey and Erdogan. Also, could the previous post on
    10-15-15 be related to this one…”The allegations against the President are false, cruel lies to drum up a scandal”? Didn’t this happen before? Perhaps they will try again. Here is some latest on what is going on with Turkey, Erdogan, the EU and the Refugee crisis.
    And then there is this. I could see how thoughts like these could lead to violence.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

    2. pat fletchet Avatar
      pat fletchet

      The allegations are only called lies by the president and his government, every time someone speaks out about him they are arrested and sent to trial. No one is allowed to say anything negative about him and he wants to rule the country and its people instead of being the figurehead that the president should be, he is changing the rules to suit himself, and most educated Turks know this, but are helpless to change this as he is in the post for 7 years. The elections in November will be the turning point and may be what the post refers too. After results are announced on 2nd November there may be problems. Lack of freedom of speech in a supposed democratic country will have consequences for all Turkish people.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thanks for the info

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Thanks Pat, that’s not good. Here’s an article on what you are speaking of.

  3. afistfullofsand Avatar

    I think it pertains to when islam,Christianity and other world religions are judged by a woman written in the first book of the bible. Book of Enoch. Says the earth is female! something the bible does not mention! ” LIV. 7.-LV 2. Noachic Fragment on the first World Judgement.

    7. ‘And in those days shall punishment come from the Lord of Spirits, and he will open all the chambers of waters which are above the heavens, and of the fountains which are beneath the earth. 8. And all the waters shall be joined with the waters: that which is above the heavens is the masculine, and the water which is beneath the earth is the feminine. 9. And they shall destroy all who dwell on the earth and those who dwell under the ends of the heaven. 10. And when they have recognized their unrighteousness which they have wrought on the earth, then by these shall they perish.

  4. star48 Avatar

    Eric, regarding Turkey.
    “Not long ago, Turkey seemed optimistic about the future. But after clampdowns by strongman president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the rise of fanaticism and the Syrian war breaking out on its doorstep, the country is bitterly divided”


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