Notes on 7-22-13

Wow never have we been so wrong with a prediction. As it’s a boy. Even with our blunder we are still expecting another prediction to unfold pretty much now and the only clue discusses a fire or bomb that does not happen.

Here are the Notes from Spirit on July 22nd


“The US Treasury.. such mistakes.. one massive drop.. US congress inept.. US congress such discord no longer has any purpose.. the value of the dollar diminishes.. the toddlers have failed the people too many times..”
Before I get the emails, no they are not predicting a collapse of the US economy, they seem to be showing rough roads ahead as the dollar diminishes because of the Treasury and somehow the workings or failure of work in regards to Congress, putting the blame squarely on them.

“Mount Popo in Mexico is about to erupt yet again. Another massive cauldron of smoke and steam. ” — Volcano Popocatépetl

“The soccer player will find himself in a scandal of an obscene dirty video.”

“Oh the scandals continue..  no one will doubt that this year is a year of scandals.. much more is coming; bank/financial scandals, corporate cheaters and lies, Ponzi schemes, and more government scandals.”
“Another White House scandal.. their trying to clean the walls.. there is a gap.. 30.. 1 week ago.. 10 days ago.. What are they doing over there?.. hidden lies.. shady, sleazy and dirty acts.”
They showed black cookies being cooked, as if to say sinful indulgent, but the verbiage points to sleazy acts, black representing something dark, morally wrong. An odd part is 1 week ago and 10 days ago. Normally that would mean 7 and 10 years ago, which puts it in the Bush administration? I guess some type of carry over?