Hurricane Ida

The warning made in June 2021: Micah ,

“We have a hurricane coming that they compare to Katrina expected this year.”

Now, we have arrived at that warning as Ida is set to strike Louisiana. Their paths are too closely aligned. We are expecting the tide to be extensively high and damaging to the coast. Please be careful. It’s a race to give you as many details on these coming events with Japans coming earthquake and the Gulf Hurricanes. Then we also have a brewing war in India and the horrors of Afghanistan to predict.

In other news: Please look at all the Coronavirus predictions. They predicted in October 2019 a virus would plague the world with such fury before it was ever the nightmare of today. We predicted the vaccine that would help destroy the virus. It’s all there predicted before it’s time. So let me clarify now, there is no conspiracy, no evil lab, no wicked Wuhan plan. Please recognize disinformation is burning all of us and keeping us in the fire that is now, of our own making.


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  1. Thank you Eric for the very helpful reading this afternoon. You hit it right on the head. We will be evacuating! Hope everyone gets out safely. (St Jude)

  2. Eric,
    your image of Poseidon throwing his trident is concerning as there is data suggestion high rain in multiple world regions, is on the way.

    Do you have any subsequent info on Delta-Corona? It’s even sweeping through countries that previously handled it.


    1. Hi Russ, Covid is definitely going to be a target for Spirit. The one part that seems to hold weight is this wait. They predicted the vaccine and then predicted that nothing shifts until November. I never understand the huge gap of time but here we are.

  3. there is a prediction on 7-23-14 that speaka of a plague witj a lot of fear and spreading to orher locations so you were way ahead of covid

    1. Thanks, I honestly missed my own work. But yes it’s talking about Covid. The good news is two topics seemed consistently mentioned. This wicked pandemic and a moment of “eyes opening” knowledge on an epic scale coming. We just need to get past the first one. November could not come fast enough.

  4. Eric,
    Ironically this Sunday when Ida comes to shore in Louisiana, marks the 16th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.
    Please everyone pray for Louisiana. 🙏🏻

  5. Hey, I just had a thought: Do you think Lt. Col Stuart Scheller, the Marine who has been in the news lately for openly criticizing the failed leadership in the Afghanistan withdrawal, is the “military one” you’ve talked about who becomes President? He’d be a great one.

    1. Having only just voted in Joe Biden with a huge mandate why are you all so keen knowing who the next president will be?

      Joe Biden has been in politics for 40 years, please do not tell me no one knew what they were voting for!

      My message is be careful what you wish for. Many US cities will be a pile of rubble before your curiosity is satisfied.

      1. Because Eric has made repeated predictions about “the military one,” someone who will come in as President who will do great things for the country. Right now, that is all I can do, is to hope for that, given what we have now.

        1. I believe the prediction is that it unites people in the face of an old enemy.

          “President who will do great things for the country.” I remember a lot a lot of the predictions but I don’t remember reading this could you point out which prediction it is in please?

          People seem to think if they close their eyes and do magical thinking, a white in shinning armour is going to appear on the horizon and change the miserable world that they have created.

          Who is the OLD enemy? Why does no one ask this question?

          1. But I do close my eyes and do magical things. The world is what you make it with the exception of 2020 that sucked for everyone. Before you make the statement Why don’t us silly folk ask questions, they already did and it’s all there. Your arrogance is only showing your ugly side. Please consider being nice to the rest of us.

            1. Just a small remark: 2020 did not suck for everyone. Personally for me it was much better than 2021, and it was actually one of the best years of my life. On a more global scale, think of all the internet companies, online sale, Big Pharma etc – they had a great year (at the expense of others nevertheless). Finally, many people could work from home and had the possibility to spend time with their loved ones and it is good that those who love each other became a lot closer.

              1. On a global scale, the millions of people who died prematurely because of an out of control virus made it a terrible year for millions. There aren’t many who would think that a year of corporate gains for Big Pharma would be a good counterpoint to that.

                1. I lost 6 friends and family members, that has never ever happened before. It’s still bothering me. I am one of those millions, but yes I am sure someone out their in the world had some silver lining. Even though the rest of us suffered. It’s always possible.

