Notes on 4-19-14

“Two” in big bold letters, a countdown, a major prediction is expected around the 21st

“Some of the biggest names and top leaders of the current elected representatives of the US will lose their re-election.”

Eric’s Comments: A countdown is almost complete. The spirits implied that leaders like Mitch McConnell would lose their place as a leader in the Senate, but also implied that a handful of the ‘old dog’ representatives would not be re-elected drastically changing the tone and direction of Congress and Senate.

In other news I was going to narrow it down to three names on the Domain name change and share the options with all of you but all the spirits unanimously agree on which was recommended by Cheryl and Heart Treasures. It not only fits but reflects their new direction of becoming a more global site. Thank you everyone for giving me your feedback. I have been told by WP that ‘followers’ automatically carry over to the new site and for those of you who have bookmarked this site please note the coming changes.

On May 1st changes to I hope you continue to follow us at our new address.