Chile Earthquake

This incomplete prediction has happened. It reads under Notes on 5-18-13 :

When a fairly large earthquake (or close one) is about to happen I feel the ground shake under me, usually it happens in a matter of days. That shaking happened this morning. I will do my best to find out the where or when as it relates to an earthquake or perhaps the Tsunami.

The Facts:  “On 5-20-13, a large 6.8 earthquake strikes off coast of Chile; No tsunami threat to Hawaii.” Quoted News:

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  1. PeaceandLove Avatar

    One little girl called ”Fiona” disappeared since May 12th, 2013 in Clermont-Ferrand, in France, can you help? It’s she

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      I would have to have her full name. Is she a native of France? And a private source to share the information they provide (email). I emphasize the private part it cannot be presented in any public format. Thanks

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