      1. Am sorry to hear about your losses. I understood that long time ago that what is good for some, may not be good for others. That was all I wanted to point out – that 2020 did no suck for everyone. Life goes on. Souls are eternal. Those who passed will come back for another life. It is us remaining here that are selfish and want to keep them near us. We live in a very humanocentric world regrettably and somehow manage to ignore that karma has come back to humans for eating bats and so on… and that for every human invention millions of living creatures are destroyed. When I look around, it fascinates me that humans as species do not recognize what harm they do to all living beings starting with insects and ending with whales and elephants. Probably, millions of humans dying is a relief for all other creatures on Earth and the planet itself, its ecosystem. Whatever and whoever is born, will die, whether we like it or not. Timing is decided by God, not us. This virus may be a blessing in disguise – a warning for humans to change and care for nature, not just for environment or climate.

        1. You seem to have a true dislike for the human race, which is sad for you. I will point out that it is rather cold and insensitive to people here who have lost loved ones to this epidemic and who certainly did nothing to deserve it, to try to make a point, even once, but here, twice, of positing that there was *anything* good about covid. Covid has absolutely not been a “blessing in disguise” to the children, healthcare workers, researchers, elderly, or many hundreds of thousands of other decent people who have suffered and died from it. How arrogant, pretentious, and shortsighted to try to paint it as anything good.

  6. Eric

    Do you have anymore information about the War in India? It seems unimaginable a conflict would happen there considering it is one of the most stable nations on earth

  7. Eric, I hope you and your family are safe from that fire. Please be careful and I will pray for you and all affected.

  8. Any updates on Afghanistan? I’m losing sleep over this withdrawal. The idea of leaving people behind to be slaughtered makes me nauseous. It’s horrific what is happening and I can not begin to understand how this could have gone so terribly wrong. It feels almost intentional or complacent. I really can’t wrap my mind around it.

    1. It’s already there. Terrorism will rise. Remember right before Covid that was the big warning. Go back to those predictions. I saw Afghanistan and said, that’s how ISIS rises. WTF F!

      1. I will take a look at the old predictions, thank you. The situation seems so barbaric in nature from the coverage I’ve seen. I am worried about our veterans who are feeling this failure, I am worried about the afghans who helped us over the years and weren’t able to make it out, the US citizens stranded, and so on. I am praying somehow they find a way to escape the repercussions they are facing from the taliban. That’s just scratching the surface and all short term though, to think about the long term effects that will stem from this regarding the threat of true terrorism is simply overwhelming.

    2. You’re right, the whole thing is so upsetting, especially about so many Afghans being left behind. Or the other day, when the military took out a would-be airport bomber before he could carry out an attack, but accidentally killed several civilians in the process, many of them children. It feels like any decision leads to death, even if trying to prevent it.

      If there’s a way to protect Afghans from the Taliban, yet also prevent allied soldiers from being killed, I don’t know what it is. I hope to God someone can find a way to do both, though maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part.

  9. Eric,
    It’s almost the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Between the threat of jihadists and extremist anti-government groups, I’m concerned about possible attacks in the US. I wanted to double-check with you if the spirits have picked up on anything on or around the anniversary, or if it’ll be safe.

  10. Pete, nothing in what is said today in your blog surprises me. The only thing I disagree with is Covid. It is a blessing – this is so if you move away from humanocentric world where humans are “gods”. For anyone who understands the spiritual energy and light Covid is no threat and science is meaningless. Education can also be about ‘being light’ and about a different kind of compassion – like mother slapping a child and thus preventing it from crossing a street and from getting hurt by a fast passing car. For those who understand this different reality beyond humanocentric physical world Covid is no threat and science is not necessary. I.e. the science is unable to even process or consider angels and spiritual guides as being a part of ‘reality’..

  11. Hello Blue Sky. The actual topic of Covid in my series of Blogs will be next week. This week’s Blog was a basic introduction from my Spirit Friends. Pete

  12. Thank you Pete. Your blog touched me very much this time. We do not agree on many things, including Covid but we do on how society has gone downhill – in all spheres of life. It is not easy to watch. Hope that many people will read your blog and maybe also understand what I mean that we need to move away from humanocentric wiew of the Earth. I also realize that most people have not seen real Nature, apart from hotel beaches, so they cannot relate at all what it means to be all alone on top of the mountain or in the middle of the forest. The feeling of oneness. So Covid feels like a threat to most, they fear it and they have created it together with their fear. Looking forward to what will come next week.

