Notes on 8-19-13

The focus is timing, as we test new ways of predicting dates, the countdowns of what’s next are still going to unfold.

World Terror Attack – ?/27th
Spider Arrives – 9/28th

Next, Earthquake in Mexico: They presented a crack in a wall in Mexico, the crack was small as if to say however scary and damaging it’s in no way a massively huge earthquake, but damaging all the same.
Then, Sinister Attack: A monsters hands made of rustic copper, dark and brown reached to do damage. – Unlike the earthquake they seem to present an ugly picture.

7 thoughts on “Notes on 8-19-13

  1. Hi Eric,

    I’m curious to know if the “World Terror Attack” and the “Spider Arrives” that you were earlier suggesting could manifest as a terror attack – if they are one and the same event?

    Can you describe what form the terror attack will take?

    1. Three are expected soon and by soon I mean 2013. But there are a number of different situations. Today I will repost all of them as they are scattered throughout the entire blog. With that it is very possible that certain messages are talking about the same event, sometimes I question if the avocado/spider. situation, is the bridge attack because it sounds the same. Some of you might recall that there were three separate predictions about Hurricane Sandy.

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