Mississippi River Flooding

This prediction continues to unfold. When I was looking down from the sky seeing the entire town under water I could not believe it, and yet the reality has arrived in the most horrible way.  My heart pours out to all those affected by this tragedy. I believe the 4 might be the multiple locations affected by this epic flooding.

World Predictions 4-17-19   The Mississippi river will flood.. the homes around the area extensively damaged.

World Predictions 4-20-19  I had a visual of the south US, Alabama, Mississippi, and surrounding locations. I was looking down from high in the sky at a town that was entirely under water. Then it shifted to show the number 4

11 thoughts on “Mississippi River Flooding

  1. Even though not in the South, do you think Iowa is related to this prediction too since it was flooded?

    1. I believe it’s a somewhat flawed prediction, it should be more about the Mississippi River and less about the state. Perhaps I misunderstood them

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