    1. Blue Sky, may I have your permission to include both or your replies to me in a future Blog? My Spirit Friend would like to incorporate your comments. Thanks in anticipation. Pete

  13. You have my permission Pete if it helps others.
    That said you know from before that I do not fully share your views and that of Eric, especially regarding these particular vaccines and the “distrust” of science. I ask you kindly to consider my previous comments on this page where I talk about the same thing but in different words, notably this sentence: “For those who understand this different reality beyond humanocentric physical world Covid is no threat and science is not necessary.” It is because when you look at the world – “the science” seems to act so differently in every country that it does not make sense.
    And if your Spirit Friend has a message for me, I would appreciate to receive it. Thanks to him too for this last blog which as sad as it is, gives me hope.

    1. Thank you Blue Sky. Just to clarify, I don’t have a specific ‘Spirit Friend’, but a collective of Spirit Friends who serve us all if we call on Them in meditation. It is the same principle as the “Holy Spirit” of old. I can’t see Them being offensive in any way when They pass through to me Their comment, which I assume will be a few Blogs away. Pete

  14. Thank you for clarifying Pete. I know that for everyone it is different and you referred to your Spirit Friend in your previous message, so I took it from there. From my perspective God is above all, including Spirits. In my life I have met enough people claiming to be friends with Spirits who then had their own agenda. For everything there is high and there is low. That is how life works (from my perspective). That being said – I have no doubts about your (and Eric’s) pure intentions. Just that we cannot save others against their will. Also, Spirits have vastly diverse experiences which translate into diverging views and lives of people. Thus – God above all (no matter what form of belief and/or religion). Wishing you well…

    1. I’m in the same boat with you Blue Sky, I’ve been keeping up on the words spreading around regarding the vaccines and I’m sad to say some people lost their family members to it and some others suffering greatly (strokes, clots, etc), and has been mostly unreported or undereported and kept in the darkness by using Correlation/Causation scapegoat aka we don’t want liability. I came across only one media video about it, and the doctor in it arrogantly and callously saying it was no cause for concern when it definitely cause for concern. There is going a lot of mad people eventually when this keeps happening more and more, the politicians and ideologist scientists are creating their own monster, real scientists would be asking questions and alternatives but whatever going on now isn’t true science.

      These current vaccines… damned if you do or damned if you don’t.

      It seems like regeneron is making pace lately, and that should been on the front lines long ago if it wasn’t for politics around it earlier and for afaik that I have not heard anything bad about it (so far).

      1. Dear Kali X,
        I agree with you very much. Both sides claim truth and no one knows who is right. I do not know it either. I do not understand though why it is not ok to die from Covid but it is ok to die from these vaccines. We do have a free will. I am as a person who believes in all things as natural as possible and the current vaccines to me are medical experiments, not like it was in the past. I think this is a question of ethics for science and scientists but whoever will dare to speak, will be silenced by the Big Pharma. I do not deny that vaccines help somewhat but at what price? May those vaccinated will develop other health issues later in life? How long will the vaccines last? Boosters every 6 months? So many unanswered questions.

        (Sara, of all people here you are the kindest and I simply wish that it all comes back to you. Maybe I did not express it before properly.)

  15. Eric,
    It’s been a couple weeks since you’ve posted, is everything okay? Is your sister doing any better?

    Warm wishes for health and happiness!

    1. It’s actually rough Sara, dad has cancer, my sister going back and forth to hospital. But I will get through it. Thank you for the concern. My family needs me in this moment. But my work here will continue.

      1. I’m so sorry to hear that; it sounds like you’ve all had a horrible month. Again, warm wishes for health and happiness!

    1. I see it in the news, I read the transcript, it sounds like he prevented WW3. Let’s wait for the dust to settle but your right their was a lot of talk about Trump and a military figure, having horrible strife. Which prediction are you referring too so I can compare all the messages. Because prediction wise I agree it sounds similar

  16. Hi Eric 👋,

    It’s been a while you post on here. Anymore hurricanes, natural disasters or anything we should be aware of for the rest of 2021?
    How is your sister doing?
    Hope all is well. We miss you, here.
    God bless!

