Japan and China Tensions Rise

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 5-9-13
I saw a pot boiling over, nations in the world were reaching a boiling point and it will spill over. “Two nations reach a boiling point because of land”

The Facts reported 10-28-13: “Kyodo News reported that four Chinese coast guard vessels sailed near the  disputed Senkaku Islands Monday. The report said it was the 68th time such an  incursion has occurred since the Japanese government staked its claim to part of  the region last year.
Japan said recently it would shoot down any aircraft that strayed into its  territorial airspace.
Geng said China reserved the right to retaliate if Japan shot at a plane.
China and Japan both claim jurisdiction over the East China Sea  territories” Quoted by

Read more:  http://www.upi.com/Top_News/Special/2013/10/28/Japan-says-Chinese-ships-too-close-to-disputed-Senkaku-Islands/UPI-46721382969563/#ixzz2j3916Flh

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