Notes on 3-3-14

Ukraine: They showed war brewing with water boiling, but then showed ice being poured down on it and swept outward. (Cooler time, freezing actions)

“The volcano will suddenly grow with activity and we are here to tell you it will blow.”

“Our greatest thanks for the gamble, for putting you neck out in our name.”

Eric’s Comments: This is the second prediction that implies war is not coming. Cooler heads prevail. Lets all keep eyes out for ‘newly’ active Volcanos, maybe we can narrow down which one is going to blow. For all of those who have made great efforts to share the California Earthquake prediction, the Spirits thank you. They made mention to some pretty interesting ideas, emailing friends so they can in turn share it with others, word of mouth by calling friends in California. Please feel free to share what you have accomplished so far.


20 thoughts on “Notes on 3-3-14

    • Perhaps, but the ice put out the boiling water. It sounds like everything dissipates. They predicted that earlier with jets flying by dark clouds that turned white. I know it doesn’t look very good now, but if we are to follow their prediction is sounds like everything calms down.

  1. Yellow stone nation park ( called sleeping giant volcano) having an unusual activities lately. Ground is rising and up by 10 inches…May be this is the one they are talking about!!

  2. Hi Eric. What about Kilauea? It’s status is currently “orange,” which means:

    Volcano is exhibiting heightened or escalating unrest with increased potential of eruption, timeframe uncertain,
    eruption is underway with no or minor volcanic-ash emissions [ash-plume height specified, if possible].

    I don’t know, but it does have snow on it, like they said before…

  3. you are correct with the war, no wars will be allowed, the vibration is getting too high for such low vibration events to be allowed

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