Syrian Army: Surrender or Starve

This prediction is happening.

Notes on 9-27-13
“A great man-made famine will sweep Syria, What a truly wicked butcher, what unrighteous neighbors (UN). You will actually debate whether or not to feed them as we gasp.” — Spirits Voice

The Facts: 10-18-13,  The deteriorating plight of civilians trapped in Syria’s conflict has raised alarm among international aid agencies.
Supplies in the rebel-held areas of Damascus are close to running out, and the International Committee of the Red Cross has asked all sides to allow them to feed the people.
The Syrian Army has declared that the rebels must surrender or starve Quoted News:

And the Spirits gasped.

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  1. star48 Avatar

    bombs wound 100 plus near Shite shrine. In Damascus, Syria.
    “It has evolved into a complex, multi-front war, involving rebels, jihadists, regime and allied forces, Kurds and airstrikes by both government ally Russia and a US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group”

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