  17. Hopefully Eric is doing OK. It’s been a while since he posted and a lot has happened.

    On a side note, is there any other reputable mediums like Eric that do personal readings. Just need to compile a list in case Eric isn’t available. Thanks!

  18. Eric I’m so sorry that you and your family are having such a rough time of it.
    Just focus on being there with your family.
    Sending healing prayers of love and light to you and your family. 🙏🏻❤️

    1. Her name is Karen. I don’t know if she would be ok sharing all her info so publicly, here. You would have to ask via email for the full name. She has a reputation in Arizona. If you want more just email me.

    1. Reading that blog made my blood boil, the fact it has gone on since the time of King Solomon is absolutely disgusting and still continue to be the abusers of humanity.

      I pray hope they’re stopped soon, and I hope its not going to take 100s of years again for that to happen.

    2. Hi again Pete, I wanted to reach out to you concerning someone else’s spirit guide that pointed out something that set off alarm bells and wondering if you can confirm the same conclusion as well from your spirit guide? I’m sickened to what I’m hearing if this is true.

      1. Thank you Kali X. To be fair to Eric, who has been extremely lenient to me and the links to my Blogs, I think it only fair that you send these comments and links, when there are more than one or two, directly to either my Blog or my email. I’m working on about the third in this series and the ‘answers’ are way beyond what I would have expected. Best if we all wait patiently as I work feverishly getting it all together.
        Hope this comment is ok with you Eric.
        And as always, thanks mate. Pete

        1. Understandable! Your comment section requirement made it hard for me to post there since I can’t use my choice of emails directly to leave a comment, I figured this was the only to reach you for the moment.

  19. God bless you Eric. I been praying for you. Hope we will hear from you soon. I was mediating and heard something major or something is about to pop to grab humanity’s attention soon. Hope we can hear from you soon to see if you see anything major coming soon. Loves to you and your family & God bless!

  20. Since there is no conspiracy, no evil lab, no wicked Wuhan plan, could you also ask Spirit about the Havana syndrome in terms of whether it’s caused by a microwave weapon used by Russia, if it’s just a mass psychogenic illness or something else?

  21. I would also be interested to know about Havana syndrome like Sarah.
    However, I have doubts that Chinese are so innocent on Wuhan. Otherwise, why don’t the Chinese let in the investigators researching the origins of covid? If there is no lab leak, what would be the reason to stop investigators from entering China? I do not dispute information from you Eric but in February 2020 a friend of mine heard on the plane about the virus originating from the lab when talking to Chinese passengers from Wuhan. Besides, it is interesting to note that some ‘experiments’ or ‘leaked info’ already in advance somehow points for what is there to come. Right now after covid it is about power outages.
    Still there are also good news:

  22. Hello Eric, I wanted to inform you I think a somewhat of a interesting event might be coming over in the horizon. It seems Citadel Securities may have incriminated themselves, so I expect some major news around that pretty soon.

    Its bit of a big deal since Citadel has such a strong hold on the stock market.

      1. A global market maker, the person in trouble is someone named Ken Griffin who has been caught up in lies though the media that is on his side have been trying to cover his tracks, I’m barely understanding the situation right now but from what I think is happening here is the use of synthetic stocks (or stocks that don’t exist) to pump the pricing of a stock.

        Its pretty illegal what they’re doing, their PR trying to do damage control and now I’m thinking they probably should have listened to their lawyers instead.

  23. Pete, thank you for these blogs. Perhaps the most interesting thing for me was that you needed to take a rest to note this. Not really rocket science nor takes much time, Or maybe it is like that only to me? Nothing surprises me in your writing but I do not agree with some of it.

