World Predictions 9-22-23

I had a vision of two men, laying on dirt ground, dressed in baseball attire, everything was black as night, they seemed injured or deceased? Then as I floated up, everything shifted, it was day time, a large group of individuals celebrated, all dressed in red attire, some of them with ball caps. (When its black as night it usually mean “Death”}

As October approaches expect Covid to make her return, patches of locations, scattered. The blow to this virus still approaches.

The Black Book, has nothing to do with Florida at all. If you looked at the full body of my work, we also predicted the shifting tides of our world, from the Terrorism of ISIS, to Leadership upheaval, to Covid, then Putin, all layered timelines overlapping each other, and we predicted them all. A new one approaches and I am sorry to say that with our water crisis in one hand, the other hand has a return to “Terrorism” The black book is a reminder the US, India, France, Russia, all have moments of terrorism, most of which comes in 2024. I will be presenting it three parts, in the coming posts.

Class is Tonight! Looking forward to seeing all of you at our classes. At 6pm pacific we will discuss “How to Connect To the Spiritual Realm” where you learn Erics daily process, to get these messages. Then “The Language of the Spiritual Realm” and finally in October “How to Connect to the Divine” Join us. If you have not received your Zoom link, and payed for the class please email me immediately. See you all tonight!

“Fender Bender on the Hill Fund” — Its getting a bit rough over here, Eric got into an accident, Bea got out of the hospital recently, pulling the funds I normally pay for my wonder World Prediction site. This entire site is a service I happily provide at no cost to you, Because I really do want to change the nightmares of tomorrow. So if you could donate and help operations running, I would greatly appreciated it. Thank you all for your support here!

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  1.  Avatar

    with the terrorist events in russia will this be due to the power vacuum left after putins demise?

  2. Bobbie Mercer Avatar
    Bobbie Mercer

    thanks its one crazy world .

  3. Bobbie Mercer Avatar

    One crazy world see the possibility of 4 in the U.S . who would have thought , here of all places

  4.  Avatar

    Glad to hear Bea is out of the hospital, hope all’s well with her now!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      She is! A woman with grit to the end.

      1. Mel Avatar

        Eric got into an accident, Bea got out of the hospital

        So the person writing this blog isn’t Eric. Interesting. Because normally people don’t refer themselves in the third person and in past tense.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Ok.. I think I am myself ? But some do say I am crazy. The funds just fixed the site, we should be up and running just fine again.

        2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Normal people? I don’t fit normal in any way Mel. Just saying.😀

  5. Sara Avatar

    Is the baseball prediction expected anytime soon, or is it more distant, like in 2024?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Sara, That’s expected soon. The hope was to get more details but now there is a new earthquake prediction. So we posted it as is . However vague it is.

  6. jules104 Avatar

    Eric, could you ask Spirit if the terrorist act coming up has to do with the “Prudential Tower” in Boston near Fenway Park home of the Red Sox. There’s also a Prudential Building in Newark, NJ near the Federal Center. I recall one of your older predictions mentioned a “rock” but I don’t see how to search for old predictions.
    The Prudential Financial/Insurance logo is The Rock.
    Someone’s channel I watch was told by a deceased firefighter from 9/11 there will be an attempted attack from within the US within 2-3 weeks time… part of it will be foiled. This channeling was on 9/11/23 so the attack would be coming up soon I’d think.
    I recall old predictions of yours mentioning baseball also.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Jules, we do have that super old prediction, about a ballpark, and Sox. But All of it seems focused on New York or Washington. Most likely both. I use to live in Chicago, and question if they weren’t just using the buildings as an example.

  7.  Avatar

    Is the Halloween Hurricane still predicted for Florida?

  8. Journey Avatar

    Is the halloween hurricane still predicted for Florida?

  9.  Avatar

    Hi Eric! I am not sure if it is just me or not but I am having a lot of trouble getting your website to load on my mobile device. iPhone XR. Chrome, brave, duck duck go all exhibit the same issue. The site seems to get stuck once you try to scroll down the main page a little.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am on this guys, making little progress. Now I need to wait for WP, so give me a few moments.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      How about now? We should be back up. We had to revert back to the old system to get there.

  10. Itk Avatar

    Eric, I think you wrote it would be business-related things that would eventually bring Trump down, see:

  11.  Avatar

    I too am curious about the Florida hurricane. Any updates?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Journey and A, Sorry for my delayed response Tide, Tide, Tide, Tide, thats 4 storms I am projecting. From my count 2 have passed. One is specifically slotted for the southern part of Mexico, then move towards Tabasco and Guatemala, that prediction is already posted leaving one left. Now what I failed to do, is accurately portray the moments tone. I thought our prediction was them just screaming tide, several times, but no, there is multiple storms not one. I did not know we were counting them out. So what I thought was one storm has now clarified into 4. So half of this nightmare has passed.
      What is left? They showed Florida Red. That prediction still holds.
      But also is completely different prediction about a horrible storm in Texas and Louisiana. So i need more clarity
      A new plan is forming. The world is just too big too keep up, so we are going to draw maps and paint them red or black as we move forward, showing the locations of coming storms. Something massive is set to unfold in the eastern part of the world, Something that doesn’t even show the town, its all consumed. Very bad news. So we are about to switch gears.

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