7: Earthquake Around the 22nd

On or around the 22nd there will be a massive earthquake in the Northern Mariana Islands. On the shoreline of the two islands there will be extensive horrible damage.  

Here are all the notes from the other side:

  • “The 22nd needs to be addressed”
  • Why? “Massive earthquake”
  • A visual of myself hovering over the ocean between two bodies of land which seemed island like, and everything was demolished.
  • Where and when? Two signs overlaying saying “Trop– and Now” I could not read the last letters but I assume it read Tropical. ‘Now’ would have to represent January or February.
  • Clarity on where? “The place of the leaves..apart of the US”

It is vital that you and I make every effort in facilitating change for this prediction by warning those who would be affected.  Change comes through making everyone aware and I am asking for your help in altering this predictions tragedy.

8 responses to “7: Earthquake Around the 22nd”

  1. julie Avatar

    Are you seeing Hawaii?

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      No, it was either Mariana Islands by Guam or the Carribean islands. But Mariana is the most likely, I could be wrong we debated on the location for a whole week. But the 21st, 22nd should have a sizeable earthquake.

  2. goosher Avatar

    are you seeing anything that could indicate what size earthquake?

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      No, just that it was destructive. Its something we need to fix overtime. We don’t have a clear gauge in several of the natural disasters predictions. The one that bothers me the most is Hurricanes, we predict where and APX when, but the wording is similar and yet there was an enormous difference between Typhoon Samba and Hurricane Sandy. We are working to correct that problem. But we need to create something that works for all of the natural disasters. Unfortunately numbers are reserved for time, we have learned not to ask for any type of numeric information unless its time related, to prevent confusion and with that mistakes. Once in awhile they use it to predict the loss of life.

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  4. Thomas Wolke Avatar
    Thomas Wolke

    From today (27 Jan 13) Guam earthquake goes unreported: An earthquake that shook the island just before 8am Monday morning has not been reported by the U.S. Geological Survey. The earthquake gently shook buildings throughout the island, but caused no reported damage or injuries. The magnitude of the earthquake is unclear because the USGS website, which normally records and reports earthquakes throughout the world, did not report this temblor. It’s not clear why the earthquake was unreported, but it’s not the first time. Last year, a similarly mild earthquake went unreported by the USGS. Email inquires to the Western Regional Office of the USGS have not been answered. -PNC

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thanks Tom for the info, that takes us right back to the Mariana area.

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