The 29th

This incomplete vague prediction has happened. It reads under More Notes :

The female will be killed on two-nine” Who is it? “The political lady” – 29th or the 9th of Jan, Feb. There is also a reference to New Jersey but right now its unclear whether that’s a completely different prediction. Posted 12-24

The Facts: On Dec 29th the female student raped on a bus in India’s capital Delhi has died at a Singapore hospital. The attack earlier this month triggered violent political protests. Unrelated on the 28th New Jersey had breaking news in a police shooting.

The next date is Jan-9th which is either an earthquake or some type of train/vehicle accident. We are determined to nail down the details before it arrives.

2 thoughts on “The 29th

    1. No, but what a horrible situation. It was clearly in the orient. I will say that we debated whether it was China or Japan. But its looking like its already wrong.

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