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Notes on 4-16-13 – Bridge Attack

Here are the notes from spirit for April 16th.

“The time for change is here and now”
Let me summarize the previous predictions in regards to threats to the US:

  • There is a bridge attack or the bridge is blown up on the west coast of the United States perhaps in San Francisco California, related or not there is something involving airplanes as ’90 plus’ tragedies. Two things to keep in mind is they were not specific on what bridge, and from the visual it  seemed more like an explosion of the bridge.
  • The number 5 and 2 has come up almost every time or 25. There was also a message of an anniversary, holiday or date  of significance.
  • They talk about a storm coming for the United States, a storm over the White House, Capitol, and the US as a whole.
  • The enemies of the US are busy bees planning horrible sinister acts.
  • “The spiders are out” Spiders are the worst character they use, in the past in has been used to describe Bin laden and Breivik, note the plural part.

The spirits have asked me to present this to you in summarized form. We must change the outcome of these horrible acts.  The future must change. Please start the discussion and put the wheels in motion.
The old predictions: Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack / Prediction 54: Dark Times For The United States

Boston Marathon Explosion

The first part of this horrible prediction is unfolding,  “We are about to turn the corner” could be in association to the marathon race and not timing. Its very important to note the last part (bridge) of this prediction has not happened, there is still time to change its outcome.

The Facts as I know it as of April 15th : “At least two reported killed, more than 23 injured as two explosive devices tear through crowded finish line at Boston Marathon; intelligence official tells AP that two more devices found by police and are being dismantled.” Quoted by Fox News http://www.foxnews.com/

The Original Prediction posted in November 2012 under Prediction 54: Dark Times For The United States reads:
I saw from the sky a massive explosion, a bellowing fire and smoke cloud racing up. Then they said “Dark times for the United States are returning. We are about to turn the corner”. It’s another addition or sequel to previous predictions. Turning the corner is a familiar line that we are talking about less than a months time, perhaps two at the latest. If prediction 17 the annihilation of a bridge unfolds it could imply the anniversary as a reference to the coming holidays I thought I would lay all of the previous predictions to view, these predictions might be separate situations or the same. I implore you if you have it in your means to bring awareness to this and perhaps foil the outcome please do so;