Mississippi River Flooding

This prediction continues to unfold. When I was looking down from the sky seeing the entire town under water I could not believe it, and yet the reality has arrived in the most horrible way.  My heart pours out to all those affected by this tragedy. I believe the 4 might be the multiple locations affected by this epic flooding.

World Predictions 4-17-19   The Mississippi river will flood.. the homes around the area extensively damaged.

World Predictions 4-20-19  I had a visual of the south US, Alabama, Mississippi, and surrounding locations. I was looking down from high in the sky at a town that was entirely under water. Then it shifted to show the number 4

India Nepal Flooding

The first part of this prediction continues to unfold but it goes beyond India to Nepal and Bangladesh. Pray for all those affected in Asia. Unfortunately they are predicting something very similar in Europe. Then horribly destructive Hurricanes for the Gulf in October.  They also couple this with a spread of disease.  While we all focus and fear the threat of North Korea, the Spirits continue to point directly to a far more looming threat again and again, and its weather and natural disasters.

Predictions 7-16-17   “Massive flooding in India.. so many stuck.. and unable to move.. rivers overflow.. but the worst comes after.. as the water is a deadly contamination..”

I had a visual of people sitting on their roofs, while water surrounded their town. Then the visual shifted to go underneath the water to show the water turn black as if it was poison.  Spirit would later describe the area as the location by the holy river, unfortunately I would later look up that applies to multiple locations.