Kansas Shooting

This prediction has happened. The other message in the Notes have already happened. I am very upset to report that all these different predictions about shootings are separate messages. Originally I tried to understand how they all fit together.  Please pray for the people of Kansas. I do hope these shootings end.

Notes on 6-10-15

“Such an evil tragic act.” — Spirits Voice
Later they would add: “At 4″
The location was an issue, I asked several times. They presented a rectangle shaped state, for instance Kansas is like that. They also implied a city with a similar name, like Kansas City. Unfortunately there are several states and cities that fit that description.

The facts: A gunman armed with an “assault-style” weapon drove through a south-central Kansas town, taking shots at people, before storming the factory where he worked. Four people killed including the shooter and 14 others were wounded. Coming up on Today in Alabama, we have the latest details on the shooting and the shooter. Quoted News: http://www.wsfa.com/story/31323424/4-dead-14-wounded-after-kansas-workplace-shooting