The Dollar Slides

The last part of this July prediction has happened which predicted the unfolding of the government shutdown and the aftermath.

Notes on 7-22-13  “The US Treasury.. such mistakes.. one massive drop.. US congress inept.. US congress such discord no longer has any purpose.. the value of the dollar diminishes.. the toddlers have failed the people too many times..” Before I get the emails, no they are not predicting a collapse of the US economy, they seem to be showing rough roads ahead as the dollar diminishes because of the Treasury and somehow the workings or failure of work in regards to Congress, putting the blame squarely on them.”

The Facts: On 10-17 “The dollar slid against a basket of currencies on Thursday as a deal to end the U.S. debt stalemate in Congress prompted investors to focus on the economic impact of the government shutdown and the likelihood that Federal Reserve stimulus will stay in place.
Analysts said the two weeks of uncertainty that knocked investor and business confidence would have dented the growth prospects of the world’s largest economy.
The U.S. dollar is the worst performing currency as attention shifts from the U.S. debt debacle to incoming Fed rhetoric,” said Christopher Vecchio, currency analyst, at FXCM-owned in New York.” Quoted News:

On another note they showed a US flag flying then showed it sliding downward. They also showed a large “O”. — Sounds like a sad moment

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  1. Donna Avatar

    Makes sense. The dollar value goes down the more money we print…

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