    -Election participation age should be higher than 21 and definitely not lower than 18. When you are young, you do not understand life. I go by my own example. In ancient cultures the most revered were the elders because they had gone through everything and knew what life was all about. Thus it is the old people that know better how to save their descendants from making the same mistakes they did. Of course there is recycling and the wise use of resources as well as many new ideas but still it has to be looked up with care. It amazes me that everybody talks about climate and environment but no one mentions Nature. Thus we have ideas of a climate controlled environment with your emissions checked. Until now we had a lot of freedom what kind of houses to live it, in the future (unless their plans are disrupted) you may not. In some places you have houses where windows cannot be opened.
    -Cities and all the main hubs are the vortexes of energy. That is why people are attracted to go there. Life goes faster there and with more innovation, development and excitement. With it though there come the limits of human life tolerance. If the frequency becomes too fast and erratic all humans in the vicinity can die. In addition, with infrastructure, a common sense has been lost. Humans have not been able to be organized to such level in order to maintain cities. Besides, the big wigs also want to get more money out of every project, so it results in some infrastructure needlessly being renovated while some other falls by the wayside. I have seen it happen how trees were going to be cut unnecessarily for the sake of infrastructure supposedly to make people’s lives better. It is as if wires and pipes have now more legitimacy than the trees and Nature. In addition the inflexibility and lack of perception of the constructors most of whom probably have never planted a tree in their lives. Probably the first thing that any human has to learn is how to plant a tree – then we may be better off. If you look at most cities – they have become a sea of concrete and glass – climate controlled environment (already mentioned about housing).
    -Religion I will not discuss as it is a separate issue (also media) but socialism and communism like capitalism are all equally bad. The socialism and communism is there to make everyone equal – no matter whether you have worked hard in your life or done nothing. Also no matter what world order socialist and communist leaders equally ingratiate themselves from the benefits. They also want to mix populations just like capitalism where once sens of ethnicity and culture is destroyed. In Russia and China they have moved populations all over their countries just to destroy their culture and language. The guys you quote at the end are as greedy as those chasing them. If those four guys are given power, God save us all. They perhaps did something that seems good but it is not – they have been only tools in hybrid warfare that is raging around us. When I come to think of it – just like Covid where chaos is created out of nothing but with a sense of purpose for the big experiment with vaccines.

    Sorry for being very long but I believe that everyone reading both of your truths, need maybe consider the other side of the coin. I respect both of you for who you are but it often irritates me when something is presented as absolute truth – from spirits, so to say. I do not know where my knowledge comes from and why I am blessed with some understanding and my own mind but critical thinking is what everyone should be taught. Pete, you do explain very well in your previous writings why education systems are set up the way they are.

    Finally I stop here. Like an anecdote on Covid. A couple of days ago I listened to this online event where two smart guys fascinated by themselves talked about latest on Covid and vaccines. When I asked the question what about “Merck says research shows its COVID-19 pill works against variants”, the moderator read my question but then dismissed it saying ‘well, you guys are no medical experts’. I laughed so hard because the lack of logic was so obvious: vaccine propaganda was ok but the information about cure and development of anti-Covid medication – ‘oh, no we are no experts suddenly’.

    This is how “Truth” works in my humble opinion.

    1. All I can say to your very long comment is that I don’t think it wise to review a full measure of information halfway through. Please be patient and wait for the next three, maybe five, future Blogs.Thanks. Pete

  24. Pete, thank you for clarifying. However, I do not see how you can change statements from this week to something different on age of election participation and socialism&communism as well as those 4 guys. If you say that it is part of something, then it may be better to actually wait and publish it all together as whole, instead of dividing them up in weekly columns.

    1. You obviously are confused as to what a trance medium is all about. I have no idea what’s coming next because I am not instigating it. If you were to have read earlier Blogs you would have seen, historically, how I have been personally challenged by my Spirit Friend’s ‘downloads’ over many years, to a point where I totally trust what They give through me. Like Eric, our statements, predictions and given knowledge are not from our own opinions or ‘feelings’, but rather come from a total trust of the Source we each rely on. Pete

    2. Wow, it’s amazing how you throw peanuts from the peanut gallery. Please show us your work, as someone like Pete and I who are bold (no courageous) enough to get up there on that stage of this massive beast called the Internet, in their name. Show us your work.

      1. Not only are we exposing our selves on this stage, we are also exposing our complete faith in an ‘Energy’, ‘Force’ or ‘Entity’ we truly trust but can’t possibly know fully. Thank you Eric.

