Notes on 4-19-14

“Two” in big bold letters, a countdown, a major prediction is expected around the 21st

“Some of the biggest names and top leaders of the current elected representatives of the US will lose their re-election.”

Eric’s Comments: A countdown is almost complete. The spirits implied that leaders like Mitch McConnell would lose their place as a leader in the Senate, but also implied that a handful of the ‘old dog’ representatives would not be re-elected drastically changing the tone and direction of Congress and Senate.

In other news I was going to narrow it down to three names on the Domain name change and share the options with all of you but all the spirits unanimously agree on which was recommended by Cheryl and Heart Treasures. It not only fits but reflects their new direction of becoming a more global site. Thank you everyone for giving me your feedback. I have been told by WP that ‘followers’ automatically carry over to the new site and for those of you who have bookmarked this site please note the coming changes.

On May 1st changes to I hope you continue to follow us at our new address.

15 thoughts on “Notes on 4-19-14

  1. I think all the ANTI people republicans should not be re-elected. They are in a rut and too redneckish. We need to legalize Marijuana and save the US and it ‘s people from poverty and high prices for pharmaceuticals. Let people out of jails and prisons, Treat our vets and others suffering from depression and other treatable maladies. Ask spirit about it?

    1. We need to move away from putting chemicals in our bodies including those like marijuana that people wrongly think is safe and move society to self healing with energy, grounding and balancing their energy

    2. I wish we could just get away from the “Us Against Them” political attitudes, and learn to work together for all of society/humanity. There are too many politicians that are only in Office for their own financial/political/narcissistic gain on both sides and nothing else. As for legalizing marijuana, I live in Colorado where it is legalized, and my concerns are that it will become just another form of escapism like alcohol or any other drug. Also the marijuana is much more potent in this day and age. It really comes down to personal responsibility for me, like any situation in life. I am for medical marijuana when it is needed and truly helps the patients medical condition. I do think that it will eventually become legalized in most states, but not because our politicians really care so much about the patient or Vets, but because they are now seeing the record number of tax dollars it is bringing into the state of Colorado.

  2. Eric, that is quite humbling to me about the new site name! Wow!
    I look forward to your new site and its offerings, and I wish you all the best with it! 🙂

  3. I was wondering, issues like the Bundy case in Nevada…does spirit say if more dirty dealings like Sen. Harry Reid is being accused of, will be found out about other “old dogs” in the senate?

  4. congrats on the new site Eric. I will be visiting that one as well. Thank you so much for being an open resource to those of us who understand.

  5. Eric, I am very happy for you and us, that the spirits agree with this name, I like it.
    I will also go to the new site and hope that Jon Blue give us also an update occasionally.

    I know nothing from the politicians in America, but I do know,
    it is every where the same, they sit there for their own glory.

  6. Eric, I will be a regular visitor to the new site like many others here. Good to know that the spirits would be focusing on events world wide. Thanks you and the Spirits. Still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that BC (and also the rest of the world) is spared from major earthquake and tsunami.

    1. What happens does because it is meant to and agreed to happen, any who pass in a natural event do because they agreed to pass in such an event

      1. I like what you say here, and truly believe it to be true. My father could remember before he was born not wanting to come back but there was “someone who needed him”. He warned my mother the day they met (love at first sight) that he would die when he was in his early 50’s and he was right.

  7. Hmmm – is this coming up for California or Liz? I’m noticing reviewing post 7 years in the past seems to fit the present…

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