Kansas City Mass Shooting

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for everyone who was affected by this nightmare.


I had the words “Kansas city” then it shifted and I heard multiple banging.

3 thoughts on “Kansas City Mass Shooting

  1. From what I read, it sounds like the police are still looking for the shooter/shooters, so anyone in the area should be cautious.

  2. swc
    sending love and light to Kansas…
    prayers for families and authorities in hunt for offender/s …
    my thoughts are with you …

  3. Eric,
    Ref::: Kansas City shooting.

    Two killed and up to 15 injured after gunman opens fire on line of people before being shot dead by a security guard outside Kansas City nightclub hosting party to celebrate Chiefs making the Super Bowl
    At least two people dead and 15 reportedly injured in a shooting in Kansas City
    Two people were found dead, including a woman in the parking lot outside a bar
    Shooter opened fire on a line of people waiting to enter the 9ine Ultra Lounge
    Gunman was shot by an armed security guard, police added at press conference
    Facebook post on club’s page appeared to be a celebration of Kansas City Chiefs victory against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday to advance to the Super Bowl


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