Hurricane Ida

The warning made in June 2021: Micah ,

“We have a hurricane coming that they compare to Katrina expected this year.”

Now, we have arrived at that warning as Ida is set to strike Louisiana. Their paths are too closely aligned. We are expecting the tide to be extensively high and damaging to the coast. Please be careful. It’s a race to give you as many details on these coming events with Japans coming earthquake and the Gulf Hurricanes. Then we also have a brewing war in India and the horrors of Afghanistan to predict.

In other news: Please look at all the Coronavirus predictions. They predicted in October 2019 a virus would plague the world with such fury before it was ever the nightmare of today. We predicted the vaccine that would help destroy the virus. It’s all there predicted before it’s time. So let me clarify now, there is no conspiracy, no evil lab, no wicked Wuhan plan. Please recognize disinformation is burning all of us and keeping us in the fire that is now, of our own making.