Prediction: Ship/Port Attack

I tried to gather the details of this Ship attack which they clumped together with a train attack in a previous prediction: Predictions 3-30-17  I question whether the first ship is a military one, it seems more likely a ferry or cruise ship. In the visuals it did not seem very guarded. More and more it seems like their prediction about ships and ports are a warning of multiple attacks. In another prediction they clearly pointed to the south west of California and used the San Diego port to describe it. Predictions 4-21-16

I had a visual of the US flag, then the visual shifted to the number 4.

I had a visual of Spirit pointing to the North east, like Boston or New York.

I had a visual I was staring down on a wet ground, as if water splashed on it, then black boots walking through a port.

I had a visual of someone putting a bomb in car.

Is the car bomb a separate prediction? I don’t understand the connection to the port unless they are saying the port is attacked not the ship? There was also an underline debate over the size of the blast as if it was in question. 

I  am posting it early morning Tuesday, at the moment of receiving it, please be kind to any half sleep errors. Next, we plan to ask for an update on the previous earthquake predictions and at the very least.. which month does the airplane hijacking/bombing unfold in?