Truth: Souls 1

Pandora, here we go!

The flame of a wick. It surrounds the wick, engulfs it. Sways with the changing wind. The flame is separate yet attached. The colors shift and change depending on the moment. The flame could be bright. The flame could be dim. The flame is your soul, and you are the wick.

I remember the conversation as a child. I was in Sunday school, and someone asked an adult, “Where is your soul?” The adult pointed to his heart and said, “Right here.” What? I thought, No, that’s all wrong? The soul surrounds you like the shell of a light bulb. I questioned whether or not I should correct what is clearly in error. I opted not to. As an eight-year-old, I did not feel it would go well. In my own child’s mind, I questioned the logic here. If the soul was inside you, how would the soul see anything? Does it float in the blood or have to stay in the heart? He had to be joking. Later I found out he was not joking.
The soul surrounds you, encompasses you. It wants every morsel of experience. Every drop of every single event, it wants to consume. Especially those that its immortal experience doesn’t understand so well. More than that is how you meet your soul mate. Each introduction requires our flames to cross. When they recognize each other, an electrical charge unfolds. You body flutters, your mind is forced to change objectives that direct attention to that flame you just met. You know them, they know you, and like cosmic magic, you start where you left off in the last chapter, a new chapter forms, and life gives meaning because you found each other. (It’s so awesome!)

It was someone else who nailed it perfectly. “The body is just a horse that the soul rides.”