Hawaii’s Storm

This Prediction has happened  its clear now that ‘scrabbling’ is a reference to this storm and the coming Tsunami that is expected to strike the north extensively while affecting Hawaii. The Prediction reads:

Notes on 03-15-13
Razak wins Malaysia, what you can expect, corruption…  Hawaii will be flooded…I do bring some great news, the good news about AIDS isn’t complete…

Notes on 4-7-13
A visual of me standing on a hill in Hawaii and a large storm was approaching. The wind was picking up speed and danger was looming. Repeating a prediction is a consistent practice of theirs. Repeating a prediction was originally used as a way to show that their prediction is still coming and has not changed…

Notes on 7-17-13
“Eric don’t scrabble the moon” — The moon is the predictions. As the Sun represents the actual event, which is why they use a circle(cycle)  to represent its arrival. The thought behind it is the moon reflects the light of the sun. As they reflect the event that is coming but never quite entirely (different phases of the moon). Scrabbling? It sounds like I am assuming two different predictions are one. That would fit for instance with the Tsunami, they talked about it several times and one could assume its two separate situations.

The Facts:  Forecasters monitoring a tropical storm crossing Hawaii were still warning residents and tourists on Monday to brace for possible flooding, wind gusts, mudslides and big waves, even as the storm weakened on its journey. Quoted News: http://news.yahoo.com/hawaii-braces-rain-wind-tropical-storm-142030196.html

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    However, this storm was not large by the time it hit, and didn’t cause flooding. I would say this doesn’t match the prediction unless the predictions are over exaggerated.

  2. Cheryl Avatar

    There is tropical storm/hurricane Henriette heading towards Hawaii…it remains to be seen yet if it will make landfall or how seriously it will…sending positive energy to all who live there and prayers that it weakens quickly!!


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      We will have to keep an eye out, thanks

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