    1. Sorry if you haven’t heard. Right now my father has cancer and my sister is having horrible issues with surgery. I am a man of principles. My number one principle that was handed down by Spirit is family first. Always. We will be back soon. Still doing readings. But until the outcome of my family is safe, we are on hold.

      1. So sorry to hear about your father and sister. Sending much love and many prayers to you.

    2. On another note I hold to my previous messages, there will never be this end everyone is waiting for. I know someone like me is supposed to tell you the end is nye. But nope. WW3, climate change unleashing a global famine, even solar flares striking our world. But humanity always manages a Tony Stark moment at the very last minute. Why always at the last second?? We live to be very ancient, only when we leave our planet behind for something better that you can say “humanity” ends. Even that isn’t for a very very long time.

      1. Yes Eric, I fully concur. End of an Age:Yes. End of humanity: No.
        Changes are what keeps Creation fresh and viable. We are all a part of Creation.

  25. Thank you Pete. It is true. I have no idea but am neither confused, nor so interested in what a trance is all about and how exactly. From my perspective though if you say that I am reviewing half a measure then you must also know where and to when the full picture is presented. I do not know how others read your columns but I do not put your pieces together. I read them as separate complete entities on their own – not as one book. (Because of separation it is not impossible to skip something – even not intentionally.) Thus perhaps maybe your intention is different from what you actually achieve and present. The same may apply for your spirit friend.
    Trusting is also part of intention. So are feelings or lack of them as in this instance. Opinions on the other hand are not part of intention – rather a conclusion or vision or observation.

    Coming back to my initial response – I reacted to what I perceived let’s say to be of a certain colour. No matter how you do this further, it would not be possible to paint the same thing to be of a different colour. It would be like saying one week that something is black and then the next week saying that the same thing is white.
    If you then tell me that your piece of a puzzle is a half of a certain colour, how long does one know how to wait before the other half is complete? Is it like TV series with a constant cliffhanger at the end, so that the reader keeps following?
    Is that what it is all about? Attract attention and drawing energy?

    That way it seems no one would ever know when it is the right moment to express one’s opinion. Like a perpetual lecture with no Q&A.

    I speak for myself honestly – I come here for your and Eric’s predictions, not your truths (which partly differ from mine but that is not the point here). Maybe others would prefer the truths to predictions, I do not know. As every person with cognitive capacities is capable to draw conclusions, all of the readers and commentators here have their own spirit friends – most may not be in touch so deeply as you two but there is still connection within. Thus maybe from your perspective Pete my timing is off but for me – I felt compelled to react. As you both may notice, I do not react to everything but to what is relevant to me, to my truth. Therefore to come back to my initial reaction – it is true to me and if you do not have anything to respond to my initial reaction, instead then asking me to wait without specifying how long (it makes sense because it is not you Pete but your spirit friend), it just raises all these questions that I expressed above.

    In the end the question is – when do we communicate to you two as Eric and Pete or do we communicate to your spirit friends instead? With Eric I feel it better that there is a difference, with you Pete, I almost feel that Pete does not exist, only a spirit friend.

  26. My best advice to you is to stop reading my Blogs as they are obviously confusing you. Also you are right: Pete does not exist without my Spirit FRIENDS. The Collective, better known as the Holy Spirit in true Christian circles, is there for all to call on. They are not exclusive to me. Pete

        1. It is respect that we should all be showing you Eric. Something that has sadly gone AWOL in the world in recent times.
          I will stay with my original comment to Blue Sky that any further discussion she/he may have, have it at my site.
          And again, thank you for tolerating me mate. Pete

  27. Pete, I would not have started this debate with you or bother with it so much, had you not asked me for permission to use what I had to say about humanocentric world and so on.

    If something is to be used from what I say, it is important to me that it is not misused. That is why I paid attention to your blog more than I normally would. Because it is split up in fragments, I have no way of knowing what it is all about, what the intention is and when it will end or be completed. (Maybe neither do you Pete but that does not and should not apply to me.) I just noticed things that to me seemed problematic.

    This is strange to me that both you and Eric went on a defence – peanuts (I do not even understand what is meant by that), G-rated, confusion etc. That is so surprising to me. I did not expect this from you and this is perhaps the only thing that I am confused about.

