A Language of Truth

I had a vision of a stop sign in the dead of night. Between two different roads. I had a vision of a man wearing a Jokester mask, trotting down a muddy path with his horse moving as quickly as possible. The mask was broken now, the paint now pouring down his face. He was dressed in a Barnum and Bailey outfit and was trampling down the road as quickly as possible, while mud flung in all directions. I had a vision of a blue phone, I was dialing a number on the blue phone and waiting for a response. They responded, the vision shifted back to show the Spirits Micah, Marcus, and McCabe, all standing by the stop sign on the road pointing to a window. I had a vision I was looking out a window and rain poured. The vision ended by showing a drop of the water on the outside window. Highlighting the drop.

Can you solve the riddle?

Do you know what the message means? It’s all there. I know exactly what they are saying, I asked about Russia and this was their response, I know the answer, but I have this tool as a reference point:

The language of Spirit

Over the decades of doing this. Every word they have ever said, every message, written down. Every book another year. What I learned is each symbol is a word all to itself. There is a language playing out, of art. They see their every word as a brush stoke on a canvas. It’s how they communicate. So let me answer the riddle for you:

The answer, did you figure it out? Try and solve it before you keep reading. Do you understand what they are saying:

The “Stop sign” the fact that it is at night goes to my ignorance, the unknown. But the meaning goes to the sign: “Stop.. “

The “phone” has ties to World Predictions 4-25-22 this is our way of communicating to the world. The actual World Predictions themselves. The fact that it is blue is in reference to this specific work, unrelated to personal predictions the message is worldly, so its meaning is just: “Stop.. talking..”

The “Rawhide thug”, has ties to Whats Coming in 2022 we already predicted this description of an incompetent, bumbling, thug of a figure, who is bad to the bone, and will trample on the world with Death at his side: “Putin…” So we are at.. “Stop talking about Putin..”

The “Window” Also has a meaning The Window of Time. Spirit pointed another direction, drops of rain on a window: the window has been used to describe our power, so what are we looking at as we look through our supernatural scope: Weather…

The message in human tongue would go something like this: “Stop talking about Putin, we need to look at rain, weather.” But recognize all the smaller pieces too. Putin is failing, his mask is broken, the painted face he once had melting. So why talk about that?? They are reflecting their attitude.

But like I said before their language is art. Art that must be displayed elaborately. There is a very good reason for that. Simply put their language is far more advanced and superior than anything on planet earth.

The reason? When every word is a story, when every word is elaborately displayed for everyone to hear, when you have to continue your beautiful story, with an added brush stroke of paint, again and again. Recognize you can’t lie. It’s not possible. Each brush stroke adds to another, each new color of brush stroke to another moment, which only adds to the last, always building an elaborate portrait, if your lying it will be utterly obvious. The painting will not come together, and that is why. When you speak with art, you tend to shut up unless something important needs to be said. This is their way, a language created by King Eal, one that just makes it impossible to lie. A language of Truth.

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Our classes on “How To Connect to the Spiritual Realm” has closed for now. But will return. I will see a few of you tonight at our class. A third one is coming, the power of Qi, and finally the last, a portrait of “Death” from the last breath, to death, to rebirth. Our description of Death. Hope to see you there in the coming months.

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  1. Mazana Aais Avatar
    Mazana Aais

    I dont understand how your spirits can be so vague about world prediction but you offer personal reading. If they are as vague as this, whats the point.

  2. petemedium Avatar

    This Week’s Blog Is The First In A Series Breaking Down The Totally Different Future The World Is Facing For The Next Two Thousand Or So Years, With Particular Emphasis On The Next Hundred Years.

  3. anonymous Avatar

    You got any books to recommend Eric? On spiritual matters and the like. Not sure what i’m looking for, but something you would approve of.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Religion all of them. The Koran, The Bible, the more obscure Bible, the teaching of the great Siddhartha, the teaching of the great Lao Tsu, and the Hindu faith. When you read all of them together, you see unwavering patterns. Patterns that I have infused in all my work.
      For instance the theme I point out in the class, Jesus went into the desert, Moses on a mountain, Siddhartha under a tree, Lao Tsu a mountain, John the Baptist and the Jordan river, all of them have one specific thing in common, they went into the depths of nature, and came back.. different.
      There are patterns that intertwine in a way that opens you up spiritually speaking, you should really look.

  4. Itk Avatar

    There has been a religious mass suicide by starvation in Kenya: https://edition.cnn.com/2023/04/23/africa/kenya-cult-exhumation-police-intl/index.html
    Could the following prediction refer to it? https://worldwidepredictions.com/2019/06/27/world-predictions-6-27-19/

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That’s it, your right they brought up suicide this prediction. Ouch what horror

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