Notes on 8-15-13

“716-92” Another date, the 16th, (92?)
I had a visual of  seismograph running wild with red lines.
Yesterday, I also felt the floor shake under me which is a precursor to a large earthquake. There could be more than one. Its unclear if we are talking about an existing prediction (Mexico earthquake or the western Tsunami) or a completely separate location. I am expecting it around the 16th give or take a day or two.


13 thoughts on “Notes on 8-15-13

  1. Wondering if 92 could mean a magnitude of 9.2? Depending on where an earthquake of that size would be, could certainly cause a devastating tsunami.

  2. Perhaps 716-92 indicates that volcano you mentioned on the July 16 posting will occur on September 2?

  3. The West Coast nightmare haunts me as I have many loved ones there…Any advice for them? Is any area safe? How do folks survive that kind of cataclysm???

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