Two Chinese Spies Arrested

I had a vision of a rat. The rat was crawling on a large metal structure. Then the vision pan outward, and the rat was crawling on the Statue of Liberty. Then the image zoomed back in, and you saw the rat craw all over the statue going up and down. Finally the rat buried himself in a box like tunnel perfectly carved in the middle of the statue. But the walls around him begin to sink ever so slightly. Walls closing in on someone. Its just my opinion but this prediction could go two different ways. Either someone is ratting on a government leader and it is epic. Or far more darker is a spy, a traitor has planted himself in the heartland and the walls are closing in on him
“You have a traitor among you.” I had a visual of a newspaper that read scandal. Then it shifted to show ribbons upon ribbons with Chinese text. The visual shifted to show a man holding a case. It felt stealthy and spy like, as if holding secrets.
The impression was China had covert operations in which information or knowledge was being stolen.

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6 thoughts on “Two Chinese Spies Arrested

  1. Eric, after the 5.1 quake today in San Jose, officials are warning residents to be alert the chance of the big one has ramped up.

  2. Great job Eric the East Bay California earthquake today was a concern for me and was wondering if this was the prelude for a possible larger one

  3. Not surprised by Red China. They have influence operations (United Work Front) in almost every country, including South East Asia, to instigate ethnic Chinese to support them. Southeast Asian countries are helpless against their propaganda inflitration and spies network infiltration. Most people think Americans are bad, but America has more scrutiny and transparency, which is a countercheck to very bad behaviour. America is a country that has an ability to self introspect. Whereas in communist authoritarian China, history is rewritten, everything is hidden and no one talks due to fear of reprisal.

    1. Eric that’s definitely a hit and an interesting presentation of what would have been a closely guarded matter.

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