Notes on 8-22-13

“Eric.. we have a correction to make.. spider.. avocado.. in California.” – Our original location is completely off, its possible that the avocado was a message of California all along. On top of that they are hesitant to call it a terrorist act, all the same it is expected to be sinister and tragic. Original Prediction:

“The Spider will crawl on 9-28″
I had a visual of a man holding an avocado that was split in two and then a large black spider crawled up and around the avocado. Then it switched and the two pieces of the avocado were put in two different places. “Ambush” — I can’t speak for the meaning of the avocado but the spider is considered the absolute worse symbol they could present. Spiders have been used to describe Bin Laden, Breivik, school shootings in the states, and several other terrorist acts both domestic and foreign.
“Bad news for country.. capital.. defiant.. delirious.. killer.. up in the air, weight over (over weight),  another monster”
I had a visual of a syringe, with liquid coming out. – Normally a syringe represents shots being fired, but normally they show multiple syringes, this had one, it could represent this monsters demise. This could also represent someone being put to death.

Another earthquake prediction: I had a vision of a seismograph again darting blue lines. Then the word “Italy” – I am not sure why the lines are blue, perhaps a message of an earthquake in or around the ocean?

I had a vision that a gun was brought to the white house. Perhaps a threat to Washington state or Washington DC. You did get the impression it was only a threat, its success in question.

Marked Dates: 7th, 8th, 12/22, 27th, 9/28th. I need to go back and ask for more details on the situations, and hopefully add the months.


10 thoughts on “Notes on 8-22-13

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