A Second Earthquake Around the 22nd

A large earthquake will strike the United States in the next few days. (7-8)

They have clarified the earthquake prediction as two earthquakes (two bodies of land), this is in contradiction of my original belief that it was one earthquake that I projected to be in the Mariana Islands. The first has already happened today the 22nd in Indonesia Aceh Province (tropical islands) which created damaged houses and where 1 person died and 15 where injured.  If you follow the previous messages what you have left is “US earthquake” and “In the place of leaves” the leaves could possibly be Alaska Valdez or Maui Hawaii, but that’s more guess-work. More importantly thanks to Gooshers comment they are committed to a trial run size of the earthquake, “7-8” which could mean 7.8 or 7 to 8 magnitude. They presented the number 9, but I am unclear what that means. As for the time frame they simply said now.

The messages from the other side:

  • “22nd needs to be addressed” Why? “Massive earthquake”
  • A visual of myself hovering over the ocean between two bodies of land which seemed island like, and everything was demolished.
  • Where and when? Two signs overlaying saying “Trop– and Now” I could not read the last letters but I assume it read Tropical. ‘Now’ would have to represent January or February.
  • Clarity on where? “The place of the leaves..apart of the US”
  • “1# happened,  2# is coming now”
  • A visual of a cracked ground

Indonesia earthquake reference, CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2013/01/21/world/asia/indonesia-earthquake/index.html

6 responses to “A Second Earthquake Around the 22nd”

  1. felicia Avatar

    Its new england area “leaf peepers” is a known term for visitors in the fall. Who o r what is gooshers?

    1. felicia Avatar

      Its new england area “leaf peepers” is a known term for visitors in the fall. Who o r what is gooshers?

      1. Eric LP Avatar

        LOL Gooshers is a person, thats their tag line, just as yours reads felicia. Thats interesting about leaf peepers.

  2. goosher Avatar

    yep. LOL Goosher is my screen name. Thanks for the update Eric. Lets see what happens this week.

  3. Thomas Wolke Avatar
    Thomas Wolke

    I notice that the Tropic of Cancer passes directly across the center of Taiwan, a nation famous for its tea production (tea leaves being, of course, the main product). It’s also across the Formosa Strait from mainland China. But it’s not part of the US.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Interesting, there still stuck on the US, or very close connections to the US.

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