    When you say Eric: “show my work” – I do not make predictions. I do not work in this field, I do not take money for it, nor I intend to go this way or present people with my Truth. I do my own work in my job like most people. However, Truth is not exclusive to you or your spirit friends. In fact some Truth can be harmful because it can be used by both good and evil.

    If I say that I do not agree with some things, is it not human to question and exchange opinions? Some things I share and some I do not. Obviously, what I share with you, it is not worth repeating. That is why it seems that I only challenge you although I also learn from you and you make me think. Everyone here is a competent human being and make their own assessment of what to believe in.

    Be better the two of you and ignore what is irrelevant to you! I am sorry Eric for your difficult time in life right now. Everything is an experience – a wise friend of mine said. Sadness is also here for a reason.

    1. My Spirit Friends will not be using, referring or in any way involve what you originally gave me permission to use in any future Blog. Pete

      1. Peace, love, and light to all of my brothers and sisters who follow this site. And especially to Eric.

      2. Pete and Eric does spirit see Trump fading away he is still causing so much angst in this country and we all know he loves it, I am not a democrat or republican but we as a nation/world need some peace and as long as he is still spouting off his BS we will never get that.

        1. From what I’ve been getting, Trump is just one of many who have put money and profit ahead of human life. This New Age of Aquarius we are entering will bring much upheaval as we move our thinking from the selfish to the ‘communal’. After all, we are all human and we are all the Creator’s Creations.
          That’s me and my Spirit Friend’s take on it. Pete

          1. Covid in general exposed how selfish and cruel humankind can really be, its ugly and quite frankly it scares me. I hope things calm down in the next few months, and people start treating other people how they wish to be treated.

            1. Idk, there was a lot of hero’s. People who died to save us. People who are still trying to save us. People that are trying to help others in this horrible time. But your right it showed us some are only concerned about themselves. Let’s not forget those that helped especially in the medical industry.

        2. There is already a prediction on that. Short answer no. His power shrinks, people turn the page, but there will be extreme loyalist that turn dark according to spirit, horribly extreme, but small, however his total control of the party will slip.

  28. “Spirit Friends: The lie that is Democracy is that it has never been run by the majority of it’s people. Whether Communist, Dictator or Democracy, in the Pisces Age, a powerful few have always overridden the wishes of the majority.”
    And so continues this weeks download from my Spirit Friends:

  29. Eric–sorry for the issues you and your family are dealing with and hope better times arrive soon…
    Miss your posts and will appreciate them even more when you are fully back to your work. You was the first psychic who really felt like someone I could wholeheartedly trust. Your guides are very very special also. The personal readings from you are the best also. I miss the Truths also but I am glad you put your family first. The world will probably get darker before it gets on the path of oneness…so we need you!!!

    1. So sweet! Thank you. It was rough. I will be back soon. Mom had her eye surgery , dad had his cancer surgery, which leaves my sisters woes. But we went from panic to recovery. I am fine. But I am a man of principles. If I say family is first. Then I am going to do it. But I will be back soon. 😀

    2. On the flip side, we had court where anyone lawyer can dispute the adoption of my two boys. Everyone has conceded. So now it’s about paperwork. My hope is the adoption is complete by the end of the year.

      1. That’s great Eric, I hope the process is nice and easy for you. Love to all of your family, I hope their road to recovery is a smooth one and you’re all in a much better space soon. Take care 🙂

  30. To everyone reading this site, we need to pray to the collective consciousness that China’s Leader Xi Jinping does not do something that would cause great pain and suffering. This is a disaster that needs to be avoided for both China and Taiwan and the rest of the world.

    I pray hope its nothing more than hot air currently like in the past, but Xi Jinping seems increasingly unhinged.

    China needs to learn to let go of the past with Taiwan and move toward the future, being chained to the past only brings suffering.

