Government Shutdown

This prediction has happened. It only lasted a few hours. The irate actions might be about Rob Porter.

Predictions 2-7-18  I had a visual of the Capitol. “Government Shutdown.. 6” I had a visual of Trump irate. I had a visual of a jar of pickles, a dirty rag was being taken out of the jar.

I can’t speak for the rag other than a “cleaning up” but pickles in the past have represented the pun ‘being caught in a pickle’. There is a small possibility they are talking about the next round of government wrangling and not now.



Notes on 10-6-13 The Shutdown

This is an old prediction dating back in March, that might be talking about our current situation. Will see if it holds true. But they also mentioned the number 4 being the key before in this ongoing government shutdown, definitely stuck on 4.  To add to that, last night the message was a visual of 4 nails slowly being “pulled out” of a shadowed wood, “One by One they will pull out”. I also asked for their opinion on who is to blame:

“The people.. the people who have the oldest democracy.. need to remind their leaders who they work for.. they need to remember.. ‘we the people’ rule the US and they answer to the people, not agendas”

The prediction:  19: Baby Bibbers

Posted on March 3, 2013
  • The Base or Core of the Prediction: A crowd of people with their arms raised in protest demanding change.
  • The Spiritual Voice: “Baby Bibbers bound to gridlock”..”Gridlock ends up being very bad for the people”..”The voice of the people prevail, moderates prevail”..”A reminder that the will of the people still hold the power”
  • Written Visual:  14

Baby Bibbers are a phrase used before to describe the United States Government, usually the Congress of today. It’s a reflection of their tone, child like leaders who accomplish nothing and seem to mess everything up (Bib!). Now that we write the predictions with their verbage instead of my translation your going to see several nicknames come out along with a more opinionated position that was masked before. If 14 is a date one could make two assumptions. That the continued actions whether it be the sequestration or something else will have a damaging negative affect, and there is an overall upheaval over it all by the people who seems to come to a head around the 14th.

Congress Trouble Looms

This prediction has happened. The last part about the economy has not. Note, they seem to have a 3 month gap for many of the predictions now, this one created in July. Toddlers represent Congress otherwise known as baby bibbers. The prediction reads:

Notes on 7-22-13  “The US Treasury.. such mistakes.. one massive drop.. US congress inept.. US congress such discord no longer has any purpose.. the value of the dollar diminishes.. the toddlers have failed the people too many times..” Before I get the emails, no they are not predicting a collapse of the US economy, they seem to be showing rough roads ahead as the dollar diminishes because of the Treasury and somehow the workings or failure of work in regards to Congress, putting the blame squarely on them.”

The Facts: “Shutdown in 3rd day with bigger trouble looming. President Barack Obama laid the blame for the government’s partial shutdown at the feet of House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday, escalating a confrontation that is running the risk of a potentially damaging clash over the nation’s borrowing authority.

The Treasury Department warned that a deadlock over raising the nation’s debt limit could touch off a new recession even worse than the last one that Americans are still recovering from.” Quoted by–finance.html

Reaction of Government Shutdown

This prediction happened, it was predicted the day before the shutdown. Tonight I will ask again when this mess comes to an end, hopefully they can give an answer soon.

Notes on 9-30-13 “The government is beaten down, screwed” (They mean verbally)

The Facts: People  are bashing congress via social media over shutdown :
The roiling debate over the U.S. government shutdown is extending to Twitter,  Facebook and Instagram as fed-up Americans turn to social media to register  their disgust with federal lawmakers for shutting down the government.
Those posting pulled no punches, calling members of Congress “immature,”  ”stupid” and “idiots” who need to “grow up.” Quoted by:
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