Shale Gas Protest in Canada

This Prediction in Canada is unfolding. Its clear the Spirits opinion leans towards one side. My analysis of Idle No Mores involvement is incorrect.

The Facts: Oct 17 (Reuters) – “Police in the eastern Canadian province of New Brunswick arrested about 40 people on Thursday after efforts to dismantle a highway barricade turned violent and protesters against shale gas exploration set several police vehicles on fire.
The incident came in response to a weeks-long protest by activists and local aboriginals, who blocked a road near the town of Rexton to try to slow work by SWN Resources Canada, a subsidiary of Southwestern Energy Co, which is exploring shale gas properties in the area.
Members of the Elsipogtog reserve have long opposed SWN’s efforts to explore for gas in the region. They want a moratorium on shale gas exploration and say the company did not consult them before starting work.
Their efforts have been buoyed by the “Idle no More” movement, a grassroots effort to bring more attention to the poor living conditions on native reserves and to help aboriginal communities gain more control over natural resource projects.” Quoted News:

Notes on 6-6-13
In Canada, the claw with feathers and the wolf hold the fugitive hidden and near their vest. The Canadian government uninterested in calm placated in greed and money are to blame for the upheaval. In the end the claw is moderately successful in its demands of much-needed benefits.
Very cryptic, here is my opinion on its meaning. The subject is about Aboriginals and specifically ‘Idle No More’ and the wolf, I am unclear on who the wolf would represent. They squarely put the blame of the issues on the Canadian Government making them sound corrupt and greedy, sorry my Canadian friends. Now the confusing part is the fugitive; are they saying the group actually is hiding a fugitive or are they predicting a surge of violence by the aboriginals making them the fugitive. Idle No More gets some of their manifesto but not all, with benefits being the gain.

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  1. Eric, I am a Canadian and you do not offend me with your comments about our current government which has proven to be dictatorial, secretive, non-transparent, and unaccountable for their actions.

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