The Gift

A message from spirit

“Our creator has given you the most precious of gifts,.. love, and yes you have to earn it. Were not going to just give it to you, there has to be struggles, trials, failures, troubles and breakups. It is thee gift, and you have to truly understand what an awesome gift our creator has given you. It won’t be easy, not now, not ever, because if it was how would you truly understand the gift you have been given. Love is pure power, it will shatter the darkness into a billion pieces, it will consume you and all other emotions, and create the most righteous acts of humanity. So remember the next time you’re struggling with love, yes, yes, you have to earn the gift our father has given us.”

9 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. WOW – yes, resonatong with such a powerful message: ultimately Love is all there is. All the love inside is what we take with us to the other side. Goosebumps the way you delivered it from Spirit. Thank you, Eric, for reminding us of all we really are

  2. Hi! Eric. I am Jayasri from Malaysia. Reading ur message about “the Gift” was so beautiful. Yes! I agree with u, to receive this beautiful gift one has to work hard for it! Being a meditator myself, I am experiencing wonderful changes within me! I love every second of it. Thank u so much for sharing this wonderful message. As much as I can, I will pass on this message in any way I can to help humanity. Once again thank u so much. Also out of curiosity, just want to know if Malaysia, especially (Peninsula)West Malaysia faces the dangers of mega earthquakes, tsunamis and extreme climatic changes etc.

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