  31. I had a glitch with this week’s Blog. My computer router went down and so yesterday I had to buy a new one. I did get to put up this week’s Blog, but I couldn’t notify you here at Eric’s.
    Next week looks like the unveiling of the ‘puppeteer’, and it’s not what many of you may think. Enjoy. Pete

  32. Eric and Pete since we are talking planets what does spirit say about the mythical 10th planet, planet X or also Nibiru, is it real or BS and if it is real is it causing climate issues hear, thanks

  33. I have not got anything specific to your question, other than what we currently know about our solar system is changing and growing. It wasn’t that long ago that Pluto and Uranus were not known until we increased our ability to study the area further. Pete

    1. Who gives a fuck about your blogs, sheit never seen someone so openly advertise their crap on someone’s else blog before, very off putting

      1. Hi Josh. I was answering Scot’s question above to me. As to advertising my Blog. I receive no money or gratuities from what I do. I am retired and offer it for free. Eric has kindly allowed me to link my weekly Blogs via his site, as I freely link his site through mine. So sorry if you’re offended. Pete

  34. Pete I want to thank you for your blogs especially with all that Eric has been going through, God bless you both. I do have a question and since it is halloween time can you elaborate on Ghost and also about Demons, thank you

    1. Thank you Scott. Yes it has been a rotten couple of years for Eric and his family. His train must surely be coming to the end of that tunnel. He is sorely missed I know.
      Ghosts and Spirits are one in the same, as I understand it. Entities that are of a Higher standard have historically been referred to as Holy Ghosts or Holy Spirits …. Angels and Arch Angels are also in this realm. Demons are lower level entities that have, unintentionally, locked themselves into the earth plane and will remain that way till they come to the realisation that they themselves are the only ones judging them. Eventually they release and then continue on in their journey on the other side. But that’s my interpretation, not sure of how Eric see it. Pete

    2. Most ghosts, with the exception of “the Holy Ghost,” are typically spirits that once inhabited human form, but have since died and or passed on. Demons are NOT harmless spirits confining themselves to the earthly plane by their own judgement. Demons were once angels, who were never human, but “fell” the the earthly realm after rebelling against God. Many believe that some of the angels in heaven were appalled after being informed that God intended to take on human form, as Jesus. These angels, led by Satan, were expelled from heaven, and exist on Earth as demons. Whatever else you believe, know that demons exist, and that they hate humans and humanity both because they have always considered us a lower life form that was unworthy of God’s attention and/or sacrifice, and because of what what they lost due to their rebellion. Don’t mess with demons, and I would certainly not underestimate them. They can be very dangerous, and if you want to believe that they don’t exist or that they are just “lost souls” that will find their way home, I’m afraid you do so at your own risk.

      Sorry Pete, no disrespect intended, but I consider the issue of demons far too important to pass on this one. I don’t want to be one of those people who blame everything on demons, because that’s simply not the case, but they do exist and they can create real strife and chaos in this world with the express intent of ruination when people become involved with them.

      1. Hi Brightraven. Because this is Eric’s site, I normally prefer not to get into deep meaningful explanation of subjects that could fill a book. I was answering a question from Scott for both Eric and myself. My answer was more a ‘title’ than a true, in full, explanation. And just as an explainer,a human life time on earth is but a blink compared to Spirit Time. Pete

    3. For me it’s verbiage. Ghosts are human souls. Spirit is different. At its core they have not lived here, they serve the Creator. But it’s more than that. They have something we don’t. They are completely unified. Everyone has the honor of serving the King and it’s is marvelous! So Spirit is a reference to that order, our small part in a bee hive of trillions of other bees. But the force, the hive is far greater than any one individual. We serve a heaven that is Spirit.

    4. Demons, that’s a tough conversation. The Gohetics and Necrons. Two separate forces with specific goals. Contrary to what is said they are orderly, want, control, oppression. All of these horrible acts exist to get them what they want. One faction burns hot, temperature extreme, uncontrollably passionate. The other side cold, cruel, methodical and slippery with the tongue. They are souls unwilling to serve. Such sadness.

      1. Thanks all for sharing our knowledge about demons. I’ve only been seeing them since 2014. Not sure what that means, except I don’t want them around and I get rid of them. I realize I have to keep myself in check more than I used to. But, on the other hand, God is gradually adding more of my experiences to grow and hopefully, help others even more.

  35. Eric, prayers for your family. Prayers for your adoption of your children. You are greatly missed. I miss you and spirits wisdom.

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