Truth: Souls 1

Pandora, here we go!

The flame of a wick. It surrounds the wick, engulfs it. Sways with the changing wind. The flame is separate yet attached. The colors shift and change depending on the moment. The flame could be bright. The flame could be dim. The flame is your soul, and you are the wick.

I remember the conversation as a child. I was in Sunday school, and someone asked an adult, “Where is your soul?” The adult pointed to his heart and said, “Right here.” What? I thought, No, that’s all wrong? The soul surrounds you like the shell of a light bulb. I questioned whether or not I should correct what is clearly in error. I opted not to. As an eight-year-old, I did not feel it would go well. In my own child’s mind, I questioned the logic here. If the soul was inside you, how would the soul see anything? Does it float in the blood or have to stay in the heart? He had to be joking. Later I found out he was not joking.
The soul surrounds you, encompasses you. It wants every morsel of experience. Every drop of every single event, it wants to consume. Especially those that its immortal experience doesn’t understand so well. More than that is how you meet your soul mate. Each introduction requires our flames to cross. When they recognize each other, an electrical charge unfolds. You body flutters, your mind is forced to change objectives that direct attention to that flame you just met. You know them, they know you, and like cosmic magic, you start where you left off in the last chapter, a new chapter forms, and life gives meaning because you found each other. (It’s so awesome!)

It was someone else who nailed it perfectly. “The body is just a horse that the soul rides.”

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  1. Hi Eric, I think it’s more correct to see the flame as the soul, and the body as the wick. The soul is eternal, the wick is a temporary tool the soul uses to interact with the physical universe.

  2. I think I’m confusing soul & spirit. I need more clarification. Thank you!

  3. That’s interesting about the body/soul because I remember watching a 1970s’ doc on YouTube about the paranormal and there was a scene where someone had lost their hand yet the energy of that lost hand was still there/seen under a certain type of microscope (can’t recall what type).

  4. How is that related to “Twin Flames” or lovers who seem each share the same soul? Or is that not real? I have read about it but not experienced it. People try to make it sound like the ultimate relationship. Does it make sense to have a soul split between two bodies?
    Just curious

  5. Why would we think of this as Pandora? It is a negative image of an ancient version of ‘curiosity killed the cat’ and does not apply here at all.

    Tere is nothing surprising in your description of soul. As opposed to most of your other previous truths which are partly arbitrary and can be challenged, this is something that everyone here probably knows. Or is anyone here surprised?- )

    1. Because some of the people who disagree with a Eric will try to persuade the rest of us he is wrong.

      Because we have to challenge what we believe a soul is.

      Because we should examine why we believe what we believe.

      1. To TWLL:
        You touched upon a key issue for me. Every time with Truth I have to evaluate whether it corresponds to my own personal Truth (for now I disagree with Pandora reference because it has nothing to do with the soul for me, so it will be interesting how it is reflected in Eric’s truths to come).

        It is important for everyone, I think, to perceive everything through their own Truth and experiences. There is no absolute Truth as such. Although we live on Earth, there will never be just one Truth. The same tree would give different tasting fruit depending on where it grows.

        I may agree to examine everything like I once was challenged to examine my belief in God and it made me so much stronger.

        It is important to remember also that what you believe you will into being, so not change own Truth just because someone says so. Truth as perceived constantly evolves, that is why we have different countries and nations as well as smaller divisions within. It is of course clear that if the nation is larger it does not mean that it is more righteoous with more claim to the absolute Truth.-)) Soul incarnates to what it believes is True and is then challenged together with others on the same aspects.

        Even the language is a limitation to the supposed absolute Truth. We are all speaking English here but language reflects its own Truth, so there are things you cannot express in English that you can express in other languages. Language expresses beliefs of the soul(s).

  6. I was 34 when I met my soulmate (although my dream guides referred to her as my lifemate). Just the distant sound of her voice above the office din sent a thrill through my body like no other. It was such a cozy delight to realize we liked all the same things – books, movies, everything. We had a built-in love for each other that was universal and undeniable, and we both knew it. But, because of me we parted.

    But I’m not troubled by it because we’ll meet again, some distant planet, place and time. That is for sure.

  7. Isn’t the soul is located in the head of a human being or really it’s surround the body

      1. More aura type
        Does soul can change colour to size all alone under the power of its will ?

          1. Does a soul can change its size and color according to its will or does it have a specific size and color only ?

            1. Color is about tone, it’s what our life is sitting in right now, it about will. So if I see someone with darker colors they have really bad habits, habits that will lead to problems. The color shifts to reflect ‘will’. I saw someone yesterday who’s color was white and silver. She was planning to take care of some orphaned kids. Her colors showed me her “will” or plan was to serve a higher calling was in effect.

            2. Souls grow through experience. The experience must be different from our normal everyday life. Experience that is foreign to the souls strengths it. Understand that those that have grown to epic proportions are never ever just bound to earth. We are talking about something more universal.

      2. Humm….need better description as how the soul surrounds the whole body. Are there souls in the sperms and eggs then it from to maturity. Please help me when the soul enters. Im trying to visualize as how and when the souls enter. Im so grateful I found you long ago to help me understand the Spirit world. The missing puzzles you have shared by answering my questions about life in general. I always knew that the earth is not alone. Theres much more, more and more out there that we don’t see nor know. We are here to focus on earth one at a time. Life is full of surprises.

        1. My apologies of terrible words that automatically changed from phone correction. Hope you understand what I’m trying to say. God bless you!

  8. Amazing! So, is it possible that the aura is really the soul or the outermost layer of the soul surrounding the body? Keep this series going! This is great!

    1. Luis thank you for sharing this. I think a soul can be intuitively felt too. I do not see auras. I get feelings about people, a vibe.

  9. Eric, great post and I’m glad you’re not done yet with this topic. You said the flame could be bright, dim, and/or full of color, and in prior posts you’ve described soul (or spirit) flame to be sparkly.
    What gives the soul these special characteristics?
    Thank you, and God bless you. Cheers to your Guides.

    1. The source. Heaven is the beginning. It gave birth to all places. But heaven itself is a place of extreme energy, light, gases, it’s the equivalent of sitting in the center of the Milky Way. So much energy bursting out in all directions. Life as it use to be at the beginning merging with life now. A biological form. All of it slowly, and I mean slow, building the creators plan. I hope that